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March 10, 2010 - 90% Die-Off of Commercial Honey Bees

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posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by itsawild1
You dumb ass people, Do you think its only honny dees??/get out in the real world like me living in the woods of wisconsin. All the insect world is crashing--we here in n isconsin have known for years--no me
squitos.spiders,frogs,horse flies.# every bug is a tenth of it should be.

Yhe world is DIEING dummies because we all care about money and war. Because we have kids we dont need out of vanity. We either fight or it will be gone --all we can do is watch because we are cowards to fight cowards to change-cowards to read the bible and get real answers. THATS RIGHT real answers--but u will not like the answers in the bible, you love your sins too much. WACH IT ALL PASS AWAY slowly but shurely----DONT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT ----DONT TRUST THE STATE GOVERNMENT---TRUST ONLY LOCAL GOVERNMENT IF U KNOW THEM FOR THE LIES ARE INCREDIBLE COMMING FROM THEM ALL ------UNLESS WE REVOLT ON PROPERTY TAXES AND ALL TAXES WE ARE SCREWED AND U ALL KNOW IT-- We should decide how our tax money is spent,not pigs in uniform. GET READY FOR A WILD SUMMER

"We" have nothing. We do nothing. We don't even have children - we are just slaves in this world. We just do as we are told/ordered. We are even gladly taking poison of all kinds, and dying, together with the animal world and nature.

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posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 05:46 PM
There was hardly ever a honey bee in the garden this year or anywhere for that matter. Luckily there are several other types of bees and insects that can do the job.

Anyway we let the mustard go to flower this year. Suddenly out of no where hundreds of honey bees showed up and worked the mustard flowers over for several days and then....just disappeared.

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 05:49 PM

Originally posted by Tunatarian
For those wondering about Einstein's theory on bees, he said "If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man will have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!”
Not a good sign in my opinion. You don't have to be an entomologist to beleive it either.

Einstein never said that, and either way, it wouldn't make it any more valid, it just seems like someone wanted to make the issue more important by attaching an important figure to it, which is commendable in a way but condemable in using einsteins name for their own issues and beliefs.

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posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 05:56 PM
If you say so. Regardless of who said it, I don't see anyone disputing the fact. It certainly seems plausible to me, but I'm no entomologist either.

posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 06:03 PM

Originally posted by itsawild1
You dumb ass people, Do you think its only honny dees??/get out in the real world like me living in the woods of wisconsin. All the insect world is crashing--we here in n isconsin have known for years--no me
squitos.spiders,frogs,horse flies.# every bug is a tenth of it should be.

Yhe world is DIEING dummies because we all care about money and war. Because we have kids we dont need out of vanity. We either fight or it will be gone --all we can do is watch because we are cowards to fight cowards to change-cowards to read the bible and get real answers. THATS RIGHT real answers--but u will not like the answers in the bible, you love your sins too much. WACH IT ALL PASS AWAY slowly but shurely----DONT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT ----DONT TRUST THE STATE GOVERNMENT---TRUST ONLY LOCAL GOVERNMENT IF U KNOW THEM FOR THE LIES ARE INCREDIBLE COMMING FROM THEM ALL ------UNLESS WE REVOLT ON PROPERTY TAXES AND ALL TAXES WE ARE SCREWED AND U ALL KNOW IT-- We should decide how our tax money is spent,not pigs in uniform. GET READY FOR A WILD SUMMER
I agree with you on the taxes and on not trusting the government. But it is not so easy to kill all the insects. Just our immorality isn't going to do it.But gm crops, insecticides, chemtrails might. I think our having too many children is not the problem. Having a government influenced by people who think we have too many children may be.
It would be great to end the war. It would be great to take back America from the jerks who want to depopulate us in the name of saving the wildthings.It would be great to have a country based on sanity, where Presidents don't lie through their teeth and plan the destruction of the country. We've got to do something to get these chemtrails stopped or pesticides or whatever is killing the bees.Whether the government is doing it on purpose or is just criminally negligent seems to be always the question.
Could the government be killing the bees on purpose to fulfill their depopulation dreams, ie that killing the bees would limit the food supply and reduce the population to angry rebellion and rationalize the mass murder of us. Could any of these CIA labs have been working on bee viruses as hard as they were working on H1N1? Since everything in our government is super secret we may never know. And to be able to do anything positive is beyond us as long as we have a government who'se interests are at odds with the people's.

