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A Tale of Two Sauces – It’s A Traditional Ragu alla Bolognese Deathmatch.

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posted on Mar, 12 2010 @ 08:47 PM
Hello BTS!

After a couple of years grinding it our with my fellow freaks and geeks, trying to cram as much tinfoil on my head as is humanly possible, I realised that I had yet to explore ATS's alter ego, the Jekyll to it's Hyde.

So, with a sense of trepidation at what it is that lurks out there in the light, I clicked on the BTS logo ...

And immediately locked my eyes upon the forum about the subject that I am, without doubt, most passionate about.

Aah, the sweet smell of garlic and onions sautéing in olive oil. The first sip of a yummy wine after a long day at work. Cooking a feast, with friends, at home.

Is there any thing that unites people as much as fresh food, cooked with love and eaten together?

So, without any further adieu, I present a tale that I hope will make you reconsider a recipe, unfairly considered by some to be the most base or boring of pasta sauces.

What are your opinions about Ragu alla Bolognese or "Spag Boll" as it is commonly called down under?

My father puts black olives, mushrooms and chilli in his. Another friend can cook his in under the time it takes to cook the pasta. I remember once getting served a "Spag Boll" that was only mince and tomato paste!!

My personal recipe takes 3 hours to make ... and it is often served with spaghetti ... but I am not a traditionalist ... however, we will see what happens when I get my pasta making machine ...


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