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Blood, sweat, and....

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posted on Mar, 13 2010 @ 11:34 AM
Planet Green has been running a great series on the origins of some of the extensive consumption in Europe and America. It is a take on the show of sending teens to third world countries that I think MTV does. But this is where the kids do the jobs, and see the origins of the countries that bring us our cheap goods, and the cost to those people, and how it impoverishes them.

They do a different theme, one was t-shirts. And how in India they come across young children working long hours in these hole in the wall factories making t-shirts that you get for 7 bucks at wal-mart.

Or fast food. And how people have to work long hours making this food but yet barely make enough money to afford bus fair. And a day's wages only bought some chocolate and a few snacks.

It is a powerful series. I highly recommend it.


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