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paulding light

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posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 06:43 PM
This is a phenomena that occurs a couple miles north of watersmeet wi. I went and saw it for myself this last weekend and it is quite wierd and spooky.

Basically the story is that either a brakeman for a train got decapitated, or some trappers died in the forest and now their spirits make a light in the woods every night. Some others have conjectured that its ufos, swamp gas or car headlights.

What happens is that you go down a gravely side road that dead ends to a state of michigan sign that explains all about the paulding light. At that point the road is blocked so no cars can enter. But if you want to walk farther in you can. Looking to the west down a row of power lines and the cleared areas for the power lines you see a slight dip in the forest in the horizon. This is a top of a hill and the clearing for the power lines. After dark there appears a bright white light that looks like someone is shining a very bright spotlight at you from about a half mile away. The light then changes in intensity and sometimes changes to red (or possibly other colors ive only seen red) and changes shape from round to more like a triangle. The lights sometimes move down along the power line area or sometimes off into the woods. The lights fade out and then reappear at the same originating spot. This happens approximately every 5 to 10 minutes after dark.

Ive also heard from a friend who turned me on to this is that if a person walks up by where the lights spawn, that person cannot see the lights, but a viewer from farther off can see the lights and can even see the silouette of the person who is much closer.

The one time I went to see them this last weekend, it was wet out having just rained. The freaky thing is that you could see the reflection of the lights in the puddles on the ground.

If you are near Watersmeet Michigan, or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan go check it out and report back!

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