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Stop Complaining and Do Something!

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posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 10:24 AM
Good day fellow ATSers,

I have to admit that I have become tired and bored with people complaining about the current state of affairs as regards our (US) government. I guess that my point is; stop complaining and do something.

I didn't vote this government in, and perhaps YOU didn't either, but I'm sick and tired of people complaining about it. With soooo many people complaining about it, I want to know exactly WHO voted it in? As mentioned previously, I didn't.

The way I see it is that we can either deal with it or change it. My personal vote is change; but votes apparently don't count for squat in this country anymore, because NO ONE stops to THINK before they INK.

I love my country and what its original standards stood to protect: HOWEVER, as of late we have been more and more increasingly lead down a road of deceit, trickery, and illusion.

Our elected officials (politicians) are nothing more than professional illusionists, continually casting thier illusion of representation, all the while doing nothing more than stocking their own coffers and those of their corporate 'constituents' [aka 'lobbyists'].

So, exactly where do WE, as the 'represented', fall in the entire mix? We still pay our taxes each and every paycheck, every purchase, every mortgage payment, and in all things we do.

WE are the national cash-cow, WE are the horsepower in the machine, WE keep our government going. When are WE going to smarten up, when are WE going to demand some results for our investment, when are WE going to demand accountability from those that have been 'elected' to represent us?

Those that put our current government 'representation' in office make me feel ill.

In short:
-Know your options
-Don't fall for psycho-babble-BS; politicians ARE illusionists
-Filter the crap and ask pointed questions
-If you don't agree with something then SPEAK UP
-If you do agree with something then SPEAK UP
-NEVER support the incumbent; new people = new ideas
-ALWAYS vote, otherwise you have NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT

I reserve the right to keep all of my own personal options to myself, and I recommend that you do the same; I always hope for the best, but I'm always prepared for the worst as well.

The worst case scenario is getting closer and closer each day. Take action by voicing your concerns loudly and clearly or be prepared for the worst case scenario. Can/Will our government collapse? Can/Will there be another revolution? Can/Will things turn-around and level-out status quo?

YOU make the decision, but be prepared never-the-less...

Thank you,

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 10:41 AM
While I agree with the spirit of your post, I got hung up on the line "ALWAYS vote, otherwise you have NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT". I always vote for "none of the above" by not voting. I refuse to acknowledge this system as even coming close to representing myself or my family. As a father, a vote from me would represent not just my voice, but the voice of my kids. I know damn well that the folks in power don't actually care about what happens to us. So I don't care what happens to them.

I won't fight the system, I won't participate any further than I must to acheive my own goals. My life is my own and the moment they interfere with my life, I will interfere right back. I refuse to glorify their game by acknowledging it.

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 10:45 AM
reply to post by billybobh3

Hi Billybobh3,

I agree it's TIME for people to truly cast their vote in "ACTIONS."

Nothing ever gets done sitting/waiting/debating- It's the "ACTIONS" of a group/community that counts and needs to start happening. People need to gather together and discuss the many things that are taking place right under their noses.

Not many people are aware of the incoming New World Order and all the plans/time/trillions/effort that has gone into it.

"TIME" to wake up and "CAST" that Vote in choosing what companies/business's/products/officials/governments/groups you support in actions. Most importantly "TAKE RESPONSIBILITY" For you're OWN ACTIONS and don't rely or count on anyone but your loved one's/friends/family/neighbors/community around you because when certain events hit the fan, most will be left with a pan and no can in their hand.-)

Everything/Everyone can make a change "Little by Little" There are WAY more of the general public/masses than "THEY."

Always' stay Alert & Aware in Consciousness/Awareness and CAST that vote through "ACTIONS."


Best Dreams!
Best Wishes!

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posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 10:53 AM
reply to post by rogerstigers

Though I respect your opinion, I do have to, once again, re-iterate my previous comment that 'you have nothing to complain about'. Since you choose to add nothing to the mix as regards representation, you (by default) choose to ignore the issues that effect you and others, thus you (once again, by default) are part of the problem.

