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Connect The Dots?

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posted on Mar, 2 2003 @ 12:57 PM
Remember at the end of 2001 & during the first part of 2002 when several microbiologists (most of whom had specialties in working with DNA) wound up being murdered? Well, I couldn't help but to think about that after reading these two articles. Thoughts, anyone?

Iraq Scud boss poisoned

SADDAM Husseinís top missile expert has been murdered to stop him blabbing to the UN.

General Muhammad Saíid al Darraj died on Thursday after Saddamís men poisoned his drink.

Relatives say he was ordered to hide details of Iraqi Scuds from the UN ó but devious Saddam did not trust him.

The revelation came as President Bush warned war was imminent.

He said Saddam would be forced to give up his weapons ó whatever the UN decided. He added: ìIf he had any intention of disarming, he would have disarmed. We will disarm him now.î

Bush called war the ìlast optionî but said Americans fully understood an attack may be launched soon.

He added: ìIíve thought long and hard about the consequences and the price that could be paid.î

His comments came as UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix said Iraq was expected to start destroying its outlawed Al Samoud 2 missiles on Saturday.

The rockets can carry chemical and biological warheads and travel more than 90 miles ó the maximum range laid down by the UN.

General al-Darraj was murdered hours before Saddam agreed to the destruction. The engineer had been called to a meeting at one of Saddamís palaces for talks about how to mislead UN scientists over Iraqís Scud programme.

Moments before he died, he managed to tell his family Saddamís officials had spiked his drink with poison.

British intelligence chiefs said the murder was another example of Saddamís ruthlessness.

They said it underlined his total disregard for human rights.

Saddam had his own son-in-law assassinated when he exposed the tyrantís weapons of mass destruction.

Atomic expert 'murdered'
(Filed: 01/03/2003)

One of Russia's top nuclear security officials has been found dead in Moscow in what investigators fear may have been a killing relating to his work.

Russian media reported yesterday that police found the battered body of Sergei Bugayenko, head of the International Centre for Nuclear Security, in the stairwell of his building in central Moscow on Thursday night.

The centre, part of Russia's Nuclear Energy Ministry, was set up in 1996 as part of a deal reached with America to ensure security at nuclear sites.

Russia's vast weapons stock was viewed as particularly susceptible to theft for re-sale in the corrupt post-Soviet era.


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