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An appeal from a cop...

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posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 03:57 PM
To the OP- What's kind of funny is that even in the military we all hated the MP's and even though we were all in the same branch of service and supposed to be brothers there was even STILL an "us vs. them" metality.

I certainly will not say that all LEO's are bad, evil, or abuse authority. I am a 34 year old law abiding, tax paying, minority citizen, Iraq war (operation enduring freedom) vet former Marine. I grew up in a poor, drug, gang, and crack infested neighborhood. The tendency for everyone in that neighborhood back then was to hate/distrust police, but I have to tell you that all of the cops in my neighborhood (despite the socio-econimic woes ) were pretty much all good guys to deal with under other non-life threatening situations. I used to believe that the thugs, drug dealers, gang members and criminals only hated the police because obviously, they were bad for "street business".

To get a feel for what types of stresses LEO's go through in a typical day anywhere USA all you have to do is watch one of those tv shows "scariest/wildest police chases or shootouts" to see they are in real danger every day they put that uniform on and I certainly understand and sympathize with that. Most people should be able to.

On the other hand now that i am out in a low crime area of the suburbs I seem to feel harrassed by the police now and the fear/dislike/distrust/animosity towards the police is growing. Why? Well, I mean is it just me? Or does it seem like the police everywhere are on some type of crack down on the normal everyday citizen? I quickly unloaded my pickup truck and went back for a second load with the tailgate still down. I pass an oncoming cop who freakin does a donut in the middle of the road, chases me down pulls me over. Runs my license and tags then tells me it was "suspicious" to be driving with my tailgate down and let me go. Wha??? Really? Not long after that on the same road another cop does a 180 to chase me down and pull me over. This time was to do a "courtesy check" of my window tint. Wha??? This time I could clearly see the cop visually searching my vehicle inside/out and my only guess was he was praying for some type of "reasonable cause" to pull me out of the vehicle to search or detain me. Again...I was let go. Radar speed traps on residential streets handing out tickets for 6-9mph over violations? WTF??? Finding the smallest of reasons to pull people over? Following you for miles just waiting for one of your tires to touch a white line to pull you over for "failure to maintain"???

Come on now coppers what's the deal??? How is it that cops in a gang/crack neighborhood could be reasonably cool, and understanding to the non-criminal citizens, wave, say hello, but now years later in low crime areas they are harrassing and scrutinizing the crap out of everyone??? Its not just my neighborhood but all over Georgia when I repeat these stories to my other friends and co-workers getting harrassed for similar things.

I can only guess that back in the old gang neighborhood that they were specifically trying to win over the hearts and trust of the community at large and I think it would do everyone some good if every PD made an effort to regain trust and admiration from the good tax paying citizens of the America.

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 04:16 PM
All you have to do is look at what happened with the G20 in Pittsburgh last year to see how bad the police state has gotten. Sure, perhaps some of those cops there did not like what the other cops were doing but did nothing about it. Beating peaceful protesters, using their sound weapons illegally against a peaceful, legal gathering is appalling!

