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The Destroyers Of Men, and The Beginning Of A New Age

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 05:28 PM
I’m beginning to think the anti-Christ might in fact be ALL Religions and the False prophet(s) could be All Governments… Before I begin to explain why I’m leaning that way… I believe it’s important to let everyone know that I have a deep belief in God, a deep belief… However I do not believe in Religious doctrines that talk of a wrathful, vengeful, jealous god.

The reason I reject those religious doctrines is the evil that is spoken of in the name of God. That is illogical to me on so many levels… I cannot see how it could be even remotely true, let alone factual. To some that statement will be considered heresy… If rejecting the notion that God is a vengeful, jealous, wrathful god, then I stand convicted as charged. I believe in a God that is all loving, who continues to pass down the truth of salvation… where if we finally listen to God’s wisdom, for he is all knowing… mankind would be able to live amongst each other in complete peace... Sadly however, as ancient culture after ancient culture explains… humanity always fails to see and hear.

Depending on which story you want to believe, we are in the first, second, fourth, fifth, or sixth cycle of life according to different ancient stories/cultures… Even the Bible explains after this world ends, there will in fact be a third (before the flood equals the first world, our time equals the second, after Armageddon equals the third.). Perhaps this time, before our last days… those who have eyes will see the truth, and those who have ears will hear and understand the truth. What is that truth? First, if we believe the actions of the parent will influence the actions of the child, then how can God be wrathful and vengeful… If the acts of the father are justifiable, no matter how much pain and suffering they cause, then cannot the child excuse his own actions that cause extreme pain and suffering as long as man says our actions are done with love? The answer to that question, as history proves all so well, is a painful yes!!!

How can the father blame the child for actions he himself used to judge the world? Would a child who watched his mother beaten weekly, be justified in beating his own wife? We know without question that is ridiculous… If humanity has learned that simple truth within our own interactions, and pass laws that punish those who beat their wives… IF we can learn that is disgusting behavior, then how can humanity deny the wisdom that God is anything other then complete love?

To a primitive mind answering yes to those questions above might have seem logical, that god is vengeful, wrathful, and jealous … because our primitive selfish mind needs someone to blame for our continued wickedness… Sadly… Our Ancestors chose God instead of ourselves… For if its God’s will/fault then we need not take responsibility for anything. When the truth is, only when humanity takes full responsibility for ourselves and everyone else’s sins and learns without question that we are in fact our brothers and neighbors keeper… only then will this world find peace. For who among us will sin on any level knowing our children, parents and all of our loved ones will beg God to be held responsible for our sins? Who among us would allow our friends to do something we know our loved ones are going to beg God to be held accountable for? I say to you all Religions of the world are and have attempted to destroy that simple truth.

There is a story of a man who has walked on every continent, walked within every Age and every circa of time preaching the some love story. Love they neighbor… Are we to believe this same person told a different story in every corner of the Earth, or, knowing human history… does it make more sense that his story has always been twisted by those who wanted power over their brothers instead. Open your minds, read this planets history. Would God really need to be wrathful? Would God really need anyone to stand in his place? Every culture tells us God knows us even before we are born… I truly believe Nothing we do is unknown to God…… Yet, if Religious doctrine is to be believed… then that god allows us to be born knowing we are going to spend all of eternity suffering… Meaning, that god allows us to be born knowing we could do bad things, knowing its possible because as religious doctrines demands we‘ve been handed a stacked deck, yet that god still punishes us… because we did what god absolutely knew we would choose? It was our choice (?), but god knows the outcome before we do? Yet we still must suffer because of freewill, even though the outcome is certain regardless of direction? What kind of a sick twisted and extremely primitive concept is that? It does not make sense…

