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David Wilcock is a Fraud & Here's Why!

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posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 01:59 PM

Originally posted by Titen-Sxull
reply to post by elfulanozutan0

Well of course he's a fraud. I remember watching a show of his where he was trying to say Hollywood movies like Star Gate were based in reality. He's just another guy with no expertise who figured he could make a buck off pseudoscience and people's gullibility... unless of course he's self-deluded enough to believe his own bunk.

I've never seen any evidence that Edgar Cayce was any better than other claimed psychics, sure he's a lot more popular and has a rabid fanbase. Wilcock's claim to be Cayce's reincarnation can only sway those who already hold a belief in reincarnation AND who think Cayce has credibility beyond that or ordinary psychics.

no, Cayce is medical provable and a real pychic healer.
Thats the reason a fraudster like Wilcock tries to use him. Of course his reincarnation claims are fraudulent at its best..ridicilous

posted on Feb, 27 2012 @ 06:37 PM
I am responding to the OP.

What would you think? Person who in his presentation would only show images taken from elsewhere claiming they are from study xxyyyzzz or something similar.

However, I wouldn't take this on DW on personally, he has some good ideas at some extend, however after that it goes all down hill, like D-Icke, who actually (personal opinion) very good presentation about human behavior, which he ruins with all that banker / money stuff - it would wake up (hopefully) people more if he would keep on 'preaching' about self-improvement and knowledge, but hell; what do I know, I belong to the 0.001%.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 01:37 AM
Ok, here's what I don't really get. I've actually been following DW for several years. I actually saw him speak in Atlanta last year.

There's quite a bit of negative comments about him on here, which is fine. But what I've gotten from much of what David says is that the many and exhaustive references he quotes takes hours and hours and hours of research. Yes, he's basically culling over other peoples work and then adding some of his own opinions about things as well. But you are not going to find ONE person that knows everything about everything. It's not really possible. The only thing that researchers have to go on, for the most part, is the reports, articles and research of others before them.

What we get is a digest of many different angles that gets compiled into Wilcocks work. For the most part...

I personally think his ego is a bit high...but I can deal with that. He has to research and travel and write. This takes money and time, and did I say money??? Of course he's gonna sell his stuff. Does that make it all wrong? No. If we are too lazy or don't have time to dig in ourselves then we should support those that do it for us.

As for if he is right or wrong...There are many, many instances that David will say it's very compelling evidence...or that the evidence suggests...much as you would in a court of law. He uses eyewitness testimony to back up alot of his findings. But hey, they do that in a court of law that can put you away in prison, so nothing too far out of the way there.

In fact, there has been very few things that David has said, in my opinion, where he absolutely makes a specific "this is truth no matter what" kind of statement. I get from his work that he presents all of this compelling info together, and then projects and trys to connect the dots according to his opinion. And if your mind isn't too closed off, there is some really neat, cool and interesting concepts that he brings out....for instance, I never head about the experiment of passing a laser through the egg of a salamander it that DNA gets transferred to a frog egg...(There's more to it than that but too detailed to explain here.) What does that mean? Well, What DOES it mean? To think about the properies of light and how DNA information can be carried on a beam of light and change the egg of a frog into forming a salamander... There's plenty to think about when we consider our selves on the smallest scale. If light can change the dna of a salamander then what can it do to the DNA of other living animals, or humans? (Should there be some wierd energy that occurs because of the 2012 galactic alignment) I don't think I'm stupid, but I can see where he's coming from on that particular topic....much like that with the rest of his stuff.

I don't really like it when people write in and call him a liar. I don't think he's a liar. I think he's passionate about what he believes in...even if he goes a little overboard on talking his own stuff up. I don't really think his getting rich doing this.

In fact, there was a post earlier saying that Luc Montanier's study about DNA had nothing to do with I go google and here it plain as day. So, there are people on here spouting out a bunch of stuff that isn't true and then turn around and slam DW for the same thing....Here's the link...

I find David's work to be fascinating and a great escape from the world that's been pulled over our eye's. I think alot of his idea's have credibility, and even if he doesn't get everything 100% right, please find someone in the world that is 100% right all the time.....there isn't anyone that has the truth about everything. Giving DW the time of day is a great way to expand your mind and stretch the bounds of your imagination as to what the hell this reality we live in is really all about.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 07:56 AM
reply to post by magnison

I was able to see something first hand occur here. I guess they working the boards overtime. I never realized or clued into how this all goes for people who are getting the truth out. But due to several different bits of information, and then ordering his book, the Source Field Investigation (which we're listening, even my mother, and these links have all been sent to others, even my brother is now waking up more and getting into David's material, and in my family, that is big for he was the red neck and proud of it).

