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UFO Flight Characteristics ~ Right Angle Turns.

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

Ok i have done some searhing to find what was comparable to what I saw I hope this works

It is a very blurred picture and there is nothing I can do about it. You can see the rings, ... ok. Well on the very edge of this UFO is where those lights were in the center was concave. The lights are not a glare from the sun or vibration unless you mean that when the UFO is at a steady hovering stand and these light then come on. And at decent they go off when in travel this I dont' know for sure cuase other people claim they have seen lights while they are i flight traveling, and I am not here to debunk anyones claim.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 04:24 PM
All I'm saying is with as much "witness" testimony to these extraordinary claims concerning flight characteristics you would think we would have plenty of video of it by now?

I mean, people say to see weird lights at night, and we have thousands of useless videos of lights in the sky, whole youtube channels of 'em. But not much of them flying around making "right angle turns".

I would say most of these witness are projecting what they believed they were supposed to see, and probably much of the testimony didn't happen anywhere close to how they say it did. Which is common for witness testimony for pretty much everything, but it is worse when it comes to witnessing something very unusual.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by NorthStargal52

NorthStargal52, thanks for sharing your account -the UFO in the case you mention certainly looks to be an unusual one and the lady's account is made all the more stranger by the fact that she stated one of the object's lights was missing.

There are more accounts of different reported shapes here although I can't see a similar object in any of the charts.


posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by IgnoreTheFacts

All I'm saying is with as much "witness" testimony to these extraordinary claims concerning flight characteristics you would think we would have plenty of video of it by now?

A good example of things that we know are present but lack any decent photographic evidence on is quantum phenomena. We KNOW that electrons can occupy multiple spaces at the same time, but do we have a picture of such? NO, we do not. We KNOW that gravity exists, but do we have a picture of it? NO, we do not. We KNOW that a wave function exists, such that a particle actually occupies all possible states at once, but yet again, we have no picture. The point is that sometimes recorded observations are just way past our ability to properly document and understand, such is the case with UFOs IMHO.

Do we have a video of every car crash, plane crash, etc? Those happen all the time, much more than legit UFO sightings. Just because there are few videos of good UFO sightings, which the term in itself implies the object filmed is unknown and thus beyond our present understanding, does not mean there are no legit and truly unidentified and non-manmade objects in our skies.

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by jkrog08

Jkrog, good point there mate.

Its also worth pointing out that many of these unknown objects are captured, plotted and tracked on (sometimes multiple) radar/sonar screens.

Many of the incidents listed on your thread directory involve radar correlation (not to mention electromagnetic effects) and Dr James McDonald makes some good points below in his talk to the U.S. House Committee on Science and Aeronatics:

Why Aren's UFOs Ever Tracked by Radar?

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by IgnoreTheFacts

All I'm saying is with as much "witness" testimony to these extraordinary claims concerning flight characteristics you would think we would have plenty of video of it by now?

I saw an unknown in 2000 (night) that I wanted to get video of. I ran inside and asked my wife to go watch it, while I ran to get the digital video cam. I was back in less than 15 secs. When I got there, she was saying she saw the tail-end of something obscure behind the trees. I used to try to be ready for these things. Now I just think you have to be in the right place at the right time. Like catching a car wreck. They happen every day. How many every-day people have the video of such an event?

I have been trying to get some good photos of little warblers and downy woodpeckers that have migrated down from the north. They are so fast and flit around, after days of trying I have only some marginal photos (with gyro-stabilized auto-focus telephoto and a 10.1 MP Canon camera). How many people do you think have even half this type of equipment? Plus the knowledge to use it expertly (which I do not, I'm a little more than amateur)? Or the time to stare at the sky while carrying the equipment all the time?

So IMO if these phenomena have a little intelligence, and are faster than some wildlife, it would not be hard to understand why great photos are hard to come by. Do you carry a camera at the ready all day, like a photojournalist with the training to make that rare photo happen?

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 05:40 PM
Ignorethefacts (how accurate!):

The lack of abundance of good video or photos is due to the phenomenon not being that common, period. It's the same with ball lightning, very few decent pictures exist and there are even many fakes. Are you now going to tell us ball lightning is not real?

