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Have I been visited by MOSSAD? Melbourne Company a FRONT for Israeli Intelligence!

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posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 09:06 PM

Originally posted by Rosha
Jst 5 or so soccer mum types selling spruking or any attempt to hard sell to me. Its dead sea salts and art there. wife says that stuff they sell for your nails is just great!!

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 10:55 PM
Hey MM,
I haven't made a post on the ol' ATS for a good while, but your thread piqued my interest. I'm in Brisbane and I have had visits from these "art-dealers." Never really thought much about it at the time. Been visited by them twice that I remember in the last three years. I did notice that no-one else in the street got a visit, as a car pulled up outside our house just as they were leaving, which, in hindsight, did seem a bit too coincidental. My sister has also been visited by them, that was a couple of years ago as well. Never bought anything off 'em 'cos they were just too pushy and I hate that. They were also quite vocal about the fact that they were Israeli students, which doesn't seem like a smart move if your trying to infiltrate the homes of suspected "anti-semites."

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by Beelzebubba

Like yourself I never thought too much of it till I was made aware of the other facts concerning Im much more aware.

Like the original post of mine in relation to the company name "Secreat" they are also recently going round trading in the name "Jericho", they always have Israeli looking people, I have heard them actually mention to some potential customers that they hound at shopping centers that they are from Israel. You'd think if they were an Israeli company wanting to expand their business in Australia that they would be hiring Australian people locally not bringing in people from Israel....makes me more suspicious of the whole scenario.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 07:37 AM
Heres some more infomation Ive come across in regards to Irsaeli Art Students,

The following is dated 2009 -

Mossad still stalking Malls near US military bases

Cells of young Israeli intelligence operatives continue to openly solicit relationships with U.S. military personnel from shopping mall kiosks, according to an informed source.

WMR has learned that one such kiosk operates at the MacArthur Center Mall in Norfolk, Virginia, where a number of U.S. Navy personnel from the nearby naval bases are regularly confronted by aggressive young Israelis selling Dead Sea cosmetic products who inquire about where the personnel are stationed and the nature of their jobs. Young Israeli women working at the kiosk also appear to want to strike up a closer relationship with some of the naval personnel.

The use of young Israelis, many of whom continue to serve in a reserve status with the Israel Defense Force, as intelligence agents, has changed somewhat over the past decade. Young Israeli “art students” first conducted unsolicited visits to the homes and offices of federal and military employees trying to sell cheap Chinese-made bogus Israeli artwork while casing neighborhoods and office buildings.

Israeli-operated mall kiosks have transitioned from selling toys to cosmetics.

So they are scoping out neighbourhoods....but why? Getting info on people that are anti-zionist online? Would they really waste their time and resources on such endeavours?

And here's the icing on the cake for the Australian Members of ATS concerned by all this -

In the same report, WMR reported: Last month, police in New South Wales, Australia, arrested the leader of an Israeli “art student” ring who was selling mass-produced paintings from China as valuable artwork from Israel. The Israeli man arrested, age 23, fit the profile of a number of Israeli “art students” rounded up, detained, and deported by U.S. authorities in the months prior to 9/11. The “art students” were casing federal offices, military installations, and the homes of federal agents and officials.

The Israeli was arrested by police in Wamberal on Australia’s eastern central coast. Fifty Chinese-made oil paintings were found in the Israeli’s Mitsubishi station wagon. He was attempting to sell the paintings for between 500 and 1,000 Australian dollars. The Israelis in Australia visited a number of homes and claimed they were university students from Israel. The Israeli arrested lived in Sydney’s Bondi Beach neighborhood.

Recently, there was yet another story about the use of Israeli mall kiosk operators as intelligence agents. In the most recent case in Perth, Australia, an Australian man was arrested and charged with violation of an Australian hate crime law for exposing the activities of Israeli-run mall kiosks owned by an Israeli firm in Melbourne whose products are called “Seacret -- Minerals From The Dead Sea.” The president of the Australian Union of Jewish Students lodged a criminal complaint against the investigator who maintained that Israeli nationals were attempting to obtain classified information on the Royal Australian Navy’s Collins class submarine as well as other defense programs.

The guy they are talking about is the guy in the video of the OP of this thread. I researched him abit more earlier on and found that he had contacted the Federal authorities numerous times about a person of interest that was working on the Collins Class Project. Long story short....the feds eventually looked into this person of interest and he was deported without any issues back to israel.

Damn I wish I could find the link to it.

This culminated in the outting of Mr Leon Wende and his Intelligence gathering activities within the Australian Defense Force.

After a bit more serching Ive found the guys name in the OP video and the one that outed Leon Wende as being Brendon O'Connel. He has his own blog spot here and he isnt shy on the fact that he is anti-zionist -

Brendon O'Connell Blog

Brendon is currently being taken to court based upon the video's in the OP of this thread. He is being accused of Racial vilification.But the real reasons behind this is of his exposure of Israeli Intelligence fronts operating out of mall carts, and installing communications systems in Australian military installations.

So who was Mr Leon Wende that has brought this all about?

Brendan O'Connell's Thread on 911OZ forum

Mr Leon Wende is/was employed to also install security systems
on the Sydney Rail Transit System presumably with Verint, an Israeli
based company involved with "Comverse" and WTC, 9-11 Airport
and London Underground 7/7 security systems

Thats not saying that they were involved.....but boy, what a coincidence.

If companies like Comverse and Verint can put "back door"
eaves dropping channels in American Drug Enforcement Agency
wire tap equipment, what are the chances that Mr Leon Wende -
who installed and wrote code for Australian Special Forces
Communications gear - has installed "back door" eaves dropping
channels into our Elite Special Forces Communications equipment?

Mr Leon Wende also installed and wrote code for the weapons
and sensor systems on the Australian Collins Class Subs

Just how compromised may our new weapons systems be?

Leon Wende's Involvement in possible security systems is related to the SAS communications systems, the Collins Class Submarines aswell as the Sydney Rail System.......

His wife ALSO has high security clearances with Australian Defense Industries and has worked on the Jindalee Over The Horizon Radar System amongst other things. Thank God the AFP raided his home in March of 2008

So how far do the tentacles of Israeli Intelligence extend to here in Australia?

It doesnt look good for the average Aussie citizen - if a patriot like Brendon O'Connell (Even thou I dont condone some of his methods) can be charged for racial vilification when he has pretty much single handedly exposed a double agent who had access to high levels of military security, what hope does that give the rest of us?

Mind you, the media silence over this issue has been deafening

posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

I doubt it, if it was a front they would have closed shop once SIGINT hits lighted up online, OR they may have just scuttled their covers and give the company to someone else. MOSSAD has had a history of being in Australia, they usually have agents in most nations, they are friendly towards Australia so the threat is not as high. They were on the ground during 9/11 only to document the footage that their intelligence was correct. There was no hidden agenda, if they did attack the United States, America would have invaded Israel, the US Government doesn't back down or fear any nation or enemy, they are a superpower.

People online often play detective, which usually has more cons than pros, take the Boston Bombing for example, a bunch of Reddit users decided to use some footage to try to find the bomber. Obviously it was a stupid idea, they have little to know capabilities and the intelligence collection methodologies were extremely limited. They gathered no human intelligence, financial intelligence, communications intelligence, geospatial intelligence, etc, etc, the footage they attempted to analyse was very limited and the users overestimated their intelligence and capabilities, in turn they devastated law enforcement with stupid tips and made a mockery of an innocent man, due to the fact that their analysis capabilities are secondary education at best.

Getting back to the main topic, what you may find interesting is reading an actual released report by the FBI FOIA Team

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