Well with this very well researched book that puts together everything basically, and I can't say I would agree with every conclusion he will reach, I'm 1/6 of the way through this and what has been presented so far, changes the entire universe. But it only changes it for the materialists, because the studies he sites, I've already heard of, its going to very nice, to have them in one place to be able to find and reference. As starting points to fill up folders of aditional information.

Now that Source Field that we're all in, is why Remote Viewing Works, its shows we are NOT our bodies. And I don't really think the control system would last long if everyone started waking up.

Also what is buried in all religions, the 33 vertebrae, and the 33 degrees mason, the awakening of the third eye, all the sybmolism. The baetyl stones of Rome, also pineal, also the axis mundi, of the world, also the orphalus of Greece. Baetyl became Bethel and then Bethelehem, where the Christ was born. Hmmmm.....

Their goal of progression, becoming one of the gods, the ben ben bird, the phoenix. And hoping to do this by ignoring the real transformation and work of the heart chakra and throat chakra, love and service to others, no they want to take substances and become negative overlord gods, but they don't realize the system doesnt support them in this school that way.

In any case, this is incredible information. Not unique, but compiled in one place.

And I've never read his other books, nor do I agree with the Law of One, ie. we're all literally One Mind, I prefer studying infinity and realizing Infinity is Infinite energy, person/place/thing in ever variety and like the double slit experiment, every possibility and probability frozen forever in one eternal boundless moment. If we're One, the evil doers and the greatest lovers of mankind are one. Nothing would matter. And One is finite anyway, it has boundaries. There are already threads that got into heated debates on this. I'm not in the Law of One camp for once I started studying Infinity, my Higher Self stepped forward, and more answers came.

We're the Many In Oneness. Some rejoin their Higher Selves, but only as so far as, their thought aligns with that frequency and they don't lose themselves but only are more of self that they were missing in this lifetime. Some keep on going.

Its like infinite fractals.

No one clip in the infinite roll of film of you life could know everything, and it would be pretty boring if you did.

So even as someone who doesnt agree with him, I still support this wonderful collection of work, the promotion of truth, and WOW thread after thread like this appeared.

Even someone joining and spreading more rumors.

They don't want people to wake up, obviously, and to have this info, out there on facebook, being twittered, even reaching the red necks like my brother.

But to them, I suggest its time to change, and quickly because we are not going to let them ruin our world, and our lives, and we're not going to submit to their hellzone anymore. We have a eutopia to create and eutopias to go to, so I suggest they get with OUR PROGRAM INSTEAD.
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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 08:43 AM
Now here is the thing. You can think anything you want about David, Hoagland and numerous others. But, your own conscience will ask you, your Greater Soul will ask you, why you bore false testimony on someone who you really didn't know, based on the slurs and mud stirring of others, was it just fun? Are you always like this? We're supposed to see the light in people, even struggle hard, to see the light nor matter how atrophied in the elite wanna be's, and to pray for them, envision them waking up, denouncing any oaths to the dark side they took and making U-Turns of struggling to gain growth in their consciousness and feelings instead.

But a series of things I encountered recently, when connected, made it very clear how they bring information out.

Apparently, due to cosmic laws, they have to bring truth out. So they mangle it up, put it into compartments, that don't really make a lot of sense, and put it out in plain site for the most gifted of humanity to see, and then they try to steer those ones to join them. When they dump info out, they put it behind doors that are locked under keys, to scare off the people from going and, standing in their own truth and goodness, and light, and grabbing the info and running.

For people not under their thumb, just trying to get the info out, they may end up being protected by different agencies in the world and end up also forced behind those doors.

So to turn people off truth, truth lies behind doors that have fools, jokers, kjb agents and other agents, and people run away.

Truth also is behind doors they've put monsters on. For example, infinite spiral and progression and torsion physics, becomes a demon serpent dragon, all the religious and pure hearted, run fast. Why make Sophia, wisdom, Mother's Love and EQUALITY, twined in a serpent??? That isn't a serpent by the way. It never was a serpent.

