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Why is the hum getting louder/ stronger? date:2/17/2010

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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 06:23 PM
I just wanted to throw out something wild and crazy, this is the paranormal forum, please check out this link
Source: Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn.
This is channeled information but interesting no less, here's a brief excerpt from the article: "Final Transition Process The Platinum Crystal will be thrust into activation from long dormancy at precisely 11:11 a.m. on the 11-11-11 from its dimensional lock, in a chasm below Magnetic Mountain in NW Arkansas. It will be triggered by a Cosmic Force generated through the 144-Grid, initiating an activating pulse from the Emerald Crystal. The Platinum Crystal will then instantaneously reboot into flow with the 3 telluric energies and the two other Master Temple Crystals. This will immediately send a communicative wave pulse to the Golden Crysto-Sun Disc and a recoding will occur that will be fed to the Toltec Pyramid regulators. For the first time in 20,000 years, the vortex will be regionally complete. Masters, truly all that remains in 2012 is the Globalization of the Crystal Network with the 12-12-12 activations of the Bimini Fire Crystal, and the Crystal of Thoth below Lake Titicaca. This will incur the final rebooting of the 144-Crystalline Grid and the 12 Golden Sun Discs. The trigger will be the 12-12-12, the rebooting will finalize on the 12-21-12." Notice that Bimini is one of the locations of this major energy source. If you are in Palm Beach then perhaps you are feeling/hearing the vibrations that are spoken of in the article. The other source that has awakened is in Arkansas "It is the largest deposit of natural quartz crystal in the northern hemisphere, and the second largest deposit in the world, second only to Brazil" Perhaps you are getting bombarded from 2 sources? Just thought I would add this for your perusal, something to ponder..

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 07:12 PM
You guy's may think I'm crazy or BS ing you but I have been hearing a hum in my left ear ( sounds like a high voltage transformer) and a sound that sounds just like a jet airliner when it passes overhead at high altitude in my right ear. It has been going on for about a week or so and it is constant. It is not what I would describe as uncomfortable at this point only slightly annoying. It sounds like it is definitely coming from outside of me but I do still here them with my ears plugged. The hum is something that I imagine could be neurological but the jet plane sound is more baffling.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by itscocobaby

listen son, you do know i am on the freakin edge here yes?YES?
WTF is this a joke?

so some quazi dimensional being is transmitting mutated GIGAHERTZ
longitudinal waves into my brain. 11/11/11 that must be the radioactive decay
rate of the uber zietgiest stereophonic magic plutonium tuning fork frequency!

oh god it all makes sense. i feel such a fool for not seeing that now DUH.
someone shoot me!

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 11:15 PM
reply to post by stealthyaroura

hum this is the par·a·nor·mal (pr-nôrml) (FORUM) which is
Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation: such paranormal phenomena as telepathy; a medium's paranormal powers.

Look friend their are lots of people here who have thrown out theories that include everything from tinnitus to outside noise..perhaps in this forum where this lady has asked for opinions and help, the one I offered might be as I stated "something to ponder"

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 08:51 AM
reply to post by itscocobaby

OK OK so your a lady? well maybe i will read over your post again.
i apologise as i came over all aggressive on yer there (well not really)
more sarcastic.

This really is driving me mad. if you do not hear this humming droning noise
you cannot really envision just how invasive this is!
it is an absolute nightmare. just lack of sleep & stress have caused my posting
here to get to the point where i just dont know what i am doing!

maybe this subject is in the wrong forum? i dont think the cause is paranormal.
anyhow welcome to the madness that is the HUM.
just forget about that post i shall remove it if you want?

I DID think you were taking the pee. and i did not find it funny.
sorry i just need some time out from this nightmare.