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by JWH44

Sir or Madam; There is certainly no widespread hatred of the blue line between my granny getting to watch telly instead of being dragged into the front yard and tortured to death.
Here in the U.S.A. our dedicated public servants keep the B.S. down to a minimum, as oppossed to say, Zimbabwe.
Idiots with a ten dollar crack rock and a two dollar can of spray paint can put their phobias on display. Evidently somebody didn't like police officers, hence the ultraviolent hate speech (apparently) directed towards peace officers (and indicating some mental dysfunction).
It's been eons since I heard anybody refer to the police as pigs, but perhaps the dolt didn't understand just what PIG means, here ya goes! P.ride I.ntegrity G.uts..
I imagine that most people are as I am, and should our police,state, federal, suit and tie, or bdu, come under some form of attack by "revolutionaries", the public would step into the thin blue ranks, and take actions directed towards the end of hostilities(or the end of hostiles).
There was some paraphillia going around once before when somebody got spooked(pun not intended) by CIA activities on the forum, I told them where to go put in an application. The alphabet soup agencies for many reasons must remain in the shadows, ask Valerie Plame.
How soon they forget about Total Information Awareness, and Magic Lantern. Not desirable, but needed, as our country faced threats from actors unknown. I think 9-11 is where a lot of people come out not trusting government, they know damn well the OS stinks to high heaven, and movements, orders, and loose lips have brought ever more suspicion that a Northwoods type op had gone down, and our sworn defenders of truth, justice, and the American way? Sitting on their hands. Why? Another unknown, another straw on the camel which seems to have sciatica.
Real investigations should have begun, anyone ordering a stand-down should have been arrested, and perhaps waterboarded.
I back the Blue, especially my county Sheriff, it is good to know good men lose sleep so that we may slumber as babes, but a threat to our law enforcement officers is a threat to We The People.
And we don't take threats well. Threaten me, if you will, I'll let you walk away,but threaten the man who keeps our citizens safe, sorry, can't let you walk on that one.
Most people I know who held puzzle palace positions are retired now, and when asked just say they "worked for the government", so everybody assumes they were letter carriers, or ATC, or perhaps Mr. Ranger at Jellystone Park.
I advise all who fear their rants ect. being read by bored "agents" who love a good argument, is experiencing a terrible delayed reaction, I mean, duh...oh....fergot.
We say Deny Ignorance, I say ok, let's deny ignorance, but let's lament that stupidity isn't painful, and the properly paranoid cunning linguist can spark a minor panic, a tempest in our tea-pot. You think Joe Friday is after you?
Sorry, you just aren't that important. Get a grip. Really, just inhale deeply, exhale, blink a few times. All better? Good. Just kidding.....EVERYBODY PANIC!!!! Well, maybe later. meh.

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by theyareoutthere

Recent police Riots from Seattle to L.A. -- the St. Paul RNC police riot:

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posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 07:03 PM

Originally posted by Luminaught
I back the Blue, especially my county Sheriff, it is good to know good men lose sleep so that we may slumber as babes, but a threat to our law enforcement officers is a threat to We The People.
And we don't take threats well. Threaten me, if you will, I'll let you walk away,but threaten the man who keeps our citizens safe, sorry, can't let you walk on that one.

My Sheriff. Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Is a racist neo-nazi. I don't back him. And you're obviously missing the point. No one is threatening anyone.

But if they were, it would not be a simple threat of violence. But of reformation of those who AREN'T doing there job. Of those attacking citizens NOT keeping them safe.

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 07:43 PM
An appeal from a convict...

Greetings ATS,

I think it is high time I speak out about a trend that I see on these forums that is extremely disheartening to me; the unabashed blanket characterization of law breakers and prison inmates as violent, stupid thugs...many of us are quite smart.

I am a Protection Racket supervisory with a Sicillian-based mob enforcement agency. I have been doing this job for seven years and I have worked with all manner of gangster, dope-peddlar and pervent during my tenure. As I said, I am in a permanently secure facility ijn San Quentin and, in the course of my supervisory duties, initiated, participated in and handed street justice in disciplinary actions ranging from instances of knee-capping to a comprehensive violation of civil rights violations. That being said, I think that I am qualified to make observations and statements about the field of mob enforcement.

I don’t think that anyone, be it a civilian or member of the mob enforcement community, can say with a straight face that good conduct, sometimes generosity, does not occur within the ranks of mob enforcement - heck, even I've a conscience somewhere deep in my brain. It spans the entire spectrum, from the smallest hash-peddling operastion to the largest banking corporations. Corruption and misconduct exist; that I will never argue. However, my problem with many members of ATS starts here. Ignoring these examples of achievement and using them as a basis to label all members of mob enforcement as worthless and thick is myopic at best; dangerous and inflammatory at worst. I would think that it is safe to say that these opinions are widely held, however I do not think that the majority of the Mafia that post here feel that way. I have seen many level-headed individuals point out that many of the shocking and offensive instances of letting hustlers off with nothing more than a good ticking off are isolated incidents that reflect the actions of a small percentage of mob enforcement officers. Others will even have the level-headedness to recognize that some of the videos you see are taken out of context and do not tell the whole story. Edited and sensationalized, many of the videos that show alleged instances of weakness and lack of brutality are actually depictions of unfortunate chains of events that led to non-payers being let off.