Put plainly, infinity is a spiral of progression and grades, never ending progression and growth into consicousness, love, compassion, equality, goodness, intellect, as opposed to a circle, which is like Groundhog Day the movie, where everyone gets it eventually, given an infinity to do so, but the amount of needless suffering pain, and even having to make up for harming others is something no one would ever wish upon another. Yet the leaders of this world sold out to the dark side and are determined to try and fail the students and want everyone to be in the endless cycle of suffering and harm.

Progression and spirals ARE NOT dragons and serpents and devils.

But they hide truth behind closed doors, locked from people.

Its like what Christ said:

Matthew 23 13

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men's faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.

Of course they can't reach progression themselves, no ben ben birds in their lives, because it actually takes GROWING your light orb/soul/consciosness, ie, compassion and understanding, serving others, you can't do it otherwise, because you are shrinking your light orb/consciousness smaller, like Darth Vader, more machine than man, and instead are regressing.

So tptb don't even make sense. They need to be rescued too.

And people need to stop judging the book by the cover! Throw the doors open, ignore the messenger, and look at the message.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 09:02 AM
So, they're not going to win this ben ben bird transformation because after all their long winded, intellectualisim in symbolism and archane knowledge, that turns light into dark and dark into light, that makes bitter sweet and sweet bitter, and so they believe the good guys are the bad guys and vice versa, and its all archetypes and deep mysteries. I've read some of it in depth from a true believer and he has a good heart, and there is someone with a good heart, participating in rituals (hopefully not sacrificial) and hoping to personally bring in the "anti christ" or the "new christ even" and he talked about both.

You can get intellectualized until your really distorted.

Basically, it explains their transhumanism push, because they're not going to progress light wise/soul wise unless, they turn it around to serve the poorest of the poor. Higher Ups, True Love Group, go to the bottom and roll of their sleeves, always. No exceptions. They work from the bottom up equalizing. Always. No exceptions.

What they are really working for is this assignment. The universe is a mirror, so pay attention. Start to do the good work of gaining info, but keep your good guys good, your light light, and things sorted well in your mind, no distortions. Ask your own soul in meditations.

Because I envision, should there still be a world in the next 20 years, that we're going to have to provide cells of people, clusters who don't need their money systems, but can manage to share and build free equal communities so that if they crash things, people have places to go. And we can meditate and envision everyone waking up, and hold high frequencies. And pray. Prayer is powerful. I pray the the Highest Love and Goodness in existence, Christ, and the Spirit of Peace and Love, as I feel that nearly everything else is a trap. Have had so many daily miracles from prayer, I have a strong faith, and believe its not lone wolf progression of the few, its team work, lending a helping hand and reporting for duty to your own Soul and Family above.

Darren Hayes - Black Out The Sun

This is the elites plans. And I don't share that with them, so as long as people hold a higher frequency, how can they bring this in?

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 09:12 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Now that Source Field that we're all in, is why Remote Viewing Works, its shows we are NOT our bodies. And I don't really think the control system would last long if everyone started waking up.

Right on! I starred you for that, Unity, another insightful thought. That is how I understand the Source Field also, having read most of David's book, and by using other information I knew already about how everything is connected, it helped me to have a higher understanding of the matter. Why kill the messenger?
I will say this about David, I have read him, and IF he "plagiarizes from other sources," then he certainly reads a great many books, or talks to a great many people who are knowledgeable. Isn't this what all Conspiracy Theorists do, actually? Learn from here and there, put it all together, then come here and post the theory, or author a book on the matter? Every author must be educated in several fields of thought. I think what throws people off on David is that he gets some of his information from off-world sources.
I have to believe, by reading in this forum, and other internet sources, and talking to others, that Humanity is waking up, finally. It is a long slow process, and for some of us this make everything have a pressing nature. I think of myself as a Soul who helps people live more consciously. I can see myself as a servant of Humanity, helping to create a more Conscious Humanity, or as a servant of Universal Consciousness itself. My primary role here is to serve conscious evolution, which isn’t necessarily what’s best for any particular individual human in the short term. When an attempt to wake up another, it is a shock to them to know these things. Once known, one cannot easily forget either. I have been at this for a long time, as has Unity, and I am sure Unity will agree here that this is a hard thing to do for us. Agreed? People do not want to wake up.
Truthfully, universal consciousness is more concerned with the evolution of consciousness itself (our collective consciousness) as opposed to the fate of any individual human, or even of humanity as a whole itself. Now the loss of humanity would be a setback, but consciousness may eventually recover in other forms. This is a theory. The best plan is to retain Humanity as a Whole, and not loose any one of them, even though anyone knows that is a moot thought. Some will refuse help, or even information, even in the face of disaster.

