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There is skepticism and, frankly, there is being an ass.

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posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by Hawkwind.

Sorry Hawkwind - I disagree entirely. Nothing has been dropped, and the thread is in the members section where it can still be discussed.

I don't consider a thread move to BTS to be some kind of "demotion" at all. That might be your perception, but its certainly not mine.

posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 03:56 PM

Originally posted by neformore
reply to post by Hawkwind.

I don't consider a thread move to BTS to be some kind of "demotion" at all. That might be your perception, but its certainly not mine.

That's the spirit!

But...really, this thread should have been titled "don't be an ass on ATS" and even "then" it still would be you ranting on a type of person that is not "the problem".

Even if you added believers in there as well, there is "no" problem like you have stated.

Is there trolls? Yes...we have mods to destroy them.

Is there sarcasm and arrogance (ass-ness)? OH yes! And I surly find those types of posters worth their weight in gold "as long as" they deliver good information and follow the T&C.

I think you did drop a ball here choosing a side and picking a target that are both one in the same and neither the "problem" or "a crime" here.

I admit when I am wrong...heck I even did it here in this thread twice thus far.

But you seem very confident that you did not "single out skeptics" and then try to make their content seem "undesired" unless they were pandering sweethearts fully nice and unsarcastic.


As for the thread moving being a sign that this thread is a fail? Not true. The thread was moved because people reported it and it was just in the wrong place.

I personally dislike BTS, and will make this my last post in this thread for reasons that I already miss ATS.

But yeah...the fact is, your thread pointed out posters like "me" and then attempted to slander them as useless or undesired.

Yes, I know you also meant "people worse then me" (I hope) but if you noticed, more then one user here has already pointed this thread's "title" at me as if I was in a line-up and this thread was a witness to my crime.

But, I am no criminal or a destructive part of this site. Nor are hundreds of other asses who post here.

Being an ass is NOT enough to warrant a witch hunt or even a ban.

That is what T&Cs are for.

Like I is disturbing to see a mod take such a strong stance against our resident "jerk heads" and even worse to see it pointed at only one side of the spectrum of "offenders".

I asked you to think critically about that, but you refused to see it my way.

YouOP didn't say "people who break T&Cs are bad"...nor would a thread like that ever need to be made by a moderator, since moderators have easier ways to handle those types.

It plainly was, a one-sided attack, on ass-like posters who you would rather see remain machine-like in their niceties, while completely ignoring the believers who do the same equally (if not more).

And let me remind you...some people would bet money on the fact that "believers with no evidence and a chip on their shoulder" are far worse and more "assy" then most skeptics.

After all...a skeptic needs only to fall back on logic, rationality and facts to find thier safe spot.

Believers need to prove the impossible and can't...they tend to snap more in that process.

And let us not forget the "hoaxer" types...ever see one of them go super nova the second their made-up BS doesn't float with "adults" that read them?

whooooboy do they ever get "rude".

But alas, this thread is only about skeptics with an ass-like attitude.

Just know this- You and nobody are ever going to remove my sarcasm or jest. I am surly not going to learn to be less "arrogant" from threads like these, and I really hope you understand that you publicly called out skeptics while you ignored the problems at hand with other sides to the ATS crowd's dynamic makeup.

Like I don't seem like you are ready to accept that fault with this thread, and that is fine. Many people here who posted also pointed out your blind-spot on this topic, and many more also agreed that you took a swing in favor of one side over the other.

Whatever the case...I am STILL an ass, and I am STILL a full supporter of ATS, its staff and its goals to become bigger better and more in the face of people worldwide.

If you can agree to allow an ass to join that quest, then I would surly have no problem making that journey with a guy who seems biased towards slandering skeptics over believers.

I hope I made points you can think about and not just arrogantly wave off as if they are buzzing flies.

You messed big deal...I do it often.

Difference is, I admit when I am wrong and usually do it in a way that shows I am a good sport.

I don't quote and posts T&C rules to back up my views when in effect "breaking T&C rules" is not the subject at hand.

It is ass-like skeptics.

I fit that description...if you can't see how that is offensive to a large part of your community here, I suggest you spend some time considering public relations and the power of word.

All said and done, you have been a great sport and I have respect for.

Even if it is apparent that you do not have respect for ass-skeptics from the get-go.

Think about...its really important that you "understand"where you messed up and where you didn't.

Unless you are set on not learning from a mistake.

posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by Mr Mask

A gift for thee ... it would make for a great avy.

posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 05:39 PM

Originally posted by schrodingers dog
reply to post by Mr Mask

A gift for thee ... it would make for a great avy.

Can't blame a guy for loving himself.

I think the world would do better if all people did so.

Do you disagree, or are you a supporter of self loathing and low self esteem?

Doesn't still tricked me in to breaking my word and posting again in BTS.

For that you get a high five and a metaphorical star (i'll owe you one on the other boards).

You are tricksy...I do like that, and have enjoyed you on ATS.

But I love my own posts more...yknow...the whole "ass" thing.

Hugs and puppies!

Be well and wealthy.

PS-thanks for the Avatar...but mine is already so AWESOME!

[edit on 21-2-2010 by Mr Mask]

posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 11:57 PM
Oh you mods!

Removing my post from this thread and giving me a warning for it.


If anyone wants to read my (well within the limits of the T&Cs - bar using the word ass, but then a mod did liberate it first) post feel free to U2U me - I've got it saved.

You only make yourselves look bad - and the thing is; not all of you are.

Those of you able to should step up and deny ignorance.


posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 01:50 AM

Originally posted by Mr Mask
Being an ass is NOT enough to warrant a witch hunt or even a ban.

Interesting point.

Weird thing is that I've never said anything of the sort.

Again, all I've asked for is some civility, decorum and respect for peoples threads.

posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 08:17 AM
Great stuff, Nef. It IS possible to debunk or not believe without personally attacking and insulting someone else.

The only thing I can add is that it goes beyond Ufology. It happens in the realm of paranormal, religion, science (cryptozoology, evolution/creationism) and personal experiences as well. Among others.

These days I simply ignore it but I do hear you.

posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 09:33 AM

Originally posted by neformore
Again, all I've asked for is some civility, decorum and respect for peoples threads.

...From skeptics.

You do realize this thread is exactly what you'd probably define yourself as "ass-ish" behavior, were it directed at believers? You're playing this weird little martyr game, where you put yourself and your own values down so that you're now able to go on the defensive for yourself, and rally the troops. And for what?

There have been so many more skeptic-bash threads, and believers getting too hot under the collar after embracing ignorance, that it should be no wonder that you've seen a skeptic or two push back. Why is it alright for one and not for the other? Why did you even label this thread in that way at all?

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