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U.S. support for Khomeini's Rise to Power

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posted on May, 29 2004 @ 06:40 PM
What do you think about the notion that the U.S. actually supported Khomeini's rise to power in 1979? There's a "revisionist" notion of history whereby the Shah (who was Washington's puppet in Iran) started disobeying orders and (like what would happen to Hussein later) had to be removed. Khomeini was the guy picked by Washington (specifically, by George Ball from the Bilderberg Group) to replace the Shah.

The reason the Shah was angering Washington was b/c the Shah had embarked on a nuclear energy program, against Washington's wishes.

I have more info on my Web site:

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 06:55 PM

Originally posted by mongoose
What do you think about the notion that the U.S. actually supported Khomeini's rise to power in 1979?

Well personally I think its ludicrous but I could see how one may be able to draw enough lines from a number of circumstantial events and produce a conclustion. Personally I would like to see more concrete proof that Washington was genuinely angry, and that they would engineer a second coup in Iran. Secondly I think its ludicrous to try to say that Saddam was removed by the US after he angered the government. Granted that is loosely what happened, but you are saying that he was a puppet which he was not.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 07:30 PM
Those conclusions are based on research done by F. William Engdahl in his book "Century of War", which you can get here:

Much of the reasoning that Engdahl presents here is based on an older book called "Hostage to Khomeini", by Robert Dreyfuss:

In this book, Dreyfuss interviews the Shah in exile (shortly before his death). The Shah makes clear that it was the Americans (specifically George C. Ball) who drove him out of power in 1978-79 (largely, b/c of the nuclear energy program that Shah had decided to undertake).

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 07:39 PM
Sorry, it looks like the Dreyfuss book is sold out on Amazon, even though it's still in Google's cache:

Google Cache

More info about the Dreyfuss book should be available here:

Hostage to Khomeini

Specifically: An interesting book titled "Hostage to Khomeini" by Robert Dreyfuss...alleges that factions within the US assisted Khomeinis rise to power..

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 01:47 PM
Maybe the US wanted to support some kind of revolution but not the Islamic one. Remeber that together with clerics, there were liberals, students, and middle class who brought shah down. When Shah was down Khomeini simply turned against his former allies and made the Iran into the Islamic state.

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