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The REAL World Danger

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posted on May, 30 2004 @ 07:26 PM
With the whole world (including ATS) focused on international terrorism and the Iraq situation, a more serious security threat looms on the horizon...the global environmental and humanitarian crisis.

We have been drawn to terrorism like a moth to a flame, meanwhile humanity is destroying our biosphere and ourselves along with it. Just since 9/11, the world population has grown more than 200 million, 25 million children die in the world from preventable causes (many from no water), more than 250,000 square miles of forest were lost, billions of tons of carbon has been added to the atmosphere, and more than 4 million people died of air pollution.

We look to the conspiracies, the chemicals in the air and water, the goverment programs, the alien experiments, and the meteors and asteriods that will impact and destroy us all. The ship is sinking but we know why and how, yet we look the other way. We would rather believe in the shell game or what our own minds can imagine for us, yet it's clearly in front of us and not even hidden. We also know how to solve the problem, but policymakers keep rearranging the shell game for us and we look the other way. If left unattended, this crisis will forgo any hope for the future of the world.

The world population stands at 6.4 billion, more than 4 times the amount of people than at the start of the 20th century. Many of the nations contributing the most growth are the poorest, developing nations. Growing by 74 million per year and projected to reach 9 billion by 2050, the additional billions come mostly from the world's poorest countries. Problems include mass poverty, high infant death rate, poor healthcare, no family planning, lack of education, and many religions opposed to contraception.

Since 1950, we have consumed more goods than all previous generations and where shall it stop? Energy, steel, timber, fossil-fuels, meat and fish consuption, etc, etc. If the whole world were to consume as much as industrialized nations, we would need 10 times more world resources to sustain us all. There will be a limit, but how close are we and where are the studies?

Europe, Japan, and North America account for more than 80 percent of the material and energy consumed in the world. That's right, the WORLD. The gap between rich nations and the poor ones has doubled in the last 40 - 50 years. Most people in poorer countries live on $2 per day lacking basic sanitation, health care, water, and proper food. Almost 1 billion adults can't read and 30,000 kids die every DAY for prventable causes.

Ecologists believe we lose between 50 and 150 species each day. Some feel that since the 1950's we have lost possibly as many as 600,000 species in the world. Rates were supposed to be about 1 per year according to past trends, but with conditions the way they are, we could lose half the world species in the next 50 years. Overhunting, pollution, climate change, and the largest reason...habitation loss due to deforestation. Half the original world's forest is gone and 30 percent is in degraded condition. That's 80 percent people! The 20 percent remaining of the world's original forest is going to be targetted by logging. Only a fraction of this loss is offset by regrowth and planted forest areas. If we continue to lose the forests, it is clear we will continue to lose various animal species and also the biosphere.

And there is more...
Nothing has been said about WATER SUPPLY, FOOD, OCEANS, and ATMOSPHERE. It is clear that the world is in extreme danger, but the world leaders seem clear to focus on the here and now, with little concern for the future.

So, we focus on what they (the media and the governments) feed us, yet WE KNOW there is another issue and THEY KNOW there is another issue. We know why THEY AVOID IT, but my question is...WHY DO WE?

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 08:40 PM
We the people or must of the people in the world are aware of this problems but we ignore them. Why? because in my case my family got tired of me for being mad all the time I read, and read alot I know things but what is the use I am qetting upsed aging before my time and for what? no body listen. But now I got ATS and I can say what I feel and guess what ?people here listen and is people like me. May be this site can work on issues like you posted maybe all together we can make a difference.This site is groing and we can acomplish a lot.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 09:00 PM
All those facts are unfortunately true. Humans have accelerated their own demise, making our lives much more difficult as time goes on. Why do I ignore it? I think it's because I'm too comfortable, I'm living in one of the richest nations in the world. I'd hate to be in a third world country. I think that the only way people will realize and band together is when it happens to them. Right now, I think people are saying that it won't happen to them. It's a conspiracy I think on the Government's part that they don't address the issue of Global Change for the worse because it is too late. We are already too dependent on our technology, infrastructures, economical transactions, etc. We need cars to get here and there, we need drugs to cure illnesses. No lasting change in this area will not come about unless people band together to change the ways of our system of destroying ourselves by polluting the Earth. I don't know.

On a more philosophical note, maybe it's a cosmic plan, God's plan, that humanity was to destroy themselves by depleting and polluting the Earth. We not only do that, we are creating technology that is becoming more capable of doing what humans can do. Perhaps A.I will eventually have reign on the planet after humans can't live here anymore. We have space programs where we will be sending humans to planet Mars in the near future. Perhaps, under a conspiratorial slant, the Governments would like to establish colonies there. If not, humans may adapt and mutate to something different or just get destroyed by some cataclysm like the dinosaurs.

Doesn't the Bible say that humans are supposed to multiply themselves on the Earth. Well, it should of had small print saying, "By the way, this is so you could eventually destroy yourselves."

There is no way to stop this cycle we are in. That is my opinion.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 10:13 PM
Well and tightly crafted. Fact filled and complling for those who are into that stuff..........