Please note, please… I am not saying that about every video that is out there. Some genuinely show improper conduct on the part of the involved hitman and should not be condoned.

For all of you that have shown that you are open minded and cognizant of the challenges that mob enforcement officers face every day, I extend my personal thanks to you for seeking the truth and not rushing to judgment by labeling the whole of mob enforcement as weak and wishy-washy Mr.Nice-Guys..

Now, to those that still cling to your stereotypes and blanket characterization of all “hitmen” as a criminal scourge that must be eliminated, I say "Well done, you do us credit".in showing our lack of reason in most cases where someone hasn't come up with the tea money. It saddens me when I see comments like, “all mobsets aren't really murderers, they just want ot be liked" I think we all can see that hitmen, just like any other profession, are drawn from the pool of society in general. As are drug-traffickers, bankers, bent lawyers, the Bush family, etc. Being from the hood, which we all should agree is comprised of a wide range of scum, it should be safe to say that, as a cross section of trailer park trash, some of the less desirable people with kind heart and a streak of honesty will inevitably end up in the criminal fraternity. Or teaching pickpocketing, or signing your loan shark paperwork, or filling your illicit medication. To point out instances of these people behaving badly and applying a broad stroke of stereotypical labeling to EVERYONE that works in the mob is fair. What about the teacher who won't molest his students; the pharmacist that knowingly refuses an illegal prescriptions; the banker that practices sound and honest management? Are these isolated iexamples enough to call for the elimination of crime? When seen in that light, I hope this argument takes on a new shape, and I'm sure that it will... if you know what's good for you. Remember, when I want your opinion, I'll give it to you..

- Robin the Hood

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 08:27 PM
I wasn't able to read the entire thread before posting this, so if someone has already made this point, my apologies for the repetition.

I see a big disconnect here in the OP.

He claims to be from a federal policing agency, but most of the commentary on this thread is about local law enforcement.

First, I am not sure that your professional perspective validates any commentary you make about local law enforcement, as it is outside of your experience. The fact that in your 7 years of service you have had exactly one employee that required disciplinary action and that the action ended in that employee facing a jail sentence proves just how far removed from the daily bump and grind of local cops your position truly is. In most local law enforcement divisions, there are typically a lot more than one disciplinary incident in 7 days, let alone 7 years, and I can almost guarantee you that the incident will NOT end in an officer facing a jail sentence.

So your post seems to be either a truly ignorant attempt to promote an apples vs. oranges analogy and say "look, here in my urbane federal arena, we are so cool that we don't violate the interests of the citizens, therefore all cops must be like us with an admitted very few bad apples," or perhaps a thinly-veiled hyperbole to provoke reactions and stir up arguments.

Whichever it is, and admittedly, there are other possibilities to speculate on, your commentary and responses do point up the biggest problems that local law enforcement and their masters from the Police Chief to the federal agencies now employed in militarizing them face: if they are public servants, then they fail miserably to meet that job description when they adopt the attitude that they are managers, shepherds, overseers, watchdogs or any other characterization that allows them to think they are above the law, better than their charges, deserving of any of the booty and plunder they confiscate from criminals, etc. If you cops are truly above the law, then there is no equality and justice in our society, and that is something we citizens should learn to come to grips with and act accordingly.

