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The Venus transit and you

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posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 04:40 PM
Did you know Venus has a tail? Not unlike some varieties of comet?

On June 8th, we'll be passing straight through it.

When Pioneer was there in the late 70's it found the tail at roughly 70,000km from the planet. When SOHO measured it at 45 million km in 1997. I do realize the equipment was much better by then but not by that much (600 times). So how much longer is it now in 2004? Maybe long enough to engulf the earth?

Venus has had total and inexplicable recent changes in its intrinsic atmospheric brightness. It is also throwing off oxygen atoms, scientists are baffled.

This coupled with what it seems are near solar system wide planetary changes is making me think something is up. What is going to happen when we pass through this tail next Tuesday?

Earth will be bombarded with ions, oxygen atoms and whatever else is in the tail it might make for a bumpy or perhaps interesting ride.

Will you be outside to bask in the full glow of Venus' tail? Or knowing this will you now huddle inside seeking refuge from this cosmic shower? Or do you think this is a non-event, the tail enveloping Earth, not the transit.

Do you think that there would be any effects? I know the magnetic field and its ilk would deflect it but it might be a bit much with the sun also working at record levels. Imagine a CME in time with the transit, that would be interesting.

Who knows?

Maybe this is 2012, maybe time has been speeding up, something they couldn't have foreseen and didn't account for. n alignment that should have happened later but the track is moving faster under our feet and were still clocking it at 60, and we've arrived sooner than we though we would.

All of our complaining about not having enough time is because it’s true, we're burning were burning through the track faster.

Luckily I have no work from 11 to 3 on the 8th, so I'll be outside going to hedge my bets on the good side.

As for all the other planetary changes I suggest you check out this page. You may not agree with Hoagland’s Mars stance, but this has nothing to do with it. It is all well researched with referring links to every statistic and piece of evidence, usually to NASA and JPL.

It's well worth the read. Some interesting and non-retarded non-mainstream theories. Everything seems pretty well laid out and the physical Evidence seems to give credence to their ideas.

[Edited on 1-6-2004 by Thanatos]


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