Why do you think the world is on the verge of death? Who among us would deny we are living in the same days as Sodom and Gomorra? Its happening because we, all of us here in our time, believe just like our ancient ancestors did in their time… There is no way a father who makes laws we cannot live up to, who punishes us for failing in life… who will allow us to be tortured for all of time… whose hypocritical abuse is done because religious doctrine says he Loves Us? What kind of a sick twisted and extremely primitive concept is that??? Because mankind cannot live up to the unattainable standards set forth by fake religious doctrine… total debauchery has always been the final result of their lies… That is what we are seeing/happening in our time, only a liar would deny that simple truth… Which means, either we must agree those religious doctrines are lies, or man has decided to behave exactly like a vengeful hateful god! Well I reject that destructive nonsense… God cannot be evil for that is wasted energy, so I would urge all to reject religious doctrines that suggests god is wrathful, jealous or vengeful, for those are extremely primitive concepts that our ancestors created to explain away their own wickedness.

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 05:29 PM
reply to post by littlebunny continue from above

I believe men have used ALL Religions of the world to purposely destroy the truth about God… simply so they could control humanity with lies. I’m beginning to believe through that continuous act Religions of the world are the Anti-Christ. Each major religion gained its power through total evil… No one but liars would deny that simple truth. Christianity and Islam are the two major religions in our life cycle who have forced their beliefs onto the world by sword and death… not one honest person can deny that simple truth.

I believe it is their lies that have forced unjustified pain and suffering onto man, which in turn has taught man through the Ages how to abuse power in other places… Government! Every single society from antiquity to present… each has allowed the rich and the elites to governor over them… Not only do they get to have all the wealth, they have convinced those they consider beneath them, that they are entitled to all the power as well… and if that wasn’t bad enough… they have also convinced the lowly masses, that if one of their people gets caught doing something horrible, only they, (those in religious and government institutions) can sit in judgment of their own. What kind of a sick twisted and extremely primitive concept is that?

You deny what I say is true? If billions pull away from religious institutions for just one year, while quietly praying every single day to be held responsible for everyone‘s sins, including our own… While at the same time we start passing laws that allow you… us lowly subjects… to sit in judgment over businesses and government institutions who act badly. I guarantee every Religious and Government institution will join forces to force you (us) back into line. They will attempt to force mankind back to their evil ways with pain and threat of death… just like they always have done… I guarantee it! Read Revelations… Yet we must stand firm and demand no more lies.

Now you know why I call all Religions and all Governments of the world, The Destroyers of Men. Every single Religion and Government body in the world today has been forged by blood, and most kept their power through threat or force of death… Yet the blood isn’t caked onto mankind, it flows within each of our bodies… That’s why we must be responsible for each other. That’s why We The People of the World must be the 4th layer of Government.

Open your eyes and read our planets history… Open your ears and actually hear the word of God through loving eyes. In every story within the Bible and within all other Religious doctrines, I beg you to reject all words that speak of God as wrathful for they must be lies. Reject all words that speak of God as jealous, for he is God, there is no one above him, why would The all powerful all knowing even care… how long must we remain primitive in our concepts… Open your hearts to pure love, understand only through self sacrifice, not physical sacrifice, but spiritual sacrifice, can we truly find peace on our planet.

Yet we must never pray this prayer out loud or in front of others, for that is fake. Each must love like God in their own private way… in secret… as each of us begs God to be held responsible for everyone else’s sins, including our own. We must never force that concept onto anybody… EVER … We can only show them the path, they must begin the journey on their own and without force… That is how we learn to love like God, and that is how we will find peace with each other. That is how we start living the truth!!!

Have any of you wondered why the Bible states that the Jews are the chosen people? For me the answer is simple… Its not because they too have been deceived into believing in a wrathful, jealous god… Its because they know they are one people, regardless of skin color or location… Do you not understand the beauty of that belief, the truth hidden in plain sight… He who has eyes let him see. They are to teach man its not God who is punishing mankind, it’s the evil within every single human body… The evils committed against the Jews throughout history are horrific, while humanity continues to justify all our wicked behavior because we believe we are only hurting ourselves or our enemies. He who has ears let him hear. Every single skin color and every single religious belief has persecuted the Jews… every single one of them has… and still the Jews exist because they understand they are one!!! That is what they are teaching… Do you not understand the beauty of their survival… and how their history is here to teach mankind that its the evil within ourselves that we must stand against… and that if we see each other as one we can save ourselves from ourselves? My God people, wake up to the truth. Its not about becoming a Jew, it’s about learning to love each other as one!!!

