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The Truth about Desteni Productions.

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posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 11:27 AM
Hello everyone.

I have today decided to post this thread because of a channel on youtube which is called DesteniProductions.

Many of you may know this channel, some may not, however it has become quite popular across the networks, troughs various websites.

Now I have looked into the all their data for sometime and have waited until I had the right information to publish this.

So I will start by telling you that there two choices in evolution in the Universe trough polarity:
One trough the destruction of consciousness, and the other trough eternal Love.

Destini's sees GOD has platonic being, an outsider, extra-Universal - This is simply not true.
GOD is endo-universal, same space time universal or "omnipresent".
God or the Supreme Being, is just another name for our universe in general. We are only a minor aspect to the gears working within the cosmos that make up the universe. God is apart of everything because we are all apart of it. It isn't an unseen force, existence it's only divine justice is the cause and effect that occurs naturally within the laws of physics.

Desteni Productions is basically a manipulated group of people by inter-dimensional beings who do not want this awakening that is occurring on planet earth to happen.. They are using very powerful knowledge of the mind and consciousness brainwashing to manipulate those who watch the videos.
Many of the videos are basically taking any views, knowledge, and spiritual teachings that have been on this planet and still are, and refute them in a very clear way, replacing them with their own views which they claim are the truth...This "truth" they claim ONLY comes from 'the portal' which is a young woman named Sunnette based in South Africa.

They also have some very strong views on certain spiritual subjects in particular, all of these strong views that they have are on things which are vital for the evolution and freedom of mankind, and these things they refute.
LOVE..they say of love (all kinds) that it is simply a manipulated force and energy which the reptilians and others have used to enslave humanity, now I will not go to into this, but in my direct knowledge tells me that this is simply not true and the result of carrying that thought form will actually prevent this vital energy from coming into ones consciousness, until that thought form is dropped: this was the intention.

The information provided by Desteni, is all focused on veering people away from their intuition and the knowing that they have inside, they claim that all of this is simply the 'mind consciousness system ' which is inherently deluded and created to enslave humans.

We need to get back in touch with our spiritual selves & rediscover the teachings we where given for our protection, we need to become well-versed in sacred-science of geometry & metaphysical phenomenon. We humans are destined we established ourselves,as a matriarchal hierarchy.
And these beings know we would one day have to use these gifts to protect what we hold dear has this day visibly draws nigh as each day passes.

The trouble is, they actually tell near truths leaving vital parts out, without which there is not possibility to understand the whole picture..
This method has been used for thousands of years to make humanity believe lies..and is being used by Desteni productions in a big way...
As a result of this , many many young people are drawn to this channel seeking the truth about themselves and finding practical solutions to their issues, the problem is, they do not know they are buying into a deception...
These are very advanced beings that are coming through, negative astral beings of high intelligence which are using this channel as a means to send telepathic Electro magnetic messages through the videos to bring people into a collective consciousness which the higher members will defend by blocking you out.

Everyone is a free willed spirit which excels in his own uniqueness - we all have an essence of our own .
And they clain that this is just "mind possession" which is exactly what they are doing. They are put into alpha state by focus on breath and instruct to NOT think or be lucid which is like being intoxicated and leaves the individual open to being influenced by lower frequency vibes/entities beings.

Their speech expose their shocking pseudo social truths straight-away.
A constant collapse-implosion unable to articulate a constructed phrase with cohesion, tripping into deliria of inconsistency, self-humiliation and self destruction.
For persons who already are possessors and holders of wisdom and knowledge, they become irrelevant.
Truth via empiric verification, in this case.
A person thinking healthily, considers evolution much more important than potential hurt.


"You should not be allowed to be."
"There is no soul. each is in a forced design that consume other living things".
"life is indeed the darkness
it doesn't require ideas of grandeur to exist
nor does it require 'energy' "

You would be astonished on how regressive they have become, because the finite psychology, that is being induced by these beings that are coming trough.
Not just that, they intimidate people with their fake beliefs and fake their entire self-presentation.They talk people into their new 'new money system' straight of Orwells 'animal farm', while selling courses like the 'ablasshandel'- buy yourself to heaven Luther sends greetings. They are full of vanity and ego: they rate and comment themselves to appear strong and powerful and give the impression that no-one disapproves. they are revengeful towards those who step on their feet and question their authority.
They are not different from any cult, sect, religion or jonasbrothers-fanclub.

