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Let's clear up the roads

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posted on May, 31 2004 @ 03:10 PM
Human beings are consumers. We consume and use a lot of things. Land, fossil fuels, and animals are some examples of what we consume or use.

People in developed countries such as America use a lot electricity. Where does this electricity come from? The majority of it comes from coal power plants. Guess what coal power plants use to make energy, that’s right: coal. Burning coal releases C02. Co2 is a greenhouse gas which some believe is causing global warming. Some believe that global warming and increased CO2 in the air is a big problem since CO2 levels are expected to triple within 100 years.

We also rely on coal for much of our energy (as I just stated). We could try alternate forms of energy like solar and wind but they are vastly inefficient compared to coal. Energy sources like solar are also unreliable. If a cloud goes by the whole power plant is dead. No one wants to approve a new nuclear power plant since we don’t know how to safely dispose of nuclear waste. Basically we are stuck using coal and producing a lot of CO2.

People in developing countries do not use nearly as much energy as those in places like America but countries in India are really overcrowded. Many people in developing countries use farmland.

In Haiti the structure is about to collapse. What is happening is that the soil is eroding and becoming unable to farm on. This is an interesting situation.

As population grows in Haiti the amount of land per person shrinks. People, to cope with small amounts of land, cut down trees and convert them into charcoal which they can sell. It may seem like a good solution but the lack of trees means the lack of their roots. This causes soil to erode, because roots hold up soil. Since the soil is eroded the people farming on the land do not get as much yield. TO cope they cut down more trees and the cycle continues. There are many efforts to replant trees but for every planted tree 5 are cut down(maybe 6 but it is definitely between 4-6). Haiti only has less than 10% of its original trees. Eventually all of the trees will be gone and Haiti I will collapse.

There is a solution though. New trees need to be planted to protect the soil. It takes time for trees to grow and there is a time limit. What we can do is lower the amount of crops or charcoal need to keep Haiti’s people alive. The only way to do this is to get rid of many Haitians from the country. This could be done by immigration or by death (I prefer immigration).

Continued in next post.

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 03:11 PM
This translate into what can happen to the developing world. Raising CO2 levels are a problem. Within 200 years we could be in a crisis. We need to develop alternative forms of energy. This can’t happen overnight so we need to buy some time. This can be done by getting rid of a lot of people.

Lets look to nature. In all ecosystems every species has a limit to the number of themn that can exist. Predators get rid bring the numbers of species down. The fact that there are only so many things to eat keep the number of predators down.

In one water ecosystem sea otters ate sea urchins. The sea otters numbers went down for many reasons. Sea urchins, without their predators, started to flourish. They ate kelp , a tall plant in the sea, which gives homes to many small fish. These fish started to decrease and so did the number of the fish that ate those fish. Basically, because sea urchins numbers got out of control the ecosystem began to collapse.

Are numbers are out of control, and are growing, and we are using a lot of resources from metal to coal. What is we run out of coal before we developed a good power alternative? Many people would drop out of the power grid and possibly die.

We need to give scientist time to find a good alternative. This can be done by getting rid of many people. I suppose we make a population limit like 4 billion people (there our about 6 billion people in the world now). This can be accomplished by birth control and death (post any other options). I propose ridding the world of criminals first. Then those who are already sick. WE could get rid of bad genes this way.

I foresee the question, “ What if you were decided to be killed?” I say, “ I would be sad but ultimately it wouldn’t be up to me. They would just kill me. Once I am dead what do I care anymore.

I foresee another question, “ What if they wanted to kill your mother, wife, brother, or another person close to you?” Once again I will respond, “I would be sad but it wouldn’t be up to me. They would be dead and that’s it.”


Don’t think I am a cold person who suggests that we should kill a billion people. I just looked I the situation and this seems to be our only option. I’d rather an alternative, post one.

Sorry this was a lot to read.
Can you see my avatar. Or does it say image hosted by tripod.

[Edited on 31-5-2004 by Qraz A.K.A. MIlfort]


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