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by littlebunnycontinue from above... final post

We are all from the same God, we know this is true because we are all from the same universe… How much longer will we continue to be a primitive/purposely ignorant species? If Judaism is the only way then 6 billion people in our time are destined to go straight to hell. If Hinduism is the only way then 5 billion people are destined to go straight to hell. If Buddhism is the only way then 5 billion people are destined to go straight to hell. If Islam is the only way, then 4 billion people in our time are destined to go straight to hell. If Christianity is the only way, then 4 billion people in our time are destined to go straight to hell. If all belief systems are the only way and everyone else is wrong… then all 6.5 billion people are destined to go straight to hell… EACH OF US IS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL??? My God people when are we going to stop the madness!!! We can learn over time to land men on the Moon… yet we have not learned in that same amount of time to find room in our hearts to live in peace… That I am your brother, you are mine, and that God loves us all regardless of what name we call him… That I will pray to be held responsible for your sins without asking for anything in return, will you not learn to do the same? Do you not see the wisdom in that selfless act?

If we do not change our hearts our time will end like all the others. Not because God wills it, but because WE DO! We know we are becoming more wicked with every passing generation… We All Know That Is True!!! You know it! The only thing we have to do to change our world… Love your neighbor completely, while asking God to be held responsible for all of the worlds sins and our own sins… Learn to Love Like God!

Every single ancient culture I’ve studied tells the same story, once you get past all the bloody nonsense… so too does the bible. We must learn to love each other completely… We must understand that we are one… That only through spiritual selflessness can humanity save itself from the coming destructive events that every ancient culture warns us about… that their own time had to face… while the few survivors passed their information forward hoping the next cycle (our cycle) will succeed where their society failed, do you not see that truth… Will this cycle suffer the same fate? The Bible warns it will happen to us, just as it did to every single ancient culture before us… if we don‘t change. The good news is, we still have time. We are all from the same God, We Can All Learn to Love Like Our God. To love like God means you must pray everyday to be held accountable for every human beings sins without asking for anything in return. That’s it! Once humanity finally learns that simple truth and that we must govern the governed… this world will finally have peace and it will last a thousand years… It truly is that simple!

The sad news is, our time is more selfish then any other time before us. I don’t see how anyone in our time will understand just how simple this concept is. People will reject these words with statements like this; “you want me to pray to be responsible for a serial killer or child molester, not gonna happen buddy… My god will smite thee, for you are the man of sin.” Yet… You are not asking God to make you responsible for their souls, their souls belong to God alone… You are asking God to make you responsible for all of man’s sins… He who has ears let him hear… In so doing we are teaching ourselves how to love each other and how not to hurt one another. He who has eyes let him see. Mankind can learn to love like God… that simple truth can save all our souls and bring peace for one thousand years if we stop the mistakes of the past… We must begin a New Age in human understanding. Or this cycle will end as horrifically as all the others. Read our planets history and see for yourself. Every single culture and religious doctrine tells us that our bodies are the temple of God, that we are one with his spirit. Praying to God to be held responsible for the worlds sins does not mean you are condoning sin. It means the exact opposite. It means those who would knowingly commit a sin/crime… that their selfish actions can in fact send their loved ones to suffer in their place. That is more guilt then most of us could handle. Only the most selfish among us would care not… And you will know who they are right away… This won’t be easy… Nothing worth changing ever is. I will be praying for the world everyday for the rest of my life… I will also pray that each of you, regardless of what name you call God, that you will see the wisdom in this selfless act… and in time that you too will help bring peace to our world for a thousand years.

--Charles Marcello

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