If LEOs are truly interested in justice being served, then I am sure every local cop knows of someone on their force who has done something that if they saw on the street, they would react quickly and decisively on. But because you and this perp you know are brothers under your guild, you look the other way, rationalize and make excuses, and let it slide. The problem with that approach is that it is dishonest, illegal, and allows you yourself to descend into a morally dark realm where it is only a matter of time before the opportunity to do something similar presents itself, and then after covering for everyone else for so long, isn't it foolish, maybe even disloyal to your brothers, not to take advantage of that opportunity for yourself?

So, if you want to earn back the respect of your communities, stop breaking the law! From the traffic cop who burns up the city streets or highways at an unreasonably high rate of speed with no lights or sirens (oh, none of you ever do that, right?) to those that turn drug dealers over from independent agents to part of the Man's distribution team, stop it. Cut it out. Refuse to take part.

Of course, that will really put your lives on the line, won't it? But not from the unknown dangers of criminals on the streets, from the very well known dangers of retaliation by your fellow officers and your superiors who are running illegal money laundering operations, drug and prostitution rings, etc. And you know very well what they will do to you, ain't that the truth?

But if you continue to turn the blind eye, even if you have resisted the urge to scoop up a little advantage for your hard work and the life-threatening risks you face every day, then what are you, really? Just a coward and a thug with a shield and a gun to hide behind. You are no better than the whoring, speed-frazzled cop with a hundred dollar bill in his pocket from every business on his beat, because you know who that cop is, and you don't say a word. That makes you an accessory after the fact, doesn't it?

To the OP: corruption is large or small, contained or wide-spread, primarily by how you define it. Maybe in your unnamed "federal" agency, people really are better than everyone else and the level of corruption is no more than you say it is. If that's the case, STAY WHERE YOU ARE and don't ever leave that job, because you must be nursing from the tit closest to heaven, and I will bet you will never find another position that affords such good companionship as your angelic fellow officers.

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 10:31 PM

Originally posted by mryanbrown

Originally posted by Luminaught
I back the Blue, especially my county Sheriff, it is good to know good men lose sleep so that we may slumber as babes, but a threat to our law enforcement officers is a threat to We The People.
And we don't take threats well. Threaten me, if you will, I'll let you walk away,but threaten the man who keeps our citizens safe, sorry, can't let you walk on that one.

My Sheriff. Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Is a racist neo-nazi. I don't back him. And you're obviously missing the point. No one is threatening anyone.

But if they were, it would not be a simple threat of violence. But of reformation of those who AREN'T doing there job. Of those attacking citizens NOT keeping them safe.

I miss the point? No. In you'r haste to lie about you'r sheriff you shoot you'r mouth off attempting to insult me or belittle my opinion.
Are you in the country illegally? You'r regurgitated propaganda makes me wonder. Are you a La Raza Racist? A Reconquista? Blinded by you'r own hate of the anglo-saxon people these groups hope to overthrow by out breeding them?
I saw the blaze of hurled invective having to do with "kill the pigs". That isn't threatening? You miss that?
You'r Sheriff Joe Arpaio is obviously supported by a majority of registered voters where you live, perhaps you are not a mainstream citizen, you seem out of step with the majority.
I seriously doubt that you can show any proof whatsoever that Sheriff Arpaio is either a racist or a nazi. I challenge you to try, have you ever met any of Joe Arpaio's extended family? You may be in for quite a surprise. Can you show one image (not photoshopped) of Joe Arpaio wearing a Nazi uniform, giving a stiff armed salute, goose stepping through the mall? No? You'r allegations are simply the echoes of La Raza and Mecha's propaganda, Joe is having a positive effect, but you've made some pretty wild accusations, so in the spirit of debate: Post proof or retract, you'r debate points are in question.
Sheriff Arpaio is taking pro-active steps to remove elements in you'r local society which should be removed. Illegal imigration is a crime. Do you feel he unfairly targets hispanics, latinos, chicanos, indios, El Salvadorians, gang members,child molesters, burglars, armed robbers, rapists, drunk drivers, drive-by-shooters and illegal drug suppliers? How come so many anglo-saxons are in his jail? Is the Sheriff racist against them too? Do you claim he is profiling? He put that allegation to rest in a very decisive manner, do you remember? I do.
My Sheriff is not Joe Arpaio, my Sheriff is a man who has dedicated his life to making the world a better place. I love our Sheriff, as do most of the people who live in our county, I would defend him with my life, there are many stupid ways to die, defending an honorable man is a worthy cause, and to die in such an attempt is no disgrace.
BTW this thread isn't about Sheriff Arpaio, but the reactions of those who fear CIA, NSA, FBI, DARPA, Homeland Security, or maybe even a mason might catch them saying something bad about good old Mister Obama, and ship em off to gitmo for a little truth or consequences. The OP was a LEO who unmasked and was taken aback by some of the attitudes toward law enforcement. I believe we live in a safer world because of men like our Sheriff, and men like Joe Arpaio. And people who make wild accusations against their public servants always infer more than they'd wish to imply. Now, how about that proof, or a nicely worded retraction?

