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The TRUE Evil: The Christian Agenda

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 09:32 PM
They talk too fast because they know they don't have much time to convince the short attention spans of what they think.
Teach a man to fish and you don't have to cancel their debt.

Sorry OT, I'm computer illiterate, gotta hit "reply to" button in post.

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

And why do you capitalize the words "logic" and "reason"? (Does this reveal your affiliation?)

Perhaps we should take a good look at the upline that has set religion in motion---the very ones who institute and sanction religion as a means of control.

The rabbit hole goes deeper, you know.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 09:35 PM

Originally posted by JaxonRoberts
reply to post by Monts

Maybe I wasn't specific enough:

Christians are not the problem, the Institution of Christianity is. In fact, all Organized Religious Institutions are. One can be a good person and belong to a bad organization. One need not buy into all of the idiotic Dogma to embrace the message.

And maybe I came off a little harsh in the OP, but responding to a variety of religious threads here and getting bashed by the Fundies repeatedly will do that to you...

Thanks Jaxon,

That makes your point a lot more clear to me.

I agree with you to a certain degree; Institutions are the source of most of the world's problems.

As soon as you belong to an institution, you have the option to gain power, and natural human greed will drive most people who want that power to do the unthinkable.

This is the main reason why I don't consider myself a Christian; I follow and like the teachings of Jesus (I don't think he was anything more than a very gifted, loving, enlightened man), but the way that people have interpreted his message, and set up an institution around it, really saddens and disappoints me.

The problem is, at it has always been, is that people crave a leader, and a leader craves the people.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 09:38 PM

Originally posted by warpcrafter
Jaxon has it right. The Christians and Muslims need to be stopped before their pointless wars destroy us all.

Got any real ideas of just how that could be accomplished? Anyone one can see this is true, except perhaps one of them. And end to their religion would stop a great deal of wars that have happened over the past....oh say 2000 years or so. Even the Christian symbol is shaped like a sword, probably the same sword they use to cut down pagans and heathens, we know that they tent to do with the wicce. (Wise Women)
One thing in out favor, people are leaving the Church all over the US, and I read somewhere that Wicca is not the 3rd largest religion in the US.

Found it!

Why is Wicca the fastest growing religion in the United States
There are 3 primary reasons:
First, the Goddess is one of the most important reasons that Wicca is the fastest growing religion in America. Wicca is the only Western religion that has a conception of the Divine as not just male, but also female. The Goddess is deeply empowering for women She is also a source of healing for men. Wicca is also the only Western religion in which women are honored as spiritual leaders. Second, Wicca is very well suited to the modern temperament, which is rational, independent, and self-motivated. Wiccans don't have to have faith in the existence of some transcendent, distant God because they have direct and personal experience of a present and indwelling deity. Wicca is a spiritual practice that anyone can master to experience her/his connection to the Divine. The spiritual practices are deeply empowering, and life- transforming. Wicca is non-dogmatic, there's no prophet, no guru, no charismatic leader, no one (usually a man) standing between you and God/dess, interpreting "God's will" or telling you how to live. You are responsible for your own encounter with deity and Wiccan practices provide this profound encounter. And why would anyone leave the most extraordinary experience of her/his life to someone else? Third, Wiccans experience the world around them, and particularly Nature, as the embodiment of the Divine. Nature is the greatest spiritual teacher for Witches, because it is the body of the Divine. In an era of environmental crisis that threatens our survival, Wicca provides a way of living in harmony with the natural world, and therefore of living in harmony with the Sacred. This is a very beautiful way in which to live, that also enables us to make the enormous, necessary changes so that the Earth, and we will survive.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 09:39 PM

Originally posted by Monts
....This is the main reason why I don't consider myself a Christian; I follow and like the teachings of Jesus......


TLJC would recognize you Monts....

as HIS follower......

Why be distracted friend?


posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 09:46 PM

Originally posted by Tyler 720

Sorry OT, I'm computer illiterate, gotta hit "reply to" button in post.

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One more time....



Tyler720, i wasn't directing the post to you....what are your thoughts here?