If you wanna see for yourself, and confront them and you will be blocked right away.

I am all in favor for "equality" but when is applied with justice, love and compassion, too much "equality" will simply turn us all into machines. That's what happens when surrender to a psionic- electronic COLLECTIVE which discourages free agency, sovereignty, creativity, liberty and self-expression. That is false 'salvation' tends to KILL the spirit rather than set it free.

Everyone is a free willed spirit which excels in his own uniqueness - we all have an essence of our own. Your suppose to use your gifts in order to produce, and not self-destruct.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 11:27 AM
Bellow there are some cult caratecheristcs which they share similarities with.

Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.

Mind-altering practices (in this case possession ) are used in excess and serve to suppress doubts about the group.

The leader members dictate, sometimes in great detail, how members should think, act, and feel (for example, members must get permission to date, change jobs, marry—or leaders prescribe what types of clothes to wear, where to live, whether or not to have children, how to discipline children, and so forth).

The group has a polarized us-versus-them mentality, which may cause conflict with the wider society.

The group teaches or implies that its supposedly exalted ends justify whatever means it deems necessary. This may result in members' participating in behaviors or activities they would have considered reprehensible or unethical before joining the group (for example, shaving their heads).

The leadership induces feelings of shame and/or guilt iin order to influence and/or control members. Often, this is done through peer pressure and subtle forms of persuasion.

The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members.

The group is preoccupied with making money.

Members are encouraged or required to live and/or socialize only with other group members.

The most loyal members (the “true believers”) feel there can be no life outside the context of the group. They believe there is no other way to be, and often fear reprisals to themselves or others if they leave (or even consider leaving) the group.
Notice that I really do not want to interfere with anyone's free-will, other peoples choices are their choices.
I've only dicided to post this to give people a wider perpespective before someone gets hurt.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 11:56 AM
Sounds too me you may have done the same thing as Destiniproductions.

You belive you know what god is.

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posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by gandhi

God is just Love. Everything.
A turning point in awareness as been made, and this works fine with me, since I do not intend to become a slave anyway.
I'm not here to force anyone.
Believe whatever you want, make your own choices.

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posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 12:18 PM

Originally posted by gandhi
Sounds too me you may have done the same thing as Destiniproductions.

You belive you know what god is.

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Thats not the point hes making.

They are forming a dangerous cult like group around their wacky beliefs. Which I highly advise all intelligent people to avoid ALL cults, if only to save your own $$$ or family.

But the OP is simply exposing the cult, as he/she said they Punish questioning or dissent.

However, the OP is not forming a cult (to my knowledge) nor does he/she seem to be considering making a cult.

Anyways OP, thank you for giving people the heads up about that weird group. I agree they sound very suspicious and fake.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 12:21 PM
yeah SA you've hit the nail on the head as far as destini are concerned. people that are easily lead could be taken in by them.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 12:33 PM

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 02:03 PM
reply to post by _SilentAssassin_

let me say what i think about that issue roots

the concept of one living source of objective life

all started of void as source of certainty conception from maybe itself awareness as void

so here we can guess my means, void as source of objective concept such as certainty is a source of something else more than itself while staying itself

then later we have certainty concept that acted as a source of objective positive linear reality

so here too, certainty is source of something else more than itself while staying itself

later positive absolute reality freedom acted as a source of objective life reality as positive truth
again we see how absolute reality is source of something else as here life truth while staying itself absolute reality freedom but not living nor an abstraction like truth

later, truth living acted as a source of objective certainty life, which is not the certainty fact like before, certainty life mean certainty always in free moves existing in moves, it becomes an abstraction of truth
so here again a living truth is source of something else here certainty life more than itself while staying itself same
a truth living as an abstraction of itself positive absolute reality has no relation to certainty life, to concrete objective life always itself one else total freedom realities

so the point that i mean is to show what the truth of being one is

being one is being a source of better absolutely while staying yourself less better without comparing
so being one is meaning the better always without looking at itself since it is itself so for sure it would be also the best of itself always, but it is not the point, the point of being true one is objective better always and of course not necessarly from itself life but for objective better itself life, but at its roots it could show how enthousiastic it is for objective better to give it all, as if objective better is the source of being true one

here the concept of source and being is different from all references we know, they are not of needs we are talking it in freedom reality, they are of truth beyond absolute positive reality