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 11:15 PM

Originally posted by mblahnikluver

I have noticed this and I am not in this field, I do however have family and friends who are. I had a boyfriend who was a cop as well. Society does this with every group. If a select few act like idiots or morons then the entire "group" is labeled that when it is really a select few. Society loves to stereotype.

Far out. You just stereotyped stereotypes! Are you a......God?

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by JWH44

I certainly dont think all cops are jack booted thugs.

But I do think that a good portion of the responsibility for how people perceive the police and other enforcement types is the responsibility of those groups themselves.

You need zero tolerance of abuse of power within the departments. Certain police forces, LAPD, have almost a century old reputation as being crooked and abusive. Other agencies should be putting pressure on them publicly to clean up their act, IMHO.

A few bad apples may not spoil the whole bunch, but they sure do tend to make it harder for the good ones. Think of all the good law abiding citizens who just happen to live in bad neighborhoods that endure heightened scrutiny because of the drug dealers and bad guys in THEIR midst. It really does work both ways. And the only way to stop the phenomenon is for the groups themselves to evict and condemn themselves the bad elements residing in their midst.

Just like the best and the worst of people are drawn to jobs that offer access to children, the best and the worst of people are drawn to jobs that give them power over others. There are some LEO's that genuinely want to "protect and serve." But there is a very real minority that wants to abuse their position. And all to often the "brotherhood" gives the benefit of the doubt to these mini-tyrants far too long, and makes it appear as if "they are all in it together."

I agree that the average citizen needs to be less willing to jump to easy and lazy generalizations, not only for cops but for a lot of things. Hell, that goes for cops as well. It would be nice if people would take the time to look at individuals individually, and judge them on their own merits.

I personally neither idolize nor demonize the LEO's. I do know that power alone has a corrupting influence, and many who have it begin to abuse it. But I also have met some really nice cops, and I do appreciate what they do for our society.

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 05:22 AM

Originally posted by Luminaught
In you'r haste to lie about you'r sheriff you shoot you'r mouth off attempting to insult me or belittle my opinion.
Are you in the country illegally? You'r regurgitated propaganda makes me wonder. Are you a La Raza Racist? A Reconquista? Blinded by you'r own hate of the anglo-saxon people these groups hope to overthrow by out breeding them?

You have obviously shown yourself to be a racist as well as Sheriff Joe.

You're insinuating:

1. I'm lying.
2. I'm here illegally.
3. I'm part of a hispanic hate group.
4. I'm hispanic.
5. That I hate white people.
6. That hispanics are seeking to outbreed whites.

You aren't even worth dignifying with an answer that would illuminate any of that. Because you're a racist. Have fun with that in the coming years.