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by OldThinker

My sincere and humble apologies for interupting.
I believe that the OP is atempting to classify religion as a mental disease, and the youtube video you posted a link to speaks fast as to nulify any individual thoughts and or beliefs from the listeners.
Canceling debts of third world countries leans more towards giving fish instead of teaching to fish. (Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach him to fish, feed him for a lifetime.)
However in my opinion, Religion rarely ever teaches anything practical.
It does teach many things true and intangible though.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 10:16 PM
reply to post by Tyler 720

oh ok!!!

Thx for viewing

OT is glad you took the time

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 10:22 PM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

It was Constantine that ordered the Council of Nicea, thus consolidating both the beliefs of Christianity, and the hierarchy of the Early Church, but also officially creating the Bible that is still in use today.

Constantine and the pagan Roman priests didn't "consolidate the beliefs of Christianity". They picked up the concepts of Jewish doctrine, Babylonian scriptures about Genesis, about Hebrew legacy, Egyptian myths, misconceptions and popular teachings of Jesus to local people and messed up, creating a twisted "religion" that could be used to political purposes and mass control. The Catholic Church, through the Niceia Council, just adapted the esoterism from Middle East to Western world.
Jesus himself was an initiated of Egyptian School of Mysteries in part of his teenage and during his "lost years", kept in secret by Catholic Clergy, he was living in India, being initiated in Hinduism, Brahmanism, Vedantas and Buddhism. When adult, he returned to Middle East to spread his own interpretation of all these ancient wisdom, to share his experiences with common people. This legacy, the deep essence of his doctrine have nothing to do with what was decided to be taught during the Niceia Council.
"Christian conspiracy"??? I don't think so, once that only Rosicrucian and Gnostic still teach the true esoteric doctrine of Jesus. IMO this thread should be reporting the CATHOLIC CONSPIRACY that was set up by Roma and consolidated by the European Freemason kings during the last 2 Councils after Niceia.
I guess quite stupid people inputting a world domination conspiracy to Christian doctrine, WITHOUT know f*ck about it. Do you wanna debunk something?? Cool, but get your facts straightly and aim the right target.

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

You're not going to like my response my friend.
Ack so many generalizations and negative outbursts. You mention logic and reason and yet use neither in your approach or asessment JR. Religion has, can and does have good effects. Yet, you focus on the negative to support your claim of evil.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 10:42 PM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

The 0P is "almost" (1st word 2nd para) correct, all but the opening line part "no tens of thousands".
Exaggeration has been the great Evil (as Presumption the Great sin), but the times have arrived...
Now we can see to know that the TRUE has been there all along -but we had foreign words wrong.

Ancient inscriptions have literally resurrected the source meaning of words and origin of the AlphaBet to the Heavens(!) finding all the Proto Archaic Paleo and Judaean scripts in the fixed stars of the Zodiac, a great connect-the-dots we repeat every year...

and the vowels Sun Moon and planets visible to the unaided eye being 7 as the weekdays -are also the 7 tone descending scale Name of the LORD "iy eh uw oh uh ah ughA", the truth is -what is tried and true -shown to be true and verifiable by witness of hard reality -it IS.

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 11:19 PM
I have an idea. Our demise has been prophesied in the Bible and from the look of things we are right on track. The Muslims and the Christians and the Jews are all fighting and creating wars. In the name of their God and religion.

I believe the Bible tells us that it will culminate in a crescendo of horror at the Temple Mount. I may be wrong about that but I know the Temple Mount holds a lot in the way of the violence that goes on. Some say it is a conspiracy and that everyone is being led towards this Biblically prophesied horror.

Well, what if we all put our weapons down at the same time and admitted to God that we have no idea what He meant or what we are doing? Then everyone prayed for God to show us what He would have done with the Temple Mount and all the religious wars. All at once.

Would we see the man behind the curtain or would God answer because we realized that we don't know what we are doing? I mean God doesn't want us killing people for Him, does He?

Edited to add content.