so true one conception is superiority love, it is like from void to all life the maximum possible was the only one possibility that become a fact of certainty life

if you love superiority then you are a living one beyond all certainties life facts

so here is the issue, loving superiority mean giving to superiority life while staying you the living else, and it never mean becoming superior itself

how many people could love what is abstractly better for itself and not to benefit from ? but the point is that this is the only truth of one so how not everyone should be like that

so here the question of god issue, like if the true living are few and not all what consciousness as true different ones moves mean

but i am sure that truth dont agree with that equation otherwise it wont be truth, because truth life is really always the living source of objective justifications

there are two different objective realities i see prooving my perspective of one truth,

when we observe humans honestly, i could see how a lot of people mean really objective positive life without meaning themselves but enjoying contributing for it, so it is an observable fact of truth overwhelming perspective

the other different objective reality prooving the perspective of one truth is of what you say mostly, that i always avoid to recognize as giving it a living breath more than it is and try always to handle its raelity by getting to its roots out of it,

so the roots of powerful livings abuse acting as source of objective lives

is according to my perspective gods pleasures in directly enjoying being ones and not living truth they know since they profit from that knowledge to be ones else

it is obvious when you see how everyone act proud of saying something or moving or looking, to me it gets on my nerfs when someone speak alone but to them they love it so much that gods made billions of it, teaching them how to lives as ones themselves through others like them too and enjoying discovering that gods are like them too so they get it all forever and we are screwed

but how that point proove truth being one ?

the pleasures are brought from tecknics success out of abusing true ones weakness, so they mean to enjoy being ones or oness to profit from truth livings and not them as knowledge of truth life in general what they can act through as creators is the source of their oness joys

it mean how to be one you must stay close to sense of true ones even while meaning to focus on killing it
but it say how there is no sense of one living other than that positive drive for objective positive life freely

it is no way that true living must be the victims of gods that valorize the false livings to assert their lives joys existing

i say noway definitely but dont ask me what to do, i refuse to consider that there is nothing to do all this cant be truly existing and only truth say what exist and what not, but im just an individual like you said responsable for myself only

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by imans

I didn't understand really what you said.
But do it this way that is,
be the best that you can be.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by _SilentAssassin_

thanks for not judging what i say,

i would like to clarify one or two things of what i said

it is like even before what made void aware is freedom value, then that sense of freedom value become each times evolutions as source of objective superiority freedom conceptions life , it becomes itself more living real

so it is like free sense is a great value in itself that allow superiority else to be living and not caring for being superior, it is like freedom sense is superior to superiority

but then at the final when living truth went to move for certaintly life realisations, it experienced freedom of certainty life being superior than its own freedom sense

and here eureka, superior square what is it? i translate it as evolution word
the sense of evolving always include the sense of freedom since you are moving for evolving then always free and the sense of superiority since always better yourself

and this is the true definition of one living sense

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 06:33 PM
i unsubscribed because all i've got from that channel was bad vibes, a lot of negativity and hypocritical information.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 07:23 PM
I have been looking at the videos and reading their info for a few years now and they are staring to get "dangerous". If you do not agree with everything that they say, you will be attacked, they will subscribe to you as soon as you make a comment that they see could endanger them. If you are in the group and you question anything, they will block you and ban you from all of their places. A few weeks ago one of the members posted something about looking at nature and how the animals eat each other and that it was just how animals survive including us. They took that as an insult and said that we humans were at fault for animals eating each other because that is the way that we made the animals behave with our thoughts. Then they banned him and he had to come back apologizing and "admitting" that he had a moment of weakness and that he wasn't thinking clearly when he made the statements about nature. They told him that all the questions to everything was in their web page and to never make the mistake of questioning what they say.
Before , I used to think that maybe there was some truth to what that girl was saying "the portal" but then there were inconsistencies in most of the times that she was talking as Anu, Anthon Lavey, etc.
Their latest idea was about the equal money system. Everyone would get equal money and no one would be hungry and you didn't have to work if you didn't want to. All fine and dandy, right?
Most of them don't think about it and just follow the leader and agree with everything and defend the ideas by verbally attacking anyone even if they agreed with them. I was attacked by one of their "warriors" because I discovered from what book the "portal" got her information from and I only stated the books name and what it said. After getting messages calling me all kinds of names and that I was this and that because of what I said, I sent her a message back saying that I only made a statement saying that I knew the book that contained the information that she was talking about and that it was not crazy babble as others were saying. I got verbally attacked again because apparently no one is supposed to know that she is getting her info from books.
I have never talked to them after that and if they want to drink the kool aid they can go ahead, most wont listen to reason or common sense and will only follow the words of their leaders.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by hautmess

