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Italian Air Force: boom of ufo sightings in 2009

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posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 08:05 AM
Rome, March 14 2010
Hi my friends, here's another interesting (and frustrating) report from Italy I want to share with you.
Twelve cases have been labelled as "unexplained" by the italian General Security Department of the Air Force in 2009: one of them involving even a priest (it was a triangular shaped UFO, I knew it, God is with us
Italian Air Force collects reports from different sources, without making any assessments on their credibility .
However, a survey system is running and the incident is classified as "UFO sighting" only whenever they were unable to find any natural or technical explanation.
So happened, for example, on January 25, 2009; that day, a bright red ball, stationary at approximately 200-300 meters of altitude, has been spotted by several witnesses in the sky of Tenna, Trentino.
Later investigations concluded that there were no known activities that could be associated with the event, while "no unusual phenomenon" has been recorded by the Astronomical Observatory of Padua the dasy of the sighting.
On March 6, 2009 another Ovni "a dark object with orange lights casting a white light beam toward the ground" was reported in San Benedetto Val di Sambro (Bologna) by several witnesses. On June 12, an "elongated rocket shaped UFO" with some "red glowing fire" was spotted in Conversano (Bari) and in different areas of Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria;
on June 13, a "formation of 9-11 balls of light" was reported in Mario Borsa street, Milan; nine days after, another sighting took place "at least three times": it was bigger than a star and has been reported in Giugliano Campania (Naples). In Naples (in the district Capodimonte), on July 30 a "spherical luminescent color shifting UFO" was spotted by several witnesses.
On August 9 another UFO was spotted in Tuscany near Grosseto: in this case the object has been descrinbed as "amorphic" and "dark gray, showing some spinning rotation on it vertical axis.
Near Rome, in Casal Bertone, a "mysterious circular, luminescent beacon-like object" has been reported as flying "slowly at first, with subsequent acceleration" until it vanished.
Then, in October, three reports. One of them (Oct. 18 in Bolzano) to be considered "extremely reliable" because "as well as by some "ordinary citizens" the UFO' was seen by a local "ecclesiastical authority".
The UFO was "triangular shaped", "colorless", travelling at some "slow, constant speed". The report does NOT explain why the claims from some priest are more value than mine. Plus, it's not very clear what is supposed to mean "colorless": perhaps they meant "the same color as some mirror" or something like that.
The last case has been reported in Avellino, Christmas Eve, when some people have seen a "circular disk", "glowing orange", "flying at constant speed" at aproximately 300 meters of altitude (notice the "circular disk" detail: I wonder if some "squared" or some "cubic" disks exist, and what they look like).

Italian air force had been charged to investigate on UFO in 1978, by the then Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, after a huge wave of UFO sightings: their task was (and is still supposed to be) to collect, verify data and to file reports about UFO. Today this is being made precisely by the General Security Department of the General Staff of military. Every citizen can "report a sighting in any form to the police".

Needless to say (and this is why I say it's frustrating) there are no pics, no radar records, no official reports and on the Air Force official website not only I couldn't find a heck of a nothing about this news, but I even have found out that the UFO section has been removed: feel free to check out my thread Italian Air Force discloses UFOs sightings, and tally-up the broken links.
This is a screen capture from their website before the "restyling"

The source of this news is extremely reliable though, ANSA (Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata) is the leading wire service in Italy, and one of the leaders among world news agencies.
I thought this was worthy to be shared anyway, especially because of the story of the priest.
Source: ANSA
Ufo, boom di avvistamenti nel 2009

Thank you for your attention

- internos

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posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 05:15 PM
And here is the news on italian television:

posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 07:02 PM
i say it every time but GREAT internos, but i thought that the italian air force were one of the more open when it comes to getting at all the data?

that is a REALLY inpressive amount of sightings in such a short time frame, so lucky.
I too wonder what the NO COLOR meant? was ikt able to blend in and appear as some sort of moving "smudge" of the sky?

posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by internos

internos, the UFO section is not removed, you can visit it on this link.
It seems like the year 1978 was an extraordinary UFO year in Italy.

You may also find interesting the pictures shown on this interview with Col. Marco Picciau.

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posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by cosby

Thank you very much for both your post, I've really appreciated it
: I also have sent some emails and got the explanation: basically in January 2010, they've created the "community" section, which contains the files:
so they moved all the files from the old folder to the new one (it had much more visibility in the previous version of the website:
so the files are now here: (.Doc)

I couldn't recognize some of the photos in the video, it's unclear if they are related to the Air Force files or if they are random ones, there are neither captions nor comments on them: I think they are some random slideshow of photos and videos taken all around the web, though:
for example, this one was taken in Vancouver in 1981
one video was taken in Belgium, two videos were taken in Mexico, etc...
So, unless they've mixed related and unrelated photos all together, i guess the evidences are some random ones, but I won't be sure until I'd positively identify them all.
The best thing I can do, is to try to search every single case mentioned in the report and see if some photos/videos were taken during the sightings in question. Picciau said that they were "pure sightings" this makes me think that they are only eye-witnesses based cases.
I'll post any update I'll be (hopefully) able to find in this thread.
Thank you again for your help

ED: i've upped the video to ATS media, here's the link.

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posted on Mar, 20 2010 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by internos

Internos -great thread and very interesting reading.

Theres not much heritage on this Italian footage but its said be filmed in Genova, March 2010:


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