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Small Business Survival In the Real World

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posted on Mar, 3 2010 @ 12:11 PM
How does your small business survive if people these days are out to keep their money from their spending?

How does your small business survive if people don't trust people or small businesses?

How does your small business even start with all these laws in place that may block you from accomplishing making money like how the U.S. mainly does have some laws against busking (street performing)?

Do any of you run a small business? I just started mine yesturday over the net. It has to do with over-the-mail though. It's a simple tarot card reading small business where I'd do touchstone readings if I had customers. Remember I'm the guy that has had no job for a long while. So I see it's time to make due, and just basically started another small business. The last small business I staretd failed long ago. But it just dawns on you the trust issue and people these days out to keep money rather than spend it. That makes it seem kind of hard for my fresh, new small business. In this new business of mine I only charge for a legal $5 dollar bill to be mailed to my business address in an secure envolope with a return address on it so that I can send the reading wanted in a print out I type out from my computer and printer. Simple concept. Do you suppose people see it as too easy for me to make money and wouldnt bother being a customer of mine out of jealousy?

Oh yeah, what kind of small business do you have there? About how much have you been making in a week or a month?

Looking forward to hearing from you fellow members trying to survive in the business world.

Think about it... Without small business being given the time of day by prospects, what do we have? Nothing! How many of you would pass up being a customer of my styles tarot card reading done over the mail? Why come? Let me know so I may adjust my business practice in some areas.

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posted on Mar, 3 2010 @ 01:02 PM
Well since you asked...................

Here is a helpful resource to start:

More for the Attitude / Sacrifice / Risk & Planning part. Less on the failure.

I have had my own small biz in the US for 10 years. (Video related) Heavy client service and technology.

Since you are a service-based business, I feel the challenge would be to gain trust. You'll need to lots of free readings and hope that your talent spreads by word of mouth.

Also you'll need to set yourself apart from others and strive to be unique.
Throw in some value added perks to new and potential clients. I have a friend who has a similar business and is quite successful. (readings by phone.) She is branching out and expanding to offer other items on her website. Custom tarot-type cards, candles, incense, art etc.

My advice is to guage your expectations, and place heavy emphasis on viral-type marketing. (like you've done here.) I have always felt that true talent will always be rewarded. I realize that some may not realize that, as is often the case with mystics etc., they are somehow immune from their own abilities. So you can't "predict" your own fate. Nonetheless trust your instincts and Spirit-Guide.

I wish you all the best and am sure you will get some great advice here from others more qualified than I. Best of luck.


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