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 11:38 PM
GOD is Holy (Exceptional "-beyond...") those who have heard are the only knowing "IT" beyond what is available in the common world and Earth called "good"...
but the LORD on the other hand (the creator with and among the creatures) has also beyond the set parameters of creation, set the appointments, and yes we are right on track...

if we all refused the human nature and rose up in a humanist endeavor to escort the LORD to His reign at Jerusalem the Capital of the Earth in the Great Shabat WE then would not except by coming directly to Him become glorified.

As it is we fulfill the writing and He comes to all of US, though we go the way of "Kill 'em all
and let God sort 'em out" it is that we kill one another and GODs power again opened
He the LORD again creates~ co-creators of the Universe, the Heavens to be inhabited
as the Names from this Seed of Life whence we circumnavigate the Galaxies-

thus Jerusalem is made Capital of all Creation!

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by schrodingers dog

well, i would certainly have needed a thesaurus to say it quite as eloquently as you just did. but you nailed the hammer right on the head.

also - to add - Christianity isn't the worlds first religion. It's just the largest.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 11:55 PM

Originally posted by ucalien

I guess quite stupid people inputting a world domination conspiracy to Christian doctrine, WITHOUT know f*ck about it. Do you wanna debunk something?? Cool, but get your facts straightly and aim the right target.

First of all, your language here shows that the above part of your post was all cut and paste. Your own words are incongruent with intelligence and civility.

Your link to the propaganda material which promotes "Jesus as Illuminati Mystery School Graduate" is laughable. Where's the proof? This is just an ear tickler.

The OP is correct in much of his assessment. The Christian agenda is complete domination of the inhabited globe. They believe it is their 'birthright' because god gave *them* the commission to dominate and subdue. I think there is something else much deeper, though, and the christian movement is merely being used by it's upline to achieve the means to an end.

If more people understand how heavily the churches are involved in bringing this about, then perhaps it could topple the evil empire by pulling out the bricks of the bottom rung.

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 12:01 AM
Hi everybody, wow... I'm a Christian. Nobody makes me do anything I don't want to... certainly not in terms of religion or faith. Our church, my brothers and sisters, we have nothing more intended for the world than to try and help it.

We are sending buckets literally filled with food to the brim to Haiti, we have built homes in Honduras and tried to teach them to farm... because a hurricane and mudslides wiped out the adults a few years ago, now the children are adults and don't know how.
We feed, cloth, help pay bills, donate time and materials to renovate homes you can literally see through the walls, we cut and deliver firewood to needy rural families to stay warm, and on it goes.

Are these the things we are forced to do through blind faith and iggnorance? If we didn't believe in God or the 10 Commandments, would we hate people? Cheat on our spouses? Abandon our children? Hate our neighbors? Just what is the church holding over our heads to force us to help and love someone? Do you really think we had a needy family over for Xmas so we won't go to an imaginary Hell? The toys and clothes and food we shared with them, we did it to please an imaginary God?

No... we did it because we love people, we are taught to serve others just as Jesus did. Our rewards are on so many levels. I honestly believe that you and others that hold such a strong and negative view of Christians had a bad experience with some so-called christians. Even Jesus said not everyone that calls my name will I answer to.

There are some that try to hit you over the head with a Bible, but not the ones I know. The most dangerous thing at our church is the calorie count of fried chicken, sweet potato pie, and Sunday dinner on the grounds.

God Bless You

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by OldThinker

Hey OT, things are good, and yes, it is much warmer here than in most parts of the country...

I never mentioned Jesus in the OP, nor in the post with the photos. I am speaking of the Institution known as Christianity... the 'organized' part of it... and those who use it to further their own dark agendas. Taking the possible 'Divinity' out of the equation, he was a kind man and a brilliant spiritual leader, and I have no doubt that he would be appalled at what has become of his legacy. The Institution of Christianity in no way resembles that which he advocated. It has been grossly perverted to suit the needs of those who use it to get and keep power over the masses.

Originally posted by kevlar79
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

What do you believe, or what motivates you? You seem to be intelligent and I am curious....

I believe that the Universe Itself is alive, and It is what most would call 'God' (I refrain from using that term due to all of the baggage that it carries), and that we are all a part of this Divine Being.