I agree with the Law of One, ie. we're all literally One Mind, I prefer studying infinity and realizing Infinity is Infinite energy, person/place/thing in ever variety and like the double slit experiment, every possibility and probability frozen forever in one eternal boundless moment.

I agree with that too. The Universal Mind is a field of Energy that is everywhere, all around us, it is in every rock, in every stream, in every blade of grass, and it is within each one of us. When a Human Soul incarnates into 3D Earth life, each Soul has a default connection to the Universal Conciousness. The field is a duality, half is Technical information, half is Spiritual information.
Some will build on this, make it bigger, wider, and able to bring more information. Some will make new connections, for accessing even more information. Some will even form connections to Esoteric connections. My research in this field eventually led me to a vast body of information concerning the true nature of our reality which the general public is unaware of. I am sure I am not the only one here either, others have accessed this, whether they would admit it or not. The information is known as "Esoteric," since it has been kept secret over the ages and was only taught to a selected few.
There are "back doors" here, and anyone with will and purpose can accesses the information.
Esoteric information has always been scientific and spiritual, but fully encompassing them both. It has been handed down to humanity by masters such as Krishna, Buddha and Christ, and many others who have kept lower profiles. It was necessary to keep the information secret for two reasons:
1. The general public are insufficiently developed to be trusted with the power that esoteric knowledge confers.
2. Anyone whose beliefs differed from the official theological system of the time was invariably subjected to persecution, torture and/or death. There are some that will kill to keep this information from falling into the hands of the masses as a whole. Here is a website with online books on these subject matter by Henry T. Laurency:
What Most People Do Not Know
I was always a driven man....driven by an unquenchable thirst for Knowledge and Truth. I am pleased to say that some much needed relief came when it all became a unified field of information.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by autowrench

Well ultimately as a school, its individual progression that matters more than human progression. The school will be recycled, all solar sytems, all galaxies and all universes are recycled into new schools, at different "times", but spirits/souls, light beings, continue to learn. The advanced level are so far advanced that even wishing to cling to our forms here, is ridiculous. But we do still have human forms. Though we could look like giant stars/orbs on the other side, interconnected, but be like whole worlds you can enter into beautiful realms, filled with forms colors, and intellects.

There is both individual and collective, and one thing I've read many times, tries to put down people's individual importance. We're all really important and Family loves us so much they won't loose a single in the end. No loving heart gives up on anyone. But its freedom, free will, that makes this take ever so long. And there may be phases, times, where whole systems get revamped, where even negativity can be cleaned up and progressed too, for it may have learnt in hard and painful ways, but once awake, and yearning for U-Turns, we can still all share in the downloading of files and the ultimate goal is for each soul, to advance to the point where no laws, no rulers are needed, for no one harms anyone, they understand how much harm and inequality or forcing people hurts, and no one would ever leave another without full equality.

I believe that everyone makes it out in the end, but that for serious harm, people can punish themselves for a long time. So we need to throw out a hand to those in dark pits with scarey monsters and try and wake them up and get them out.

Tayesin made a post that just brought so much joy, it was wonderful. Actually 3 posts from here down of his.
This is what I call retreivals, but also very similar to Dolores Cannon.

The only thing is, humanity is a school, and whether it can progress to higher levels or is just a vehicle at these levels, is not as important to me, because it all works. Higher Ups are really in charge, and every one of us really counts.

David's book and the thread on Remote Viewing, should give us an idea that people can wake up alot more and gain a real awareness and unlock abilities that would blow the control system out of the water, and we need to.

The same "skeptics" were posting page after page on the thread about David's book and the remote viewing thread. That is a clue right there. This is information that needs to be looked at in depth by more and more people.

Where there is smoke there is fire.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 10:01 AM
We are all tools for each other. Be it a positive or negative energy we gain from another still serves purpose in us all weighing and measuring things for our own self. By finding something in another person that we dont like...we then have a preconceived idea of characteristics we wish to not have.

I know very well peoples frustrations with David. I once talked with him on several occasions back several years ago before he started selling alot of his stuff and it all used to be free. That was one of the things that attracted me to him in the first place, I thought I had found a true spiritual person that was here to help others understand what our true spiritual nature was and is....our natural interconnection with eachother through the spirit....but in my opinion...I watched him fall from the true ol way of teaching things of spirit, without a price to pay. (let me also say though, David has a deep spiritual connection that I have witnessed...I just think he has lost touch with that nature the last couple of years-I encouraged him in my last email to him, that teaching a spiritual nature can not go together with making a living, you cant charge people for something that should come free....and
I mentioned to him I felt that he had a great gift to show people their worth and what we had purpose here for, I do think he has a gift but is now, misusing my opinion...which was another reason I was sad to see him go down the path he did....because I think he could help alot of people-I predict we see another change in David for the better...I think we will see him learn from this all and see a great spiritual message eventually come from David. HE will be used and is being used, even if we all cant see how and why).

