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Sniffer dog Treo to be honoured with PDSA Dickin Medal

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posted on Feb, 24 2010 @ 08:33 AM
Now i do not agree with these wars but i like this story so meet a war hero.

An army search dog who saved lives in Afghanistan is to be honoured with the animal version of the Victoria Cross.
Black Labrador Treo, eight, will be awarded the Dickin Medal at the event at the Imperial War Museum in London.
The now retired dog, from 104 Military Working Dog Support Unit, North Luffenham barracks in Rutland, twice found hidden bombs in Helmand province.
Treo will be the 63rd animal to receive the medal created by veterinary charity the PDSA to honour gallantry in war.
So it's a nice story well done Treo the only good story i have seen about these wars.
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