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by karl 12

I tryed to draw it, and it just don't work in my photo album I am adding just the ones that closly resemble what I saw and there really is not much up there although I do have a good shot that i uploaded.. was from NASA
NOW keep in mind ... In this photo I am only referring to the color of the lights not the whole picture
1971, Moon. Two astounding shots from NASA showing very clearly a UFO by the crater Lansberg on the Moon at the time of Apollo 14 mission. Reference: NASA AS14-70-9836/37. There has been a lot of debate on whether or not these photos show lights of an unidentified craft, or are they simply light glares on the capsules window or camera. Difficult to say, but interesting all the same.

1971, Moon. In this second shot, the shape of the object looks like the one of a flying saucer with lights! Reference: NASA AS14-70-9836/37. There are two avenues of thought here. Firstly, the debunkers say if these really were UFOs why would NASA release the pictures, since they are part of a conspiracy to keep this info from the pubic. Secondly, UFO proponents say that if NASA did NOT release them, then everyone would holler "coverup, " and they were hiding UFOs.

The one I posted if you look really close it shows the rings I am talking about... on the underside.

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posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by karl 12

Now here is something I found that comes really close to what I saw also..

For all those who are looking at these photos, Let me remind you I did not take a picture of the UFO I saw. The picture of the UFO is still vivid in my head. This is something that you never forget... it's like a life death experience... or something major that happened in your life..
I don’t care what anyone says. I am not asking for your approval... I am trying to discuss the characteristics of these vehicles. The lights were neon, iridescent. Florescent, however it is how i seen it... and the other color was blue same thing iridescent.& florescent. I got more than just a glimse of the UFO It was over us for about 2 minutes 3 at the very most now that is a long time. It was visiable to me first because it was on my side of the road I was the one looking up at the sky. the distance was 100 to 200 feet away from my side of the road as we were approching it and we did slow down to about 2 miles an hour but my cousin did not want to stop or pull over. As I kept my eyes on it i was telling him to pull over he had to slow down so that he could see what I was talking about when he seen it too he was like what the Bleep is this..
I know what we saw is hard for people to believe, so what the heck do you think we were thinking yeah it can't be real it's the US government with a secret ship. BUT...The whole thing is it wasn't the US goverment. It was a UFO there is no way it wasn't it looked like a round space ship from underneath what does the US government have that is Round ???????
If they do I will eat my cigerettes the whole dang pack lol

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by karl 12

2,3,4 C is what I would say matchs the most looking at what the bottom half of the sketch shows but this is not a good enough example for what I am trying to explain.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by karl 12

So that was a good article, And in my mind it proves to just what I been thinking these UFO's dodge the radar. Radar can capture them but then not for long is what I am getting from this article??? now I zoomed through it I will go back an really read the whole thing I am a speed reader something I picked up going to college ya had to learn how to read fast or skim read. Very interesting ... I have been trying to understand the mechanics of these UFO's. You don't want to know what's going through my head right now.. better yet it probably has already been though about and that is what if they are making these ships somewhere her on earth

Another thing is what are they made of???
Back to the lights again it would seem they would have shutters or mechanical lids that cover these lights I am sure they have a system in which they use several different kind of lights like radar of there own so they can see whats under our ground and all sorts of xray types of lights, all sorts of functions are possible. I am sure they have lasers to capable of zapping at things. Now this may sound far fetched but it is not we are talking (UFO intelligent) this is beyond our greatest minds hereon earth

posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 03:07 PM
Thanks for the replies - in the article below dealing with astronomer UFO sightings there is an interesting account of an unknown object making a right angle turn over an observatory - the article's well worth a read and makes some astute points about UFOs and mainstream science.

Astronomers and UFOs - Geoff Falla (pdf file)


posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 03:56 PM
Other Reports of UFOs making right angle turns.

San Luis Reservoir UFO, Merced County, CA, April 8, 1981.

3:00 AM. The complete failure of an aircraft's electronics, including the transponder, DME, navigation equipment, and two-way radios, occurred when a bullet-shaped UFO passed within 500 feet of an airplane being flown by Mr. Dennis, a flight instructor, while flying over San Luis Reservoir, Merced County, California at 3:00 a.m. The electronics recovered after the UFO had gone. The object was described as 35-50 in length, with a pulsating orange front end, and having a blue ring perpendicular to the craft. The object was said to be whirling, and made an instantaneous 90 degree turn.
Sources: J. Allen Hynek, International UFO Reporter, January 1982, p. 6; UNICAT database, citing Tom Page, case 34; Dominique Weinstein, Aircraft UFO Encounters, p. 43.



