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Stupidity -- A film by Albert Nerenberg

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posted on Mar, 5 2010 @ 01:53 AM
Lol, the satire at the end is kinda funny. The documentary as a whole is just a reiteration of things that pretty much all of ATS already knows. All in all, it's not a very informative "documentary." Like someone else said, it seems to be dumbed down itself on purpose to convey the point to stupid people. Brings up a lot of points that probably most of you already have thought of. One thing they didn't really mention is that pretty much everybody thinks everyone is stupid, regardless of their intellectual capacity.

Worth a watch, I guess. But it's nothing beyond the obvious. It focuses a lot on youth, and how they are stupid. "Stupidity" also seems to make a lot of generalizations, and actually never really comes to a clean conclusion. The only real point they convey is: "People are stupid, because stupidity is encouraged. We need to do something about it or else we're all going to die." Well, I think most people already hold this opinion (yes, even stupid people).

The end is marked by a satirical piece by some guy who claims to have written a book on how to "relieve" yourself from intellect and become a moron; and how that is in some way good to do. Kind of funny, I guess.

I would probably rate this documentary a 4/10, honestly. It's kind of a... stupid documentary.

Oh, and Steve-O and his fans are the epitome of stupidity. I never really thought Jackass was very funny, to be honest. Most people flamed me when I told them that I didn't think it was, because (like the documentary says) being smart isn't cool!

One Love.

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posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 04:52 PM
I liked the film. I thought that it brings up a lot of questions. That satire in the end was kind of funny but in a sense it brings up a good point. Could being stupid be just a natural trait?

I think what I get from the film is that we have so much potential to be smart, and, we can move on from our stupid state of affairs, and we can do so much good for the world but there are many forces that just don't want that to happen. People act like it's not cool to be stupid so they'll think like it's normal for us to be stupid. That's the norm now. That's why so many stupid things are on television, and, the motion picture is now becoming more and more dumbed down.

People would rather live in a pretend dream world where things are all in black and white. I guess they just would rather live in denial, and, I would disagree with that guy at the end... I think that humans have a whole great deal of potential and not using it would be wasteful, we have so much potential to evolve, and we have so much potential to be better with all this information- but if we were to just go back to being stupid we would just lose all of that.

I also really felt like the stuff they said about universities were true. I go to a 2 year college right now and well maybe it's just that I go to a 2 year college that it's like that... but I've visited other colleges and I'm taking a class at a university level right now and I would agree that people at a college level or university level aren't really taking the time to solve the critical problems of the world that they should be!

I spend a lot of time thinking about the problems of the world, and, I disagree with the guy at the end that it's wasteful not to think... but like we have so much potential- I see no reason why we should just end civilization just because bad things have happened because of thinking. We've made so much progress... I mean we shouldn't let all of that go to waste. We can do so much more in the world. We don't need that kind of anti intellectual attitude.

posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

the issue about not using potential is contingent on whether you're ALLOWED to use your potential. i'm an artist, but i can't get ahead with my artwork on the internet due to being falsely accused of photo manipulation in the beginning years of internet art galleries. now my peers in the art world, think i'm a cheat and a fraud.

i tried to write a book in my area of research, which required several drawings from published books which were also research subjects. the publishing firms were overseas. when i finally got in touch with someone who could give me permission to use the art pieces (cave drawings), I was refused on the basis that I wasn't already a published author.

so when you say USE potential, you might want to include in that, "ALLOWED TO USE POTENTIAL." methinks the glass ceiling got a lot lower and thicker over the last few years.

perhaps the real issue is: only white people who make themselves appear stupid, are allowed to get visibility.

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posted on Mar, 9 2010 @ 09:38 PM
reply to post by undo

I'll agree with you. I think that people aren't really able to use their potential because the way our society works it's who you know- not how you know. So unless you know a lot of people other people aren't going to take you very seriously.

As for your second comment- about only white stupid people being able to get attention I know that other people may mistake your comment as being racist but it's not. I mean, the majority of people on television or in movies are stereotyped white people, I mean I'm white and I don't act like the people on television do. And when minorities get on television the only reason they do is because if they're black they might fill a role as a follower- kind of following white men, or, trying to stereotype black people as stupid. Or, they'll do it because they found a really sexy Asian woman to put on the show... I mean it's not racist. It's just the truth. I'm in agreement with you.

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