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posted on Mar, 11 2010 @ 06:41 PM

Originally posted by Helmkat
reply to post by itsawild1

I live just south of you. I have not noticed a huge die off of insects (especially not biting insects).

However I have noticed a decline of some pollinators. Honey bees were nearly gone about 2 years but bounced back last year, Bumblebees have not changed at all in terms of numbers that I can see. Lots of wasps and hornets everyyear, butterflies and moths vary greatly with the weather, last year was not the best for them as it was cool in IL.

What would I know? I have extensive flower beds and I try and attract native wildlife.

As far as CCD is concerned I'm pretty sure they have found the causes and it all boils down to poor husbandry. They are malnurished and weakened, making them prey to all kinds of disease and parasites.

The scientists don't know really how bees navigate, but they actually tested and have a high probability that bees use continuos vectoring to get to and from the hive and place of pollen. Also I totally stopped thinking about the die off of bees which is happening all over the planet especially europe. They where finding out that the worker bees would leave the hive and never make it back, something was making them forget the path back and/or forced them by numbers to leave the hive. Also it turned out that a certain scavenger beetle or bug that is associated with Bee hives wouldn't be found in these hives to scavenge the left over honey and dead young. These bees are the canary in the coal mine and being a canary in a coal mine, what is their interface with nature. They are extracting nectar from PLANTS while pollinating the plants. So if that is the case, they are getting something from the plants which they are bringing back to the hive which is made into honey. Once done and processed in the hive, either other bees get sick from the tainted honey or sick from what was brought back from the bee or bees from said plants and they start to leave the hive and not comeback because its unclean essentially.

posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 12:35 AM
Now Bats Are Dying

OSENDALE, N.Y. - Bats in New York and Vermont are mysteriously dying off by the thousands, often with a white ring of fungus around their noses, and scientists in hazmat suits are crawling into dank caves to find out why.
"White nose syndrome," as the killer has been dubbed, is spreading at an alarming rate, with researchers calling it the gravest threat in memory to bats in the U.S.
"This is definitely unprecedented," said Lori Pruitt, an endangered-species biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Bloomington, Ind. "The hugest concern at this point is that we do not know what it is."
A significant loss of bats is chilling in itself to wildlife experts. But —like the mysterious mass die-offs around the country of bees that pollinate all sorts of vital fruits and vegetables — the bat deaths could have economic implications. Bats feed on insects that can damage dozens of crops, including wheat and apples.
"Without large populations of bats, there would certainly be an impact on agriculture," said Barbara French of Bat Conservation International of Austin, Texas.
White nose syndrome has afflicted at least four species of hibernating bats, spreading from a cluster of four caves near Albany last winter to more than a dozen caverns up to 130 miles away.
Alan Hicks, a wildlife biologist with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, said he fears a catastrophic collapse of the region's bat population and is urgently enlisting experts around the country to find the cause.
It is not even clear if the fungus around the bats' noses — something scientists say they have never seen before — is a cause or a symptom. It may be a sign the bats are too sick to groom themselves, said Beth Buckles, a veterinary pathologist at Cornell University.
The die-offs could be caused by bacteria or a virus. Or the bats could be reacting to some toxin or other environmental factor. Whatever it is, afflicted bats are burning through their winter stores of fat before hibernation ends in the spring, and appear to be starving.
The Northeast has generally had mild winters in recent years. But Hicks said he doubts that is the culprit in some way, since there are no reports of large die-offs in warmer states.
Nor are there any known links between what is wiping out the bees and what is killing the bats. The cause of the bee deaths is still a mystery, though scientists are looking at pesticides, parasites and a virus not previously seen in the U.S.
Researchers said there is no evidence the mysterious killer is any threat to humans. Scientists venturing into the caves wear hazardous-materials suits and breathing masks primarily to protect the bats, not themselves.
Hicks said it is possible that a cave explorer introduced the problem in the Albany-area caves and that it spread from there. "It could have been some caver in Tanzania with a little mud on his boot and a week later he's in a cave in New York," he said.
New York officials are asking people to stay out of bat caves in case humans are unwittingly spreading the problem. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is asking people not to enter caves with gear or clothing used in any New York and Vermont cave within the past two years.
The first inkling of trouble came in January 2007, when a cave explorer spotted an unusual number of bat carcasses around the mouth of a cave in the hills west of Albany. Within a month, people in the area were calling in with reports of bats flying outside in the middle of the day.
"We didn't know anything other than bats were coming out and they were just dying on the landscape," Hicks said. "They were crashing into snow banks, crawling into wood piles and dying."
By winter's end, 8,000 to 11,000 bats were presumed dead in the four caves. The mystery affliction has spread much farther this winter.


posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 12:42 AM
Frogs and other amphibians dying at alarming rates, say scientists • Some frog populations have declined 95 to 98% in size, New research led by two University of California at Berkeley biologists finds frogs and other amphibians worldwide need help, because they are dying at alarming rates.

The researchers find that some frog populations are at 2 to 5% of their former size - that's a decline of 95 to 98% - which they argue is a warning sign of a larger global issue.

An article published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that scientists are not yet sure what the long-term implications might be.

They are sure, however, of the varied causes of the die-off, and say mankind is to blame for most of them.

David Wake, a professor of integrative biology at the University of California at Berkeley, said the die-off can be pinned to three factors - habitat destruction; a naturally occurring fungus, which researchers say is not unique to dead frogs they found in the Sierra Nevada; and introduced species, which present an imbalance in amphibious habitats. For example, the first hint of frog decline in California came in the 1990s, when scientists believed rainbow trout introduced in the area by humans were feeding on tadpoles and frog eggs.

"It's not a one-two punch," Wake said. "It's more of a one, two, three, four punch."

The "fourth punch," Wake said, is climate change, which is showing dramatic effects on aquatic-dwelling species worldwide.

"There is no place in California where frogs are still thriving," Wake said.

Fewer frogs eating insects - like West Nile-carrying mosquitoes - is just one example of how a major blow to global ecology could cause a shift in the grand food chain, though Wake would not equate the possible spreading of West Nile virus to the frog die-off.

Wake and his colleague Vance Vredenburg studied amphibian populations in the Sierra Nevada and say they have observed frogs carcasses in remote peaks - places they are expected to thrive.
Researchers found that one-third of amphibian species around the world are threatened with extinction, according to a University of California-Berkeley release on the subject at that time.

Wake suggested mass extinctions should prompt more focus on the study of pathology, as decimated frog populations could easily mean a change in the ways diseases are transmitted in human populations.

"We've got to invest a lot more in research of the ecology of infectious disease," Wake said. Drastic shifts in the ecology affects "how it spreads through the environment".

posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by havok

Vanishing Bee Colonies, Doomsday Scenarios and Sunspots
Albert Einstein once said : "If the bee disappeared off the surface
of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No
more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no
more man."
Apocalyptic for sure. We haven't reached that point yet, but some
worrisome indicators suggest dramatic drops in the bee population of
the US are likely to impact crop production. This is not a small
agricultural sector that is being impacted either. In the US bees
pollinate more than $14 billion worth of seeds and crops each year.
The disappearing bee phenomena isn't restricted to the US. In Europe
countries are experiencing varying degrees of what investigators
describe as "colony collapse disorder" (or CCD). Countries effected
include Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.
However the most serious losses have occurred in the US. On the West
Coast keepers have seen bee population losses in the 30 to 60 percent
range. On the East Coast and Texas it gets as high as 70%. These are
catastrophic drops for an industry that considers around a 20%
population decline to be an off-season norm.
There are a number of different theories about why this is happening.
After looking at a cross-section of scientific opinion I tend toward
the view that the decline in the bee population is being triggered by
a variety of factors, rather than a single overriding cause.
There is evidence that the immune system of bees has been adversely
effected by modern agricultural practices. These range from use of
insecticides to the controlled raising of bees in order to have an
army of pollinators ready to service crops on schedule. Some
researchers take the view that genetically modified crops are a
contributing factor in bee population decline. Stress figures into it
too, given that increased pressure is being placed on colonies as
their habitat is squeezed each year due to urban development.
Parasites are also an issue. The varroa mite introduced from Asia has
proved to be problematic.
The decline in the health of the colonies can be demonstrated by
research data. You know the problem has reached crisis levels when a
guy like Dennis van Englesdorp with the Pennsylvania Department of
Agriculture uses an Aids analogy in an attempt to underscore the
seriousness of the threat to bee populations.
Researchers have discovered multiple infections co-existing in some
colonies, many of which were also infected with fungi, an indicator
that the bees' immune systems were seriously compromised. This
compromised immune function may be related to genetically modified
crops and scientists are currently working to try to determine any
possible links. When you look at the stats though, on the surface
there does seem to be a generalized cause and effect pattern. In the
US, which has experienced the most severe bee losses, 40% of the corn
is now a GM insect-resistant strain. By contrast in Germany we are
only talking about 0.06%, mostly grown in the Mecklenburg-Western
Pomerania and Brandenburg regions.
A number of earlier studies investigated whether or not GM crops were
having a negative impact on bees. One such study took place at the
University of Jenna from 2001 to 2004. The researchers used a GM
maize variant named "BT corn" that includes a gene from a soil
bacterium in order to make it insect-proof. At first the study seemed
entirely positive. No discernible negative effects were detected in
the bees from the BT corn. Then researchers discovered that when the
bees were attacked by a parasite, the portion of the colony exposed
to the BT corn had a much lower ability to fight off infection and
showed much more rapid levels of decline.
There is a second set of factors though that raises concerns about
quantum-mechanical effects related to magnetic fields and
electromagnetic waves. The majority of losses have been occurring as
a result of bees being unable to navigate back to their hives. Bees
have been expiring singly, in a seemingly disoriented state far from
the hive and this can't simply be attributed to immune system issues.
There are two possible causes. One being our high-tech gadgetry,
particularly mobile phone technology. The other cause odd though it
may seem, relates to so-called "sunspots" - the effect of solar
At first glance it seems a bit far-fetched to make a connection
between the life of bees and mobile phones. However research suggests
there may indeed be something to this theory. German research has
determined that bees showed a marked change of behavior when in the
vicinity of power lines, and a study conducted at Landau University
found that bees avoided returning to the hive when mobile phones were
placed nearby.
A study by the mathematician Barbara Shipman, provides one of the
more fascinating … one might even say `esoteric' theories. A critical
aspect of bee activity hinges obviously upon finding pollen sources
and returning to the hive. According to Ms Shipman this routine is
facilitated by the dance the bees perform. She indicates that the
dance is influenced by factors such as the polarization of the light
of the sun and variations in the earth's magnetic field.
She goes further though and suggests bees are capable of identifying
quarks. I think it's a leap to suggest that bees can `perceive' the
quantum field or even use it as a type of frame of reference. My
hunch is that their activity is pretty much instinctual, based upon
their highly specialized circuitry. Questions about whether or not
they can perceive quarks seems almost a moot point, especially since
there is no way of proving it.
Where the sunspot theory does hold up is that bees appear to be very
sensitive to energy fluctuations. One study exposed a colony to
bursts from a high-intensity magnetic field and concluded that the
bees' reactions revealed a high sensitivity to nuclear magnetic
resonance, or NMR. This occurs when an electromagnetic wave alters
the orientation of the nuclei of atoms.
Some scientists take the view that the next solar maximum may be one
of the most intense ever. Mausumi Dikpati, an astronomer with the
National Center for Atmospheric Research predicts a solar maximum for
2012, a phenomena that last occurred in 1958. The sunspot generates
intense magnetism that can be felt on the earth. Dikpati even
believes that it is possible electronics will be effected, for
example GPS and mobile phone technology. Since solar cycle 24 began
in 2007 according to Mausumi's estimate, it's possible that the
behavior of bees is already being effected to some degree.
The dramatic declines in the bee population appear to be due to a
combination of factors. Insecticides, crop engineering, shrinking
habitats and parasites have impacted the overall health and immune
system of bees. The other factor contributing to bee decline relates
most probably to side-effects of technology and solar activity.

posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 12:54 AM
reply to post by hippomchippo

They did and thats is how we came to have the african killer bee!

posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 01:22 AM
Probably pesticides and commercial bee keeping designed to max honey output stressing the bees and a combination of things I and sure. But instead of freaking out do something about it. Start you own hive/s

posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by hawkiye

I was taking a walk in the park last year and came upon a class being held in the open air thing there. The ranger was giving a class on bee keeping and there were about 40 students,

Just a note as far as man starving to death if bees die off, corn and wheat are air pollinated so man should be ok there. Plus I noticed last year there were several types of bees some very small to large working the flowers in the garden. Like I said the honey bees didnt show up untill the mustard flowered.

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posted on May, 27 2010 @ 05:47 PM
We've all seen the smoking device used by bee keepers; receptors are dulled and they fail to sound the pheromonious alarm.

Sulfur smoke kills bees. Bee smokers ten to use "FIBER" fuel!
FIBRE = Symptom MORGELLONS Disease = con/chemtrail?

I challenge a qualified researcher to compare the fibers used in bee smoker fuel with fibre found on Morgellon victims.

Could con/chemtrails be playing a role? Not trying to change the subject, just twisting in this spider web of the unexplained.

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posted on May, 27 2010 @ 06:06 PM

Originally posted by ExPostFacto
Wasn't there that evidence that male frogs were turning female? I wonder if GMO food crops and spraying aren't part of this equation. And the next part why isn't anyone questioning that part of it?

well i am.

Lets write a list

1. Soil will not grow food anymore due to over use of fertilizers
2. Super weeds due to the use of herbasides
3. Terminator seeds
4. Rampant population explosion
5. Bees dieing
6. Planned economic meltdown well underway

1,2 or 3 could be killing the bees, i don't know but i can guess what will be killing us if we are not a bit more carefull.

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 06:08 PM
Well FWIW here in Southeast England I have seen more honey bees than ever before.

I know the difference from our run of the mill Bumblebee variety and these are definitely true Honeys. Course it helps I don't culture my garden or use any pesticides - just let huge portions run wild.

For me it was a real breath of fresh air to see these about - and its not even been that warm here yet.

Oh and for the chem trailers Im between two airports - Heathrow (you know it the largest passenger hub in Europe - so Im told) and Northolt a semi military / private civil operation.

posted on May, 28 2010 @ 07:42 AM

Rember Albert Einstein prophecy

Einstein did not say that the end of honeybees would be the end of man or anything like that.

Remember that these bees are an introduced species. Remember that a die off of the introduced European honeybee happened only a decade or so earlier.

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 05:03 PM
"Breaking news update"

More dead bees only this time in a controlled, safe, and very observable, enviroment. They all died at once, now a fact.

Is there a tie to Kids Sunburned on field trip,, see thread already started here on ATS, use search.

For more on this important update i pass u too

"Breaking news update"

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 08:03 PM
reply to post by BobAthome

Can you post a link to actual information? Youtube is full of time wasting pointless hoaxes and disinfo. Is there any written information that cites studies supporting this claim?

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 10:38 PM
I can't remember the last time I seen a honeybee. Something in the pesticides they're spraying on the plants (the bees food supply) is triggering CCD. Sure there are other things that can trigger CCD but those are small fries compared to the pesticides. If we stopped spraying pesticides we would see the bee population increase tenfold in a year.

This is quite sad, if the honeybee goes "extinct" food prices will skyrocket. I'm starting to see how the dots connect and I feel nauseous. Why are these secret society's dedicated to such evil things? Why can't we have a secret society that does good things, like an anonymous donor to humanity.

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 08:13 AM
We see honey bees in our area. They are regular visitors.

Remember that honeybees are an introduced species. Only plants requiring pollination by bees are affected. Grasses such as wheat, rye, barley, rice, oats are not dependent on bees. There are also native bees that pollinate plants such as bumble bees. Honey bee populations crash regularly due to a variety of reasons. I doubt it is pesticides since these should affect other bee species such as the native species.

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