UFOs over Hot Springs, Arkansas

HOT SPRINGS -- I was at work pulling shopping carts inside on March 23, 2001, as my job requires, when an older gentleman said, "What the HELL!'" Concerned for customer safety, I looked around and saw the gentleman looking into the sky.I looked up also at 7:23 PM. About 500 feet in the air were eight crafts that appeared to be making high-speed ninety degree (90 degree) turns. The gentleman noticed me watching and asked me if I saw them too. I replied with a, "Yes sir!" and then proceeded to ask him, "What are they?'' He replied, "I don't know." We watched these acrobatic crafts for almost seven minutes before six of them shot off to the North at an astounding rate of speed. The other two craft just sat and hovered for a minute or so and then shot off the West just as fast as the six to the North did. I have seen aircraft like F-16's make turns but not as sharp or perfectly cornered as these craft seemed to be doing.



Concord, New Hampshire UFO Sighting

Date: 2007-08-17 01:00 GMT

Distance: 500 feet or less

While driving on highway 89 North in NH I witnessed a bright light appear in the top edge of my windshield. I leaned forward and looked up and observed a bright light meandering along under apparent intelligent control. I immediately recognized the light as some kind of propulsion. The craft was very low in the sky maybe one hundred yards or more up, it was just below the mountain line in the background. The flight pattern of the craft was a very slight and gradual weaving from left to right barely noticeable. Then, suddenly, it accellerated faster than any aircraft I have ever seen and I have seen the fastest aircraft in the world, the SR71, take off many times. Then, the most amazing thing of all happened, the craft, while accellerating, made an absolute ninety degree turn to the right(east), which confirmed my thought of the light being that of the propulsion system, the light was no longer visible because the craft had turned, and there was no light visibly emminating from the back after it turned, then it was gone in a split second as it accellerated even faster. I was able to see just a shadow of the craft against the moonlit sky as it dissapeared, and as fast as it took off it did appear to literally disappear.


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posted on Mar, 8 2010 @ 08:04 PM
reply to post by karl 12

I dont know how far stretched this may sound but Titanium is used for aero space and it is also a element that is found on the moon so it is possible that these ships could be made of this material (possible)

posted on Mar, 15 2010 @ 07:34 AM
Veteran U.K. researcher David Cayton discusses UFO case in which three separate radar stations tracked an unknown object travelling at 12,000mph (and making right angle turns) over Cyprus in 1958:

See 3:30.

The Cayton UFO Files.

Television Interview


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posted on Mar, 16 2010 @ 07:41 PM

Statement from Colonel Ryszard Grundmanem

"During the 1955 Warsaw Pact exercises, a radar station in the area of Warsaw recognized two targets over the Gulf of Gdansk. The targets were moving at a speed of 2,300 km/h at an altitude of 20 thousand meters. In those days there was no aircraft with such performance.At one point it was noticed that the two objects did a 90 degrees turn, literally on the spot with no turning radius. This maneuver at such high speeds cannot be done. Most modern aircraft are unable to do so even today, and that was 50 years ago".

Colonel Ryszard Grundmanem - Former Head of Poland's 'Air Traffic, Air Force and Air Defense'


posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 03:09 PM
Section on flight characteristics taken from the the Rockefeller briefing _/url]

Performance of UFOs

Even more striking than the shapes of UFOs is their performance: speed, acceleration, maneuverability, silence.

Speed. UFOs have been tracked on military radar travelling silently at several thousand miles per hour well within the Earth's atmosphere. An airplane attempting this would create an inescapable sonic boom before melting from friction with the air.

Extreme Acceleration. Airplanes do not visibly accelerate in the air, though they show generally impressive acceleration during take-off. Drag-racing cars and motorcycles accelerate in a manner obvious to even the least experienced observer. In the case of UFOs, airline and military pilots have reported that they fly at the same speed as an airplane, and then display acceleration common only to anti-missile missiles. Veteran pilots describe their observations with words like "astounding" and "unbelievable."

