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The Atrocities Of Us All.

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posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 12:08 AM
One of the major themes I have seen here in these forums is a general shifting of blame from your side to that of your enemy.

I come here now to say that while this current war on terror has seen enough that is vile, terrible and repulsive on everyone's part to last as one of the worst conflicts of humaniy, no one country is whithout fault, not now and not throuhg history.

I have previously touted the moral highground that France and Germany took durring the debate on war in Iraq, but both countries are probably guilty in the Oil for Food scandal and they have both commited genocide and imperialism in the past. This does not make their vote against the war in Iraq any less important.

The United States has set free the people of Afghanistan, something great and moral in the highest regard, but they also illegally invaded Iraq and are guilty of abuses of power and disregarding the Geneva Convention now that they occupy Iraq and they too have commited genocide in the past, but they still did liberate the Afghanis and have brought the closest semblence of peace to a country that has been without for far too long.

Even some of the terrorists have done some good in the past, Hamas has a wing of their organization devoted to helping the poor in Palestine as well as those who have been the accedental victoms of Israeli attacks. But they still are terrorists as well, strapping bombs to the young of Palestine to attack the nation of Israel.

There is both the worst and the best of humanity in our lands, selfless acts of heroism and vile acts of pure evil, but the blame should be shared by all those who have committed. No one is purely innocent and no one is purely guilty. This is not a movie or commic, the heros are also the villans and we must remember this.


posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 12:14 AM
Excellant post Astral City.........people need reminders that we are all guilty, and innocent....somehow ballanced. The blame of this world is on ALL of our heads.
Thoughts are THINGS........they create actions.......think ~'PEACE & LOVE'~ to all mankind......(Aliens to for that fact)

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