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by stealthyaroura

Have you tried taking any kind of medication to cause you to be able to sleep. Some kind of powerful sleep aid. The problem I can see is the longer you are exsposed to this HUM the more fixated on it your mind becomes and the more aggravating it will become. You have got to somehow break this cycle soon!!! Maybe even taking something that was powerful enough to create a distraction for you. I usually avoid taking medication at all costs but it sounds like you need to do something fast or you will be locked in jail or the nuthouse. If you don't use a certain plant that a lot of people use you may want to give it a try it could help or it could make it worse...but at least it would be a safe alternative to synthetic drugs. At this point you don't have much to lose.

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posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by stealthyaroura

Yes I am a female and do try and be a lady..most of the time. My assumption was since you posted this in the Paranormal forum you and notknowing were looking for an answer that was alternative like something paranormal. I am sorry to hear that you are so ill that makes me very sad for anyone suffering with an undiagnosed condition. You can leave your post up didn't bother me. Again very sorry about your must be terrible.. wish I could do something to help.

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 08:28 PM
reply to post by itscocobaby

All I can say to this post is that we will see when the time comes...
Anything is possible.

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by HarryJoy

No, you are not crazy. You are just one of us who can sense this thing called the HUM. I think when I notice it sometimes it sounds like I can hear it better in my right ear. And it has sounded like a C-130 cargo plane going over really high. Forever flying, never landing. But, it has also sounded like a giant drum somewhere far away. Lately, it has been pretty unnoticeable. Except, at night when I wake up and notice it even with the fan on.
I forgot to see where you are...

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by stealthyaroura

I highly recommend you go on vacation somewhere where the HUM is not heard. So, Puerto Rico is out. It is very strong there, especially near the east coast. I wonder about places such as the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Does anyone know if the HUM is heard at those locations?

Closer to you, how about StoneHenge? Can you hear it there? And if yes, is it stronger there?

Go on vacation by the ocean. The sound waves make it almost impossible to sense the HUM. You need a break from what you are experiencing.

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by notknowing

I'm really wondering if what you and the others are experiencing is something that's in the planet, a vibration or energy field. I found some interesting information on Ley lines and of course both you and stealthyaroura are close to well known (Alleged) energy fields ie.. the Bermuda Triangle and Stonehenge. I'll post that link so you can check it out. Perhaps you are both sensitive to some change our planet and really our solar system are experiencing. Even main stream science agrees our solar system is heating up and
Seems like if it's not something physical/mental then it's origin must be outside of you like the earth itself.

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by itscocobaby

I had wondered about those Ley lines back when I first started looking into the possible causes. I wanted to see a map of these lines. Do they move about or are they pretty stable? Do you know of a site that might provide detailed info. on this subject including their location. I have always felt that it is the location of my house in addition to being able to sense the HUM. My house happens to be in the path of one these Ley lines... I don't understand why different people start hearing the HUM at different times. According to some people they have been hearing it for more than 10 years. This is all so confusing after a while. So many theories makes my head spin...

I wonder also, if the HUM is related to the hole in our magnetosphere. I saw a show called Inside Planet Earth on a channel called Planet Green on Comcast which talked about the earth's magnetosphere having holes near Brazil and other places over the Atlantic. Made me wonder also about that Air France jet which crashed into the Atlantic and still remains unsolved as to what really caused it.

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by notknowing

Here are some links to a few jpegs I found while researching Ley Lines

This next link is South Florida

Here is a good web site with several essays about Ley Lines and the Earth Grid

Be sure to read the essay by Richard LeFors Clark PhD. He relates quite a bit of information on Florida and explains the "diamagnetic vortex point". It's a short article and easy to read and understand. Perhaps you might consider writing Dr. Clark and tell him of your plight, maybe he could assist you with additional information. The web site has lots of options on articles on the Grid. Also the work of Ivan Sanderson, One of the best summaries is "Anti-Gravity and the World Grid" by David Childress according to the web site.
I wish I could tell you more, Hopefully you at a minimum you can learn more about Ley lines and see where this path takes you. Who knows maybe you are a sensitive and being called by the Earth herself to be a light worker of some sort. Maybe a professional Dowser could give you more insight as well, I don't know just thoughts. Love and Light

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by itscocobaby

I quickly checked all the links. I read enough to tell me this is more about the occult than any real science. I make it a point to avoid these kind of subjects. In my opinion the occult is a door opposite of God. I rather not know the cause of the HUM than get into anything occultish. I really think ATS should not have put the HUM in the Paranormal because it is not.

