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posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 06:51 PM
So when it comes to the idea of Evolution and creationism people seem to forget mutation. Mutation isn't just the creation of some anomaly of grotesque proportions. Dogs are mutations from domesticated wolves and such. Just because these animals are different in almost every way, however only size and speed may prevent the breeding.
The different races are mutations. This isn't an insult, just an observation. People point to our coccyx and say it was a tail, and evolution has shrunk it. That is bunk.

The coccyx seems to have been developed to protect the colon. Evolutions seems to develop from mutation. a mutation can occur when a long dormant gene becomes active. A tumor can mutate a person to any variable of sizes. 200 million years from now archeologist digging up our bones, discover simian bones. They are vastly different from our physiology and discover three sets of bones covering a valley.

These archeologist may conclude that three separate species of human once roamed the valley. Frogs in response to their environment can mutate into the opposite sex.

A rapid mutation of man would probably not prevent us from breeding. In fact I'm willing to bet that the Neanderthal, and the other variations of simian man are proof of rapid mutation. Due to the nature of mutation this could explain discrepancies in genetic structure.

We don't like to think about mutation because the name has stigmas attached to it. However because of the constantly changing environment, and ofter rapidly changing environment, evolution in the common terminology wouldn't make sense.

however in the case of animals such as megalodon, may have have mutated to a smaller size of shark because of a rapid depletion of food and environmental changes.

Man has been proven to have lived next to our primitive cousins, and that may have been caused because of mutation. AB and CD give birth to AC,AD,BC,BD or some such until a mutation happens then AB and CD gives birth to AE,BF, or some such. This has to account for the lack of "the missing link."

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