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Can We Voluntarily Erase Our Own Memory?

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posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 09:53 PM
Alright here is my philosophy , in a mental state of trance when you perceive your life lessons ( memories )the pineal gland is powerful enough to endure any of the brains wishes with practice. Example : People are arrogant about weather , pain , Greed , Wants / needs etc... When i come into these problems i ignore Cold weather i learned to enjoy it as if it were a cold breeze on a hot day , thus my brain telling me it's a bliss . As for pain Its not good to enjoy because it could lead to a horrible fetish .. but when i come across excruciating pain i learned to endure it as a pleasant obstacle in my own head that blocks all nerve endings from receiving the pain message . Now if this is possible at my young age i do believe with meditation that you could definitely learn to build a barrier over old visual images . A you would have to start at the very beginning of that memory , Who what where when , Then every correlation would have to be erased as well , thus leaving a blank spot in your brain that would feel like an internal paradox , or something . hope that helped someone and didn't make me look like a fool , just sharing some of my knowledge.

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posted on Mar, 13 2010 @ 02:48 AM

Originally posted by ucalien
reply to post by Doc Velocity

I've heard of memories that were "blocked out" by the subconscious, but that doesn't mean they were overwritten. It's more likely they were just caged up in a shuttered room way back in the back of the mind, where they forever lurk in a neurochemical stasis.

If you mean a permanent irreversible erasing, IMO it can't be done.

According to Gnostic literature, based in the teachings of the Egyptian School of Mysteries and also Hindu Vedantas, the human mind has 49 levels that make up the unconscious and subconscious. The modern psychology claims that human's personality have 3 elements: Ego, Superego and ID, but according to Gnosticism there are hundreds of thousands of psychic elements attached in the Ego. A real legion of psychic imperfections formed by mistook mental impressions of life. Our life karma, in this case bad karma, usually is increased due to mechanic mistakes we do, along the life, caused by these fake mental impressions (Maya). The issue is that the karma builds a magnetic "image" of our actions in our life. Like the same data burned many times in a CD-RW. And we carry this "life media" in all life we live.
The point is: Even if there was some scientific way of "turn-off" parts of the neural web, the karma is impressed in our life. The science can build a machine that erases your memories in this life, they can even find a way to block as many mental levels as possible and lock as many psychic elements as possible, as many time they can. But we gonna die and we gonna re-birth and we gonna carry our life CD with data from past life. Believe you or not, the current body can access memories from past life. You know, you have a brand new brain but it can't avoid to access your past life sh*t.
In few words: We're f*****!!

It's not true, actually. According to Buddhism, Hinduism and Gnosticism it's possible to fight undesirable psychic elements, dissolve many aspects of ego, clean bad karmas... Gnostic schools have a didactic manual to reach these self transformations.

Well, right now, people here on ATS that works or are studying psychology are saying "This dude needs therapy and some medicine".
Now seriously, everyone that had/has those deja vu sensations, is experiencing what I just told here. Also dreams with unknown places, unknown people and when we meet people we never saw before, but we get very familiar with... Gnosis teaches an exercise named "self-observation" and the title is self-explanatory. A diary self-watching of our behavior with other people and everything we interact, can make we capable to access past life memories, voluntarily.

Nice thread btw!!!

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Just thought this post was worth quoting,you cant escape your self basically.
We are reminded of our sins for a reason, to change if we are willing.
We are reminded of our torments,because the same spirit to overcome both sin and inflicted torment is the one and the same, ie HOLY LOVE

posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 03:50 PM
very interesting thread to me,have just joined,so hi.
what your saying is very much like DID,which i'm in therapy for(multiple personality)it's just like having lots of blanks,from seconds ,which i'm not even aware of,unless somethings moved or i've moved,to days just missing.sometimes others will tell me what happened,but not allways,which is pretty hard wondering what your body's been up to.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 06:44 PM

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