Stealthyaurora: I hope you are OK.

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 08:28 PM
reply to post by notknowing


Anyhow...I've been hearing the "Buzz", which is what I've called it all my life, since I can remember. a few people have posted, I dont hear it in my ears feels more like a sound thats going into my mind or my brain. It gets randomly louder at times, sometimes for several seconds, and even a minute or two, but then goes back to the normal buzz that I'm used to hearing every day of my life.

I've been checked for titinitus or w/e its called, which is negative. My ears work fine, other than being able to hear higher frequencies than the average human.

I would say the OP either isnt used to the buzz, and it is obviously very noticible at first, even annoying. I know sometimes it gets so loud, I get a mild headache, however it passes in time.

I would suggest training yourself to live with it. At this time, science isnt explaining it to us, so we've got to figure it out for ourselves. It doesnt overpower me, so I cant say I understand where you're coming from, however, I do hear is constantly all day every day, but I have learned to ignore it in my daily day to day life.

Try going to sleep with music or a tv show on. Thats the only way I can fall asleep.

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by notknowing

I understand no problem..I hope you find the answers you need and relief from this Hum. If I think of anything else I'll post it Cheers

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by notknowing

That's so weird, I used to hear the hum as a kid - no one else understood what I was talking about but it used to scare the %^&* out of me. I hadnt heard the hum in years, but last night I heard it again, and I can hear it as I type - it doesnt scare me anymore but I have noticed it's back and it's louder!

Also I have a question for you: I have always been able to hear the hum / high pitch sound of monitors, I can walk in a house with no one home and no volume on anything but straight away know when and where a TV or PC monitor is on - LCD or CRT does not make a diffence. I dont need to be close to the room, I can be 300m away and still hear it through walls, it has amazed some of my friends - but I think many people can hear this, but the humm I experience is a similar sound but more faint. I will walk in the house, tell my friend a screen has been left on and ask them to listen for it - they look at me like im crazy then i go turn it off, I can also hear other electronics often - but I know some electronics have high frequecy sound output that people hear, maybe I can just hear further up the range. Anybody else?
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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 10:43 PM
I've been hearing a hum for years, but the past year it's been very prominent. This past week it's been making me crazy! Over the year, it has changed tone, going from what sounded like someone laying on a car horn off in the distance, to what it is now. This past week or so, it's a constant dial tone sound. I hear it, always. I have very good hearing, but I cannot find the source of this insane sound.

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by notknowing

Im coping thanks
I agree with you, I to do not believe this to be paranormal.
we could be wrong but it just does not add up to that for me.
no set time frame when it starts or stops yet it does seem to start on the hour?
and it's a recent phenomena as in the last few night it may begin then there may
be a three day lull? just strange. I think this is industrial sound pollution imo.WHAT is a different matter!

I will get that sound file sorted when i figure it out! i'm just so dam busy at moment
and keep forgetting. I have yet to re-contact the council for the DATA they took.
just worn out i suppose. this thing has me beat!

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 11:37 PM
I think I may have found an explanation based on science, I did a search using the search terms "in Florida reports of a strange hum' and found this site:

A woman on this blog did research and found out this is called the "Frey Effect" or "Microwave auditory effect"
you can read more about it here:

Bottom line most agree it's caused by cell phone towers, you find locations of a tower near you by going here:

and typing in your address. If you get time please take a moment to read over the blog, I think you both and anyone else suffering from this anomaly will find a ton of info that will help you in your quest. Love and Light

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