Please don't get me wrong, the point is an important one you make, but fortunately/unfortunately (all depends on the alignment of one side) oit don't ring too many bells or light fires.

It's not that folks don't care or are't concerned as the once were(was a hot issue not to long ago as I recall) But now, folks are tired. Worn thin. The dollar don't go as far; the Visa bill still comes on the same day every month; and the job? working long hard extra hous and hope its still there tomorrow............

And this terrorist thing.....up and down on a daily basis.

The color goes up as the threat increase to orange.......... and what do they tell you: Go about your normal business. EXCUSE ME!

So when you say we loose 50-100 species each day. I say I hope it's those damned red ants.

Folks are just plumb tired. And somehow I think they planned it that way.........

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 10:23 PM
Meanwhile, the population of America is not holding its own at all. As a matter of fact, that is one reason why the social security scam will not continue. Just like any pyramid scheme, it needs new people to join. With the decline of young folks entering the workforce, the social security tax income is lower. Sometimes you just can't win for losing.

As far as species becoming extinct, this occurs with or without us. One thing is for sure, though, mosquitoes, roaches and fire ants will be around long after every other animal is gone.

Pollution. Any pollution is a bad thing, but the Western world is much, much cleaner than it used to be. The problem is the pre-industrial and new industrial nations. They need time to get on their feet. You can't hold them to our OSHA and EPA level of standards. Then you have the very backward nations in Africa who are destroying their envioronment at an astounding pace but refuse to change because it is how they have always done it. What do you suggest, go in, take over and make them do it our way? You'd only demand we get back out. Look at what has happened to Rhodesia since the British pulled out of there. But, we can't go back.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 10:46 PM
Tommy boy........can't argue with you, friend.

You're as right as rain.

......... but most folks are just trying to make it thru 'til tomorrow.

And with the powers that be pitting us, one against the other, who has the time or energy?

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 01:09 PM

Originally posted by gmcnulty
And with the powers that be pitting us, one against the other, who has the time or energy?

I know, I know...who has the time and energy? The policy makers are all wrapped up dealing with other issues. Certainly, none of the above things I mentioned have the spotlight unless big business/big money is tossed at it.

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 01:22 PM
The simple truth:

Let our posterity deal with it. Most people may act all environmental but there all in for a quick buck and deep down they don't really care for the future.

Its a basic trend that can be charted. As population goes up food goes down. Population goes down. Food goes up. Population goes up. Food goes down. It's a simple irreversable process and the world can only produce so much food that eventually population will start to go down, I have a feeling that this trend will start occuring very soon. Genetic engineering has gotten us far, but it cannot sustain such a large growing population.

Another simple truth:

Humans lack forsight. We don't think ahead. It's especially true with environmental issues like deforestation. When all major forests are gone we're gonna point fingers and make statements like: "I told you so."
Unfortunately nobody is going to do anything about it, especially if money is being made.

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 01:37 PM
ZEDD, you said,

"I know, I know...who has the time and energy? The policy makers are all wrapped up dealing with other issues. Certainly, none of the above things I mentioned have the spotlight unless big business/big money is tossed at it."

I says:

Of course Zedd, what did/do you expect? In the words of a great Republican leader,

"Why of course,, it's that way, son. Why it's the great American way! That's how we do things around here. It's how things get done; it's done the American way."

Trent Lott, as answer to question of why members of the Republican EAGLES(those who bundle large amounts, $100,000.+ contributions) get exclusive access and to meet with top Republican congressional leadership.

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 08:57 AM
I'm don't give a Rat's Patooty how freakin' "Tired" you or anyone else is! Get off your "Tired" butt and shout it to the World!

Though it sure does look like it may be too late, I still have to have a little faith in Human Ingenuity. What is needed is a profound change in society. We can either formulate change now, through grass-roots activism, or we will have change foisted upon us through dramatic revolt, war, climate change, and depletion of resourses.

I find it unlikely that any one government will foster dramatic change without an absolute mandate from it's people. We need to stop the denial, the spread of miss-information, and the diversions. Without a firm commital from scientists , leaders, educators, etc., there will be ambivalence. Apathy and disillusion are the rules of getting along when there is a loss of hope. We need to re-instill hope for the future.

I was born and raised a cynic. I believe that there is a collective unconcious, that people the World over, understand that we have no future. This knowledge is on a cellular level. Until we can admit to this pervasive knowledge, on an active level, we are doomed to continue on our destructive paths.

Education is the "be all, end all" that will lift us out of denial and ignorance.

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 12:50 PM
these are symptoms of the disease. the disease is self-serving ego.
the focus of our collective attention is used on survival within artificial 'corporations' we have created. although these 'corporations' are legally living PEOPLE!, in REALITY, they are nothing more than imaginary constructs which we serve as though they were our god.
meanwhile, back at the throne room of (the real)god, the real 'corporation'(earth) which sustains us is being murdered by the fake one, via us.
stupid humans. if it wasn't so biblically tragic, it would be frickin' hilarious.

how will it end? stay tuned..... same bat-channel, same bat-time, same batty illuminati causing problems so they can manipulate the REALITY.

[Edited on 2-6-2004 by billybob]

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