Extreme Maneuverability. While airplanes can perform abrupt maneuvers, these are generally seen only in air shows. Even then, such flying is more often described by the outside observer as "graceful" rather than "violent," though the pilot may use the latter term. Impossibilities for airplanes (but not, apparently, for UFOs) include right-angle turns at high speed, and zig-zag flight.

Silent Hovering. While helicopters and VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) airplanes can hover, they produce noises whose quality and volume positively identify them. UFOs, on the other hand, appear able to hover with little or no motion for long periods without any sound. This remains well beyond the state of known science, let alone technology.


posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 04:30 PM
Report taken from The RAND Corporation Report - "UFOs: What to Do"

Date: 24 April 1962

Place: Springfield (Delaware County), Pennsylvania

First witness, J. A. Gasslein, Jr. (Lt. Colonel, USAR Ret.) reports: "Time: Approximately 1945 hours, weather: clear, cloudless, medium blue sky, visibility good.

"My wife was driving her mother home following the latter's visit to our home. They had driven around the block to higher ground when my wife's mother looked out the car window and saw a large object. It was moving slowly and silently in an east-to-west direction at not over 50 ft. above street level. (Determined by the proximity to and relationship to the size of the Cape-Cod-type bungalows over which the object was passing.) My wife then plainly saw the object herself.

"Anxious to have me see the object, my wife quickly drove the car back to our house and attracted my attention. I had been working in the basement. I ran out of the house and up the street for a view. by the time I saw it, the object appeared to be about a quarter to a half-mile away, moving in a westerly direction. I saw it as an object smaller at the top than at the base, seemingly suspended in the air at an angle of about 45 degrees from my position, and giving off colored lights. I know that the object was not any kind of conventional aircraft of balloon.

"Having had the advantage of a closer viewing than I, my wife describes the object as follows..

'The UFO appeared to be about the size of one of the Cape Cod houses over which it passed, which would make it approximately 30 ft. in diameter and about the same dimension in height. It was circular, surmounted by a dome giving off flashes of green light. The center section rotated a series of square shaped "windows", each giving off a brilliant white light. The base section was somewhat saucer-shaped,curved upward. Shafts of white light were directed downward from the base.' Unfortunately, my wife cannot recall if the exterior was metallic in appearance. In any event, the object had a well-defined outline. Again, it moved silently. There was no evidence of occupants of the UFO.

"Approximately 20 to 25 minutes following the first sighting described above, the following sighting occurred: "Returning from taking her mother home, my wife drove the car into our driveway alongside the house, headed westward. In the rear of our home was a wooded park area. My wife walked down the driveway to enter the house. Coming up the driveway was a neighbor friend, a young lady 20 years of age. In a tone of astonishment, she called my wife's attention to the park area, from which was emerging an object of the same description as outlined above moving easterly at low level -- not over 50 ft. above ground level, as judged by the trees in the area -- the UFO proceeded relatively slowly and without sound. It was approaching the rear of our home and adjacent properties.

"Again, my wife called me from the basement. By the time I got outside, the object had made a 90 degree turn northward and was proceeding parallel to the backs of the houses in the same line as ours. It was perhaps 150 - 200 yards distant. My observation of the characteristics of the UFO tallied with my wife's and the young lady's. Each of them independently made a pencil sketch within a few minutes after the sighting, and the sketches were substantially alike. "All told, there were at least 15 persons in the vicinity who acknowledged seeing the object at about the same time as the sightings made by my wife and myself."

U.S. Rand Report (pdf)

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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 01:44 PM
UFO reported making right angle turn over Illinois:

Triangle UFO over Illinois makes 90-degree turn and disappears

An Illinois witness is reporting a triangle-shape UFO moving overhead at "Mach 1" suddenly turned north in a "perfect L" move and disappeared on March 14, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

"No aircraft moving at that speed can do that," the witness stated.

The object was described as having steady amber lights at its outward edges and one flashing light.

The witness said the object "visibly disappeared as if the lights on it were extinguished."


posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 02:46 PM
i choose to believe(until some other evidence comes to light) that if these things really are crafts, whether human or otherwise, they are using known physics principles. For instance, the theoretical particle that gives all other particles (excepting photons) mass is the higgs-boson. If you were able to somehow shield against this particle or reverse it's polarity(i don't know if that's possible, just using it to describe what i mean) you would negate all mass in the field. at once inconceivable speed and maneuverability would be at your command.

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