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Cryptozoo Crew!

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posted on May, 31 2004 @ 12:37 PM
Hey everybody! I figured some of you might want to check this small article out if you're interested in cryptozoology.

Cryptozoo Crew - Clan of the Cave Monkeys


What can Cryptozoologist Tork Darwyn do when the melting Antarctic Ice Shelf threatens the lost island home of the mysterious New Zealand Cave Monkeys? Find out starting April 19th as a new daily Cryptozoo Crew “Webisode” is featured at, the Insight Studios Group daily on-line Tooncasting web page.

CRYPTOZOO CREW follows up its first on-line story, “The Improbable Snowman” with a new full color story. A story about monkeys was a natural for writer Allan Gross, who spent a couple years on the syndicated Tarzan newspaper series and has written numerous Tarzan stories for Dark Horse Comics and Semic International. “I think the fascination with primates comes from our interest in evolution. Certainly this story makes a believer out of Tork’s wife, Tara!”

The first on-line strip attracted great attention. The Insight Studios Group Webmaster told artist Jerry Carr that the hits were surpassing “porn sites” in volume. This is even more impressive considering that this is an all ages story that seems to appeal to younger readers, women and even die-hard superhero comic fans. A comic shop owner wrote to say that his customers are already looking forward to it coming out as a book! While plans for this are still in the works, the Cryptozoo Crew creative team is continuing to provide daily entertainment for free! “I’m just loving this,” “Java” Jerry Carr said, “Even if I don’t get any sleep! Keeping up a daily strip is difficult, but we want to give our fans an entertaining experience. We’ve actually got 8 stories in various levels of production at the moment.”

You’ll see at least one or two more of the stories in ashcan format at the Wizard World Philadelphia convention and at San Diego this summer. “Little Swamp of Horrors” will be first. And like many of the Cryptozoo Crew stories it features Tork’s wife Tara in a lead role. “Tara started off as a supporting character, but she seems to be taking over the strip!” joked Allan Gross, “She definitely is a role model for the saying ‘My better half’ . I think that’s why we get so many fan letters from women, some of which are now running the strip on their web pages.”

To read the new story and an archive of the first story simply go to, the Insight Studios Group on-line strip also runs Mike Oeming and Allan Gross’ Doctor Cyborg, Mark Wheatley’s Frankenstein Mobster, Harry Roland’s Trying Times, Marc Hempel’s Naked Brain and Steve Conley’s Astounding Space Thrills, all using Steve’s Tooncasting technique that allows the strips to run for free on anyone’s home page. Insight Studios is also well known for its series of coffee table art books featuring some of comic art’s greatest names, such as Al Williamson Adventures and Gray Morrow Visionary.
- Shawn Patty

[Edited on 5/31/2004 by Sinobyte]

posted on Jun, 13 2004 @ 02:45 AM
oh my goodness Sinobyte!

This has been the MOST enjoyable read I have come across in a LONG LONG time..........

great find buddy, and THANKS SO MUCH for sharing.......dam good on you!

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