People can support spiritual people charging others for their work all they the end, there will be distortion in the teaching because there is still too much of a attachment of the material world with that phase of being and the message will need much discernment.

Its not wrong nor right...and the path for David is not wrong or all just is and we have the opportunity to see things for what they really are or we can fool ourselves because it may give us comfort or feed our deep desires of even take away our fears.

I eventually started speaking out against the change David was taking and I spoke up even in his forum to others that his spiritual path was taking a turn back to the path of self and the path of attachment to this world. The moderators blocked many of my posts and eventually warned me that any post they found to be against any ways of David....would be blocked and not posted. This was the final sign for me that David had nothing more to offer me in the spiritual path of growing and learning, in light and love. Looking back on it all now, after
I began talking with him...I mentioned one time that I was wanting to go back to school, this was several years ago (4-5) and his response was it would be more or less a waste of the little time I had left here. Thankfully I did not listen to that advice and went on with my desire and I start on my Bachelors any time now.

We do naturally judge. We weigh and measure others, to adjust and observe our own self. Take the negative energies and the positive energies from others and use them as they are meant to be used. We learn, we grow, and we mold and create what type of being we choose to be while here. For those that are still living much for the self, its ok and its not wrong. Its needed...for from it, lessons will be learned.

May we all find our way and may we all help another, if we see its needed. When we find someone rubbing us the wrong your heart, wish them well. I can look back and see some anger that formed and some sadness that I experienced when I started to observe this person hat always talked about living for others was not understanding what that life style really meant because I felt he was misguiding people....but now I just remind myself that the spirit has a plan and purpose, in everyone, every moment, every event.

Me finding David and his teachings and getting to observe his life style and thoughts had alot of purpose in my life of forming my thoughts that I have today. I embrace it for what it was, and use it for the way that benefits my that I found a mirror and when I looked into it more deeply, I found out it was not a reflection I wanted to be.
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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 11:00 AM
Just a little thing on that song I posted above. Someone from here wrote to me this morning and he has a bash Wilcock thread too. Now, he wanted to know what kind of nut he would find when he finally cracked my shell open.

I can assure him and everyone, the nutty kind, though probably when he changed to a pea, that makes more sense, since I'm a one for all and all for one, equality kinds so, probably a pea like all the peas in the pod, but I prefer to say we're all dandelions.

Dandelions/Starseeds, are free. Little stars/orbs with seeds.

So running with the nutty side of life, which occurs when your soul sort of opens a window and you know more.

And listening to that song, where he says "a hole where his soul used to be" which is soul regression. The very goal they are working hard for, at the top apparently. The school board and trustees have stolen from the Higher Family of Love who created this universal school and earth ultimately shines in as a reflection of our home in the Beyond, and they've stole the tech for equalizing and upgrading for themselves (and its been noted, and they are not off any hooks, they like traps so much, they got handed a big one mirrored back), and they, unlike any teacher or board of directors of our human schools, paid for by tax dollars mainly, are for some mysterious reason trying to fail all the students.

Again, this is noted and quite a huge strike against these would be "managers". They should read pslam 82, since they promote religions so much.

Now, not going to happen for humanity. This nut had another window open and says, no, we're not, and I'm not going to let one person fall through your cracks, my dears, so sorry. We all know how long it takes in lifetimes to go from errors, and blow ups, and upsets, gettting off track, to learning from our mistakes and making U-Turns, this is the normal process, and you guys want to interrupt it by laying on the crapola and darkness, truamas and get people stirred up and off track, then kill them as if you ever had that authority over any soul to begin with.

No wins for the dark side. you guys are just tiny tots that need to straighten your messes and grow the holes in your souls and chests bigger yourselves. Theres no big ones running this planet and the entities your following are very small indeed as well. Harm is a messy diaper of a very immature spirit.

So this nut is going to tell you what my own window showed me, we're not letting you harm one soul here, we are taking them all home.