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 12:16 PM
The fact that the insane and crooked Arpaio keeps getting relected says NOTHING about all the issues and abuses he has committed, but it says a LOT about the voters out there:

Anyone who votes for Joe Arpaio over and over again deserves to pay higher and higher taxes to cover the lawsuits...and they should not complain about being seen a backward, ignorant, redneck bigots who are so dumbed down that they actually believe all the hate talk and lies Arpaio and his henchmen dish out.

There is a subset in Arpaios area that does not research or think for themselves...all they do is listen to Fox news and Rush and lament the ' good old days' when all the non-whites were subdued and away from their lilly white neighborhoods. They think that illegal immigration can be stopped by treating human beings as animals...and petty criminals as slaves.

I bet most of Arpaios groupies are also proud of their jail, where pot smokers are given humiliating clothes and crammed into tents with substandard food and terrible takes a sick sadist to enjoy the suffering of others for political reasons and whatever sick thrill it gives a perverted mind.

Arpaio was a DEA agent, which means he was schooled in lies, deception, treachery and worse. He is a man withouit scruples, and without a soul.He is a supremasist of the worst kind....believing that it is his mission to demonize the poor and people of color while he and his political cronies stick it to the same voters that are too vacant of intellect to notice....what a scam!!

Someday when old Je is escorted to his infernal and final home, let us hope that he is surrounded by all those he has abused and maltreated over his life...I am sure they could keep him busy for quite a bit of eternity!!

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by richierich

Yeah Let's talk Arpaio.

He's the center of TWO indictments.
He's been seen openly associating with known NSM (Neo-nazi) members.
He's been openly caught admitting he uses racial profiling.
He's harassed several elected officials and judges with possee.

On and on and on..

Really good guy according to some though?

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 02:47 PM
Want to get really sick to your stomach? Here are some of ARPAIO'S boys doing their normal thing:

Brutal force, no apologies, a police state mentality and proud of it. One day people will look back on this and shake their heads, wondering how, in this day and age a neanderthal like Arpaio could possibly have any support. he is a human rights nightmare, and so are his thugs....thats all they are, thugs.

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 02:58 PM
Nary will I respond to everyword you speak of. I will say I respect those honest in duty who save our world even if be only taking one drunk driver off the road. To each often we find life dancin at their own speed. twould be an honest hatred that rejected color for you it is blue.. for many others it is black,. life happens and eventually you will find a few bad eggs.. That does not turn me from eggs only makes me weary of further eggs..
Understanding the why is as important as understanding who... Bunch of black men approach me I may be at a cautionary level. doesn't mean they will beat me up.. means they have words. may be good may be bad.. Life happens, Best you can do is live it.

Marlichslar ( the simple one)

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 04:32 PM
Dude, get over it, yourself or whatever...

Most of my physical altercations aren't even reported, let alone in need of Authority.

So, if someone goes looking for troube? INS+U.

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 09:46 PM

Originally posted by kennylee
reply to post by JWH44

I questioned you back on page 14 yesterday but you obviously skipped that page because you never replied. Like most cops you only see what you want to see..................................

[edit on 5-3-2010 by kennylee]

You never tried to find out if the OP was employed period, much less by a government agency. You went directly to accusing the CIA, or other departments of US gov.The ASSUMPTION OF EVEN THE SMALLEST ELEMENT OF TRUTH leads to closed mindedness, which leads to a dead end. The OP could be a homeless person who got an internet card somewhere while drunk and found a computer that was already logged into ATS. The OP could also be a Martian from Uranus. Just never know.

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 04:01 PM

Originally posted by DaddyBare
I hear ya

I'm a retired Marine and I get called baby killer war monger you name it...
you would think we would have out grown those general stereotypes but no.. maybe I'm just think skinned but I leaned to be that way otherwise I'd turn into the thing I was accused of... those of us who do the job day in and day out know the truth...

sadly when we get those very few bad guys in our respective org we all catch hell for it... but you and I know those people are just a small % of the whole, by far we're just like every one else doing a job and trying to get by

Show me proof that you get called a Baby Killer! I think your exagerrating your statement a little bit.

