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Al Qaeda spreads to North Africa. You can't RID terror.

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posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 12:16 PM
Before I Begin with the thread, I have had some rather Negative comments in my threads. If you have nothing else better to say, rather than post Negative nonsense, directed toward me or other members posting in the thread (as I do respect them), please dont post at all. It's simple to understand.

The trigger of this astronomical spending is the September 11th attacks. Waging war on Al- Qaeda in Afghanistan was by all means necessary and legal. Waging war beyond Afghanistan was not. Almost 10 years on, we owe it to ourselves to stop and think, have we accomplished our goals?

According to the former administration, the goals were — to defeat Al-Qaeda and spread Democracy. 10 Years on the opposite have been realized; Al-Qaeda has spread from Afghanistan to Pakistan, to Iraq, to Somalia, to Yemen, to North Africa, and lastly to Turkey. And Democracy movements that have inadvertently started by the Iraq war and the call for freer elections have now been defeated.

Does one simply think you can "Eradicate Terrorism"? Does one think it Possible to do so? I believe the time given to the US Military and other invading militaries, have not completed the job. There still exists terror, and its only spreading now that we have waged war upon these people.

But nobody would listen. Instead, rather this group and others like it engulf the world only by increasing the fighting in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

It's Ancient Human Nature, Fighting and Bloodshed in the Name of Just About Anything. From fists to sticks, from rocks to guns, from simple explosives to nuclear bombs, it will simply never end.

Two question that there is not simple answer for.
Do we as Humans deserve to live?
What did we ever do to deserve this great planet, Earth?

As for those whom know very little about me, I have no faith for humanity.

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