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Iraqis Don't Want Help From..............

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posted on May, 30 2004 @ 09:47 AM
Saudi Al Qaida Fighters in Fallujah

Fahllujah Leaders say Al Qaida "Out of control"

"A senior sheikh in Fallujah said the group was "out of control", adding: "We are worried that they are part of al-Qaeda. That means that we will have to force them out and it will be hard. But this is our country we are fighting for, and it is our fight with the Americans. They have their own country and their own ideas which we do not share."

"However, the Mujahideen are now losing patience with the radical Saudi fighters, whom they say are linked with al-Qaeda, because they are almost impossible to control. "They are not from here, they don't share our beliefs and our aims," one Iraqi said. "We do not want them any more."

It is apparent by the words of the Sheikh that the Iraqis recognize that any negotiating leverage achieved by their efforts is directly undermined by the actions of the more fanatic foreigners in their midst.

Political representation is within their grasp but if the foreign fighters are allowed to keep agitating that representation could and will be lost in the resulting military clash to quash the radicals amongst them.

Its been my opinion that from the beginning foreigners have been an impediment to Iraqis self determination, countries like Iran with its unhappy population ruled by a mullacracy and Syria by a Baathist dictatorship know an Iraq with self determination represents a lethal danger to their hold on power, Al Qaida knows it will be much more difficult to maintain bases of operation to operate against the Saudi rulers and others it would like to attack.

To me it appears that even what is considered the radical element in Iraq can see the chaos caused by Al Qaida and foreigners in their country and realize the detrimental effect their presence has on self determination.

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