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basically the past ...the future...and the connection of the dots in a general sense

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posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 09:10 PM

note i don't spend as much time lately on this site as i used can be draining at times....and i do work many hours a day....but i do think i have a good eye for the reality of the times....and every once in a while i read something that explains it...

being human and able to be strong minded... we often like to convince ourselves of what makes us happiest to believe in life...and since this perception makes our reality more enjoyable it is sometimes difficult for people to have the courage to take a real look at how being human and subject to all sorts of imperfections and even tragedy's that occur in life on all scales...personal...national..etc.....i.e read between the lines ...and look at all the scabs of this current world...or SEE THE BENEFIT IN DOING SO...some times i think alot of us get so carried up in that the bigger picture is completely LOST...since it is not exactly broadcast on CNBC or NY times....and because of the latter we tend to dismiss ideas that may no co-incide with our currently held beliefs (at least INITIALLY) but when we see the benefit of really diggin deeper then we are open to saying ....maybe i formed an opinion based on what i though i knew instead of what seams to be least this has been my experiencne a number of times....especially when people think that it could be a valuable option to avoid the CHANCE OF a future ....painful situation (economically......physically....emotionally ...etc)...yet have the strength to carry on with our rose colloured glasses ...knowing we have a back up plan in took me a while to realize this balance is something that is best for me.

IMO the new world order is a term that is basically something that those who understand the history of economics and monetary systems concluded would be needed... and thus have prepared for (the transitional phase) for many what could be deemed the collapse of the western capitalist system of doing things and the ushering in of a new world order that will stabalize society as well as control it a bit more.....the attatched link puts this to more detail IMO

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