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What would you miss the most if you could never go to the grocery store again?

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posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 09:16 PM

Originally posted by argentus
In the aftermath of the 'cane, several people made fun of us for having carried spices, canned butter, tinned olive oil, honey, coffee and various herbs with us to the cave shelter.

I also carried a #10 can of open-pollinated seeds, as well as one of my guitars. Point is, people thought it was silly to carry spices. Well, having had to live off MREs for a period of my life, I quickly grew to appreciate the value of food that has FLAVOR. In a SHTF situation, sure you can surVIVE off most anything, but morale suffers. If morale suffers, then then psyche and body suffer, and you are less than you could be.

..............and that is why we rotate spices and dried herbs (many of which we grow and dry) the same as we do our stockpiled foods. It matters.

I quoted your post to someone I was talking to today.
I bet those laughing didn't say no to sharing those spices with you!

I really liked the #10 can of seeds!

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