I beg of you to choose the lesser-of-the-evils in voting, Otherwise you invite the opportunity for the greater-of-the-evils to succeed in his/her goals.

Vote or Fight: It's 100% your choice.

I, personally, am ready for either scenario.

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by billybobh3

Truth be told, I don't complain.
I simply keep tabs on the game and do my own thing, so I suppose I was not the target audience of your post.

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 01:44 PM
Sure we are here complaining and coming together with our personal thoughts and experiences, but you ask us to do something about it? Please, if you will; tell me what you have done that makes you more different than anyone else on here? Instead of complaining about no one doing anything about what we discuss, you are complaining about our topics and debates.
So "lead us" if you will since we are so lost.

Flip side i do agree with you a bit, but that is all I am going to do. I'm merely a spectator in this life (for now). You demand action of others? I find that a bit .. well I don't know a great word for it but I will just say... selfish. If you cared about what we think about and want us to act upon it I say you should be doing the same and become the activist. Promote reason and sense, if you will, and start a group of some sort. Don't #!@#$ about what people keep talking about just because you're not satisfied.

This is directly to you OP because you addressed it directly towards all of us on ATS. I act alone in this but I find it a bit crass.
But I do acknowledge what you are aiming at, I just think, at the least, your subject of it all was said with the wrong manner. Your approach was rather ... annoying. *shrugs*

I will see how this post pans out, but this is how I felt as soon as I read about your complaint.

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 01:55 PM
i voted but my vote didnt count because who i voted for didnt get elected, so do you want me to stop complaining still?

posted on Mar, 17 2010 @ 03:27 PM

Originally posted by billybobh3
NO ONE stops to THINK before they INK. one but you, huh?...

Originally posted by billybobh3
reply to post by rogerstigers

I beg of you to choose the lesser-of-the-evils in voting, Otherwise you invite the opportunity for the greater-of-the-evils to succeed in his/her goals.

...thats the worst excuse for voting that ever existed...

posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 02:03 AM
Here's a 5min video that falls in line:
Best Wishes!

posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 08:49 AM
That video is a very good one. Standing in a lineup at Shoppers Drugmart where the more mature people where discussing how their customers where not being treated well (ie. ample staff in sight, one till open with a long lineup). The man ran a business and found this to be poor business practice, and then we all discussed NWO. Everyone in the lineup knew about it, the state of affairs and this unprecedented push for fascism in this world.
That may not be a typical day, AND...young families, often single mothers, college students, I don't think they CAN pay attention, there world and future would come crumbly down. They're in denial.

Its up to us. There is a percentage of the population very much aware, and a percentage as in that lineup also aware, but probably not writing on forums. There is enough to make a difference.

We tend to look at things wrong. We don't understand that the average person is being poisoned and overworked, and probably is average IQ as well. Those IQ points count. 100 IQ doesnt look at politics or world events the same as 125 or 130 IQ, onwards. I've been watching this for years. Instead of treating it like we're ALL THAT for being aware of the world, we should see this as a privilegde, a special gift, to have been protected from turns in the road that would have taken the light from us, and from inadvertantly taking the blue pill.

The reason we see is because we chose this moment in time to come to earth in this lifetime and make a difference.

Personally the argument about who you vote for is irrelevant. The system is rigged. It doesnt matter who you vote for in the least. Americans did their best in a rigged two party system. They voted for CHANGE. This is a plus. They have not gotten it, its gotten worse. The president's actions does not reflect the citizen's will. Nor do their there other elected representatives. The very custom of lying to get elected (in a matter that is of primary importance to the well being of everyone in the country and, given the US domination of the globe, the word!) IS FRAUD. lying in a corporate board meeting can get a prison sentence. Their misuse of public funds is EXHORTION. Their misuse of poitical power is TREASON. This is the system everyone is currently stuck with.