I am motivated by my less that pleasant experiences, both before, and especially after severing myself from Christianity and any other organized religion. I can see clearly through it all and can see what a manmade sham it all is, there to control those who cannot or will not think for themselves.

reply to post by mamabeth

Well, at least you had the courage to admit that you didn't read the OP before asking such an ignorant question. Culling the herd is a tactic used by your side, not mine...

reply to post by oliveoil

You're assuming too much, olive! I never stated that there was no Higher Power, just that the 'kiddie' version that the Abrahamic Religions want you to believe is ridiculous. I am not an atheist, nor am I agnostic. I would also state that if those who claim to be Christians acted in a more Christlike manner, and actually adhered to his teachings, I would have never had a reason to create this thread, nor have had the negative experiences that I have had due to it. Hell, I might even still be one, since it was the utter hypocracy that got me to take a good hard look in the first place...

Originally posted by OldThinker
1) If you saw a "fundi" in an alley, would you be afraid?

of course not

No, but if there was a bunch of them, and they knew I was gay, and could see the pentacle around my neck... might be a different story.

2) Have you ever met a sincere one, you wouldn't trust a child with?

again, nope!

Actually, yes, but it has nothing to do with their religious beliefs... but I digress...

Your latest has nothing to do with TLJC, nor sincere followers of the same...

I'm with you with "organized religion" but so was HE...ever seen

Your thoughts...after viewing the 9 min vid?

Wow, what an articulate and intelligent man... I'm impressed. You see, the problem is that it seems just this side of impossible to have a discussion of a spiritual nature with most 'Christians' (in quotes because they claim to be, but show none of the characteristics thereof) without having dogma rammed down your throat. They just don't get the fact that they stand a better chance of sprouting wings that getting me back into the fold. IT'S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!!

But then there are those out there like yourself who give me hope. You have shown time and again that an exchange of ideas can occur without getting all 'preachy' and pulling out the dogma bat.

Originally posted by Alethea
And why do you capitalize the words "logic" and "reason"? (Does this reveal your affiliation?)

To emphasize their importance of those words. In a time where we can and have learned so much about our origins and the Universe we live in, so many toss Logic and Reason out the window in order to cling to their ancient words, instead of just seeking new answers to new questions.

And yes, the rabbit hole goes deeper... much deeper...

reply to post by autowrench

Merry Meet, Blessed Be, and Harm None...

reply to post by Tyler 720

Not a mental disease, but rather a sham, a con, a carnival trick... A way to bilk folks out of money, scare the Jebus out of them, get them to do as they're told, and relinquish their power...

reply to post by ucalien

WOW, if it's on the internet, it must be true... Thanks, but I'll stick to proven historical facts instead of conjecture... There isn't a shred of proof to that which you stated, so nice try, but FAIL...

Originally posted by Watcher-In-The-Shadows

You're not going to like my response my friend.
Ack so many generalizations and negative outbursts. You mention logic and reason and yet use neither in your approach or asessment JR. Religion has, can and does have good effects. Yet, you focus on the negative to support your claim of evil.

So did the Nazi Party in Germany, but....

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 12:25 AM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

Ah, conjuring the 3rd Reich as an analogue now. No, no sentimentality here.
You do know that is it's own fallacy now.

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by Watcher-In-The-Shadows

I was just pointing out that even the most evil things can do good deeds. I will also admit, I'm tired and couldn't think of anything better....

I do admit that Churches and Christians do many, many good deeds. But could the PBT really use an Institution that was pure evil on it's face to sucker in the masses??? It's this doctrine of goodness and purity that draws in the flock... This does not mean that the intentions are all good, nor does it validate the original dogmatic premise.

I will also admit that some of my edginess here the last few months comes from quitting smoking after 26 years. I has affected my moods, and I do get alittle crankier than usual... This does not invalidate my points, but it does not help in reference to the 'edge' that they seem to come screaming from my fingertips with...

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by JaxonRoberts

I know what it's like I turn into a real A-hole when I'm nic'n. My problem is with blaming Christianity for the misbehavior of humanity which is what it seems like you are doing. Otherwise known as scapegoating, and the group you mentioned earlier excelled at it.

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