There are many ways to learn their lessons, some are very positive.

what is the sun? what is light? what is crystal mirror? we're on the other side of the mirror trying to bring to the seed to a healthy mature tree, and get back home.

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posted on Mar, 7 2012 @ 08:49 AM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
We are all tools for each other.

I resent that. You may be a tool but I am not.

Wilcock is a hyooge tool, that is so.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 01:43 PM
reply to post by wilburn

You can resent it all you like. You can not deny the interconnection you have in your life to those around you and vise versa.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 04:52 PM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
reply to post by wilburn

You can resent it all you like. You can not deny the interconnection you have in your life to those around you and vise versa.

wilburn was using a different definition for the word "tool" FYI.

You are also replying to a banned ex-Member FYI squared.

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 04:54 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
Just a little thing on that song I posted above. Someone from here wrote to me this morning and he has a bash Wilcock thread too. Now, he wanted to know what kind of nut he would find when he finally cracked my shell open.

OK I'll bite.

Pistachio? Wal? "You feel like a..."?

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 04:58 PM
of course hes a fraud!!!! besides his desperate need for attention, any body could tell he's a loon by checking out his hair.

I say we put the guy with the bad hair and fake orange tan from ancient aliens ( you know the one who thinks the samurai sword was invented by aliens) and lock him in the same room with david wilcock. throw in a bunch of old school weapons and let them go at it gladiator style.

"I'm crazier!!!


Thats a project camelot I'd like to see.

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 07:06 AM
Anyone who's followed wilcock for long knows all about his "ascension 2000" fail and how none of the Y2K meltdown occured that Wilcock predicted. That shut him up for a while because just before that he had moved to Virginia Beach trying his claim to fame by riding the coat-tails of the Edgar Cayce foundation until they kicked him out.

Then he moved up to Kentucky where Carla Rueckert was channeling Ra and the "Law of One" books, and decided he could channel Ra, too. Never mind the fact that the original Ra channelings said specifically that RA could NEVER speak through anyone but Carla. Then Carla threw him out and I thought we'd seen the last of him, but he just keeps popping up like a bad hair day.

So he wrote a couple of books, but no publisher would touch them, and he finally just put them on his site. Then he hooked up with Wynn Free and convinced him he was Edgar Cayce, because he knew that Wynn could get published. After that book flopped he started doing "dream readings" thru his website. Only problem was, he was so bad at it that everybody was asking for a refund; that's why he now has a strict no-refund policy. So after that nobody would pay him for his terrible work and he had to quit.

Then he hooked up with ET researcher and author Scott Mandelker; toured with him a bit; did some shows with Art Bell and Wilcock thought he'd made the big time. Trouble is that Scott got wise to Wilcock and kicked him to the curb...

And so it goes... everyone he's ever worked with has thrown him out, but he keeps trying to con new people, and unfortunately people who are searching are too easily conned, and DW has discovered and exploited this.

Here is David Wilcock being called out by William Henry:

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by elfulanozutan0
(If this is in the wrong topic board please move)

Reason 1. He "personally" claims to be the incarnate of Edgar Cayce along with the claim that his close friends and family and the incarnate of Cayces close friends and family.

Edgar Cayce's family thinks Wilcock is a FRAUD!

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 10:09 AM
If forehead = truth, David Wilcock is full of it.

posted on Mar, 12 2012 @ 11:14 AM

Originally posted by Nomad451
How about the fact he promised everyone the world Governments were going to disclose E.T truth to the world in november or december or when ever it was?

Didn't happen. Just like it never happens and NEVER will happen.

David Wilcock = FRAUDSTER. Shouldn't that have been enough for people to determine he is a lying idiot?

What happened to david Wilcock's ascension in 2000 predictions?

He changed his website, shaved off his beard, died his hair blonde, and started makeing predictions for 2012

posted on Mar, 13 2012 @ 03:07 PM

Originally posted by discountgenetics

Originally posted by Nomad451
How about the fact he promised everyone the world Governments were going to disclose E.T truth to the world in november or december or when ever it was?

Didn't happen. Just like it never happens and NEVER will happen.

David Wilcock = FRAUDSTER. Shouldn't that have been enough for people to determine he is a lying idiot?

What happened to david Wilcock's ascension in 2000 predictions?

He changed his website, shaved off his beard, died his hair blonde, and started makeing predictions for 2012

think ben fulford

Wilcock ascended then came back and no one saw him but someday he will reveal it because only wilcock and wilcock alone knows the truth. learned it from fulford.

state BS, claim it is truth, who can argue?

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