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Ufology's Holy Grail: The Smoking Gun...

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posted on May, 30 2004 @ 04:58 PM
Unless the government makes an official statement confirming the existence of ufos (as existing and not being secret technology), how can we get convincing proof based on what is around today? I do not mean convincing to the ufo community, but to the general public (forget the polls and statistics). After more than 50 years we still have no single ufo case which has gained official acceptance in the sense that ufos are acknowledged as being real and here. For practically ever Ufo incident I look into on the internet, I will find pro and con arguments. They seem to be all contested.

1) Photos and videos can be faked (the old photos with flying hubcaps, etc., double exposure, etc. the newer photos with photo shop technology,etc.). In fact, I doubt we can "prove" that any photo shown is really not faked (at most we tend to believe the reliability of the person who took the photo). Look at how the tables have been turned on the government and the Apollo moon landings have been questioned.

2) radar: all kinds of explanations abound on how other causes could be causing blips on the radar screen (i,e. today's Mexican military ufo video, for example)

3) witnesses: many credible witnesses, but a real mass sighting with verification is needed.

4) physical traces of landings (not really conclusive IMHO)

4) abductions, mutiliations, etc. : IMHO exotic and no proven connection anyways

5) confusion added through hoaxes, conspiracy theories, con men and gullible persons

I do not believe any single one case today is an undisputed "smoking gun", but I personally see the sheer mass of photos, sightings, witnesses, radar incidents around sensitive military installations, etc. as the "smoking gun". How can they all be faked, mistaken sightings, mass delusions, natural phenomena (planet venus, ball lightning, birds, etc.)? But not everybody sees it this way... What are your opinions?

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 06:07 PM
i agree. your idea follows the same theory i follow on religion. the fact the so many believe and have witnessed ghost angels spiritual beings, all be it circumstance to debunking, the fact that there are so many sightings and believers kind of tells you that there must be something there. but you know people will never be happy unless they see it for there own eyes, and as yet nothing has came forward neither alien or ghost, stood there and said, "hey this is real"

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 07:53 PM
I agree with both of u on this topic.

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