Unless, we wake people up locally.

And people are not going to be attending rallies and meetings in the town square, YET. They will shake their head and try to avoid the information. But the best way is visual. People are visual.

Tshirts, make a statement. Often you will discuss them with the odd person. Always keep a few dvds and printoffs handy in your car or pack or purse, but don't force them. Give them to the ones likely to watch, those who show an interest with tshirts, and jackets, or any flags or banners you put up, and expect them to pick up the banner.

Meet with LIKE minds, people of similar thought, so its pleasant. And then shine your lights. Become a noticeable group, such as a survival/ufo mediation/disclosure/nwo awareness group in the community, and if you get enough members, say 20, throw local video nights and advertise on free boards and a few flyers, but make a local site and put them up, and link them to the other forums. If you can't write all that content, find the good threads and videos, link, quote a couple paragraphs, and then discuss.

Send people to the forums, to the alternative news sites. This is the model I'm considering as soon as I move, though if I do start it here, will make some chapters between the coast and the interior.

Could get a free blog radio, for the ones who always wanted to try interviewing out. For you community, and if its popular, setting it up on linux software and getting paid for ads wouldnt hurt, could be funneled back into the group into some good infared equipment for skywatching.

If no one listens and it never seems to grow, at least we wont be asked to account for ourselves one day, how we didnt notice that we stood out in the crowd for being awake, and didnt question this without ego, and do something about it! At least we will have tried.

posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Excellent post as usual Unity_99, Thank You.

"Aloha in the Hawaiian language means Affection, Love, Peace, Compassion and Mercy. It can also be used as a greeting to say hello and goodbye."

The World needs much more-
Love, Peace, Sharing, Caring, Giving, Equality, Charity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Mercy.

A little Truth pill/wake up call video that contains some metaphor/truth behind it depending on one's perspective/angle/view of what truth is. What is Truth? What is Real? The System locked in Channel/Frequency/Station-Running has the vast (Majority) of The World.

TIME to Wake Up!
Stand up For What's Right!
Desire Change and Let everyone
know what's happening in the world behind
the scene’s. Expose The Powers that Be/Shadow Governments-
for what and who they really are! One must come back to their Senses and realize that their freedoms and rights are being taken away from them and it's only getting worse not better unless one Wake's Up and truly works for a brighter/better future/change to come with desire/intent on bringing/manifesting/materializing change into the World through ACTIONS/THOUGHTS/INTENT/HOPES/BELIEFS/WISHES/DREAMS/DESIRES- The frequency/channel-System of Awareness/Consciousness- The "TIME" for change is TODAY and NOW- GET UP, STAND UP!
The World could use a lot
more than it's absorbing!

Dawn Of A New Day Link-
There's still TIME left to Project/Change and bring a "Brighter/Better" Future/Outcome through Actions and Diligence in Waking the World Up in Awareness that can Manifest into Consciousness and that Change needs to start/happening in ONE HEART with ONE LOVE through-Wishes/Hopes/Desires/Thoughts/Prayers/Dreams/Projections-ACTIONS-Today in the-HERE & NOW! DREAM A DREAM-Before It's Too Late and all Over!

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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 08:14 PM
Hi everybody! I actually registered on the forum so I could comment on this. I, as well, CAN'T STAND listening to everybody complain all the time! If you care about the situation enough to comlain, you care about it enough to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Just this evening, my parents and my brother were complaining about the big oil companies, how they're hurting the environment, etc. They were all worked up, but tomorrow morning, my mom's gonna drive her SUV 5 blocks to school, and my dad's gonna drive his truck 6 blocks to work. Everybody can bark all day long, but they have no bite. When I decided that TV was a waste of time, I canceled my cable, and sold my TV. When I started to hate my job, I quit, and now I make a living selling stuff on ebay. IF YOU'RE GONNA COMPLAIN, BACK IT UP!

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