I subscribe to it. I will say this, I noticed that here lately that they have been focusing on "demonic" possession and such. It's rather disturbing.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 10:41 PM

Originally posted by SpeakerofTruth
reply to post by hautmess

I subscribe to it. I will say this, I noticed that here lately that they have been focusing on "demonic" possession and such. It's rather disturbing.

exactly, her stuff at the beginning is what i stumbled upon and started my subscription but the recent messages she is manifesting i sense are low vibration and negative.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 11:10 PM


"The robes are fun!!"...LOL

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posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 03:25 PM
There is a website that does reverse audio of the Desteni videos and they have found that when she speaks there are other messages and evp's and most of them have to do with possessions and that they are using the girl to get messages across. Its some pretty disturbing stuff. I will try to find the website again. I don't want to believe in possessions, demons, etc. but since I saw that someone mentioned it here I will post what I find.

Edit: Here is the link to the website with the reverse audio and some talk about her, seems to me that the reversal people know some stuff about reptilians and other weird stuff that I don't understand. steni-reversed-important-for-young-people-to-hear/

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 10:46 PM
ha great display of fear from the minds perspective.

you fear you not existing. existing as you do currently.
fear changing and fear the possibility.

the possiblity that reality is a trap. a trap of energy and holograms, pictures would you believe.

everything is a picture.
everything is a word.

if it does not have either. then its not real in this world.

I personally find desteni to be the one bundle of resourced information. unbiased or crippled by delusional or intentional malformed arguments in an attempt to make you see it.

a soulful reasoning because you agree with it. is that really how u move/shift/update and reflect... only if its the same shape as your hole? #

The cracked up ideas and states that some beings will go to to try and convince themselves of reasons to fear or be warded off the truth. hah
not really amazing i mean its general human behaviour.
FLAME DEFAME AND DEVOID anything which challenges your current belief system . it cant possibly be standing for all life equally no. ONLY I CAN DO THAT I KNOW BEST but im not going to have a go cause someone else can do it. then when someone else has a go. you have to pull them down. flame them discredit them or void them in anyway you can. The Spiteful Human
futher more its so strange to see humans speakin of such things as "belief" and "love" as thought hey understand it or think of it as a necesarry part of there existence.

LOVE.. where is it? where? lol. no where. not while abuse/rape/dishonesty exist. how can love exist? oh dont worry i still love you. really. get real man. wtf is love. where. where i cant see it. cant feel it cant touch it. oh no those are all 3d senses. its beyond that. OH OK. then ill just BELIEVE YOU SHALL I

and that brings me to belief. a belief is where you STOP.
YOU STOP. stop lookin @ reality in all its facets. the possibilities of something. with belief you automatically stop. you justify your actions and suit yourself accordingly with not wanting to take it any further. I BELIEVE YOU. I BELIEF THIS TO BE TRUE. where is the sense in that. really. comon..

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posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 04:14 AM
I hate destini universe. I got into it for like a week and was absolutely dissapointed, like always. I like some of the stuff I read on their main site, but when you look at all the material it makes you want to throw up.

One of the statements I really liked is.

I realize your main concern is why are we not able to just enjoy religion and a belief in higher beings? Well I am asking you to understand that we are the highest beings and there is nothing higher than us. If you place your belief in something apparently higher outside of yourself – you allow and accept enslavement – this is the application of enslavement within separation.

But then it goes on to talk about this interdimensional higher species called the Annunaki... then it tells you that they don't exist... the entire web site is full of contradictions, repeating information and it's just garbage.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 04:14 AM
double post

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posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by Hullabaloo

Just think about the consequences if Humanity choosed this path for evolution.
There wouldn't be any imagination, there wouldn't be any creativity, there would be any path for us evolve! And that's exactly what those regressive beings that are coming trough want.

They only target weak minded individuals, they do not really have intellectual capability to pose themselves in a convincing way.
One does realize that the psychology that they are trying to spread across the networks, just seek control over mankind emotional and spiritual status.
We are all part of the same thing.
Their entire agenda is just to strip us away from our freedom has individuals and self-expression.

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