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Professional Skeptics Group Proves UFOs Real!

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posted on May, 29 2004 @ 05:00 PM
This is from The infamous Billy Meier Case i know just the sound of the name is usually laughed at as a hoax but here is the latest findings on his supposed proof make your own mind up


- It was only a matter of time before a breakthrough in authenticating the existence of non-terrestrial UFOs would take place but, surely, nobody thought it would come about this way. Despite mounting evidence over the past half-century the arbiters and manipulators of public opinion in media, governmental and scientific circles, along with professional skeptics and debunkers, have marginalized serious discussion of UFOs and dismissed all evidence as inconclusive and flawed.



posted on May, 29 2004 @ 05:27 PM
when randi pays up , ill believe it

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 08:03 PM
ya I wanna ~SEE~ Randy pay up as well......

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 08:31 PM
Well, the article says "professional skeptics group" and then mentions testing by one person... not a group of "professional skeptics." Nor does it define a professional skeptic.

Now, I wonder, with all this "proof," why no reporter picked it up (they would have to verify sources) and why no other attention was drawn to it. And anytime someone claims to be in 'telepathic contact' with aliens (shades of Nancy Lieder!!!!) my baloney meter REALLY Gets going!

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 01:52 AM
After Adaminski, Billy Meier has pulled off one of the biggest hoaxes in ufo history. He has followers and has founded a ufo cult. Just look at John Reed and others, you can expose them as frauds, but they just keep popping back up like an annoying jack-in-the-box. Why? Because people want to believe their stories. Billy Meier is a particularly blatant example. How anybody can possibly believe such nonsense is beyond me. But then we do still have the flat earth society and people who believe the earth is hollow...

The total amount of intelligence on earth is constant and the population is growing....

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posted on May, 30 2004 @ 02:14 AM

Originally posted by Byrd
And anytime someone claims to be in 'telepathic contact' with aliens (shades of Nancy Lieder!!!!) my baloney meter REALLY Gets going!

mmmm baloney

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 02:26 AM
What's this site ? It's a sect of something like that ? The man with the big barb look like a guru.

What country is the biggest threat at the moment?


North Korea:


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posted on May, 30 2004 @ 03:23 AM
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