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Who is Al Qaeda.

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posted on May, 31 2004 @ 02:40 AM
For personal reasons (the longer I write the more subjects I get involved in and I've been staying up to about...7 in the morning, today I need to go to bed very soon) I will make this extremely short even though it is requiring of A LOT OF INFORMATION.

So first things first, just ask questions when they come up and together we'll paint the true picture of Al Qaeda and the move agaist "the great satan".

First who are they?

Well they are almost composed of entirely Wahabis.

What is a Wahabi? (I might have spelling wrong at this time but whatever, I'm in a hurry).

Wahabism was formed about 1750 by a man named Wahab, he was a reformer. Think Martin Luther in the 1600s in Europe.

Like Martin Luther he was hunted, a man named Saud gave him sanctuary.

This man's son married Wahab's daughter so their families united and made a blood bond. Saud became a "Wahabi".

Saud's family would eventually become the rulers of what is today known as Saudi Arabia.

The pact made was that Saud would forever promote Wahabism, and this is what they do today.

Al Qaeda, believes that Saudi Arabia has become decadent and fat on money for oil from the "West". And thus is not fulfilling the virtues laid down by Wahabism.

Wahabism is a very strict form of Islam, it's basically a revision by saying that "in the past Islam was like this" which is not true, it is more strict than Islam ever was.

Saudi Arabia makes it its duty to convert all of Islam to Wahabism. This means that every Saud is educated in theology, not in science, so foriegners work the Saudi oil fields while the Sauds are largely unemployed.

Add the fact that most women are married to a few Sauds (Wahabis are allowed up to 4 wives) and you have one pissed off nation.

So when someone says "America is corrupting our religion" it's not hard to understand why Sauds are a great source of troops for Al Qaeda.

This is why Al Qaeda is attacking Saudi Arabia, when its greatest threat is the USA which now because of 9/11 has vowed to destroy it. (We should vowe to destroy Wahabism which is like a plague in much of the Arab world, but that makes for bad relations with our largest source of oil).

Anyways, basically I want to dispell this "myth".

The myth is that the Arabs or Islamic world is pissed off at America because we established Israel and we are "abusing Arabs" and such and whatever stupid thing anyone has ever said that America does playing favorites against the Muslims.

The reality is that Wahabism intends to convert all Islam, it sees Saudi Arabia as not strong enough and not performing enough, and America and all the rest of the world is just "in the way".

This is why we receive random brutal attacks but Saudi Arabia is currently under real assault by their own kind.

Also, how do other Islamic terrorist organizations fit into this?

Some are nationalist, like Hisbolla or the PLO, others are indirectly affiliated with Al Qaeda for the same reasons.

But the Islamic world is being turned against the Western world because of radical Wahabis (and Wahabism is already radical as it is), and that is the true source of current conflict. Not Israel or America's oil interests.

So long as Wahabism tries to convert all Islam, the West will be caught-up in this internal affairs, because we have a lot of economic and global interests in the Middle East.

Anyways this is supposed to be brief, I have to go, but if you here-to-fore believed America is causing terrorism in the Middle-East, well know you should hopefully know better.

Fire questions at will.

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 02:53 AM
Some further information on Wahhabism.
Everyone is encouraged to read & learn.

The Gospel According to OBL



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