I have been here on ATS for a long time and I have never, ever seen anyone call a Marine or other Service Member get called that, nor have I ever heard anyone say it.. Not that it might not have been said somewhere at sometime but your statement of getting called a "Baby Killer" is going a little to far and I think it needs to be toned down a bit. Any Service member that comes to this site has been treated with respect by most members of ATS..

So, I'm just asking for proof that "You" have been called a "Baby Killer" or should you re-phrase your statement? I also have a hard time believeing that you have been called a "War Monger".

I know that some people who work in the Service have been Challenged for their "So Called" Duty to their country and they have also been asked why they follow Rules and Regulations that a lot of people don't agre with.

[edit on 10-3-2010 by Damian-007]

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by Damian-007

I've called them baby killers. Another discussion.
But he's right.

If you don't like it. Don't support an organization that kills babies.

posted on Mar, 10 2010 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by JWH44

Ok, "An Appeal From A Cop". Well, this looks more like a "Cry From A Cop"..

I have no respect for any Cops/Police because of one thing and the OP would also be guilty for the Following..

There are rules and regulations in the Police Force. I'm not aware of them but I am sure they exist. Trouble is that these rules and regulations Don't Apply to the Police.

The Police are suppose to treat "Everyone" the same, Equally and Fairly. Unfortunately for the general public, these don't apply to us.

The actual fact is that there are different rules for "Us" and different rules for "Them". The Police Do Not, "Do Not" treat everyone Equally and Fairly and most police think they are Above Us. I think this is because as soon as they put on their Uniform and Strap on their Gun, they become, somehow, Superior to us.

The OP knows exactly what I am talking about and most people here will understand that their are Different Rules for the "Cops" and different rules for "Us".

Most police, if not all, have broken the law in one way or another, but the Law doesn't seem to apply to "Them".

Everyday yo hear of a Cop that has does something wrong and got away with it.

I know this Extreme but, If I killed someone, I would immediatly be arrested and taken to Jail. I would be interrogated for Hours on End. I wouldn't be allowed to contact anyone and I'd be lucky to get a Coffee.

However, If a Cop should kill someone then the rules change. They are offered Couselling. They don't get interrogated for hours. They actually get Support and in some cases, Admiration for what they did. They get advice on what to say and when to say it. In a NutShell they are not treated the same as you or I would be treated.

The same goes for any law. The Police break "Our" Laws Every Single Day of the year and get away with it.

When was the last time anyone saw a Cop get a Speeding Ticket? I've heard of a Cop getting a Parking Ticket and then getting it withdrawn because of the fact he was a "COP".

Nah, Sorry OP. You get no Sympathy from me. Not when you can pull me over for doing Nothing Wrong, Handcuff Me, Restrain Me, Assault me, Talk Down to me, Pull my car apart because you Suspect I have Contraband, hold me for an hour or more and then give me a ticket for speeding when all I was doing was 3kmh over the limit. I could go on and on, couldn't I?

Most peole here know exactly what I'm talking about and so do you Mr. Police Man?

So, You sound to me like you want the Cops to have respect am I right? Well, I hate to tell you this but the Cops won't get respect from me and they won't get any respect from all the people who have been "Mistreated" by the Police..

Can you honestly tell me, Honestly, that you are not guilty of breaking the law? Can you honestly tell me that you didn't pull over a Black Man driving a BMW and harrass him all because he was Black? Can you honestly tell me that you have treated everyone with the same rules and regulations that you, yourselves should follow?

I do not think you can. Like I said, There's One Law that applies to us and another law that applies to you, You Know it!

Start treating us with the same rules and respect as you treat each other with and maybe, just maybe the Stereotypes of the Police may Change.

But I can't see Cops giving up their "God Given Rights" to treat us differently to themselves when they put on the Badge and Strap on a Gun. Nope. I can't see it happening, Ever.

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