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Reality Glitches

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posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 07:21 AM
Awoke one morning to find our cat had died in our bedroom. We buried Suki on the side of the house. That night, while laying in bed reading, me and my husband both heard a loud, single 'MEOW' from our hallway. We had no windows open and are confident it came from our hallway. On the one year anniversary of her death it happened again! That was five years ago and it's never happened again.

Residual or just Suki saying "Thank You" as we had rescued her?

Creepy but sweet!

posted on Mar, 29 2011 @ 01:05 PM
Truck video is good.

But what about this "ghost car" chased by police?

I stumble upon this video years ago, still haven´t figured out what happened.


posted on May, 20 2011 @ 01:38 PM
About 2 years ago, my wife and I went to the mall to buy her an iPod. This isn't a very big mall (Memorial City Mall in Houston). We walk in and ask a security guard where the Apple store is. She points us in the direction and we head off. We get to the end of the mall, but we didn't see the store. So we find a map and look for it. We find it on the map and I see that it's next door to a store called Bui Yah Kah. I tell my wife that I saw that store (it stood out to me because it was an unusual name, at least to me). So we head back the way we came. We come up on the Bui Yah Kah store but the Apple store is not next door. My wife says something like "Maybe the map is old and the location changed" so we keep walking. Now we're back to the where we walked into the mall. So once again we turn around. We get back to the Bui Yah Kah store and look all around us. No Apple store. At this point we're starting to get a little frustrated. We take maybe 10 steps and something catching my attention out the corner of my eye. It's one of those 4 foot iPod displays they have in the window. I'm like "WTF! Baby, we're right in front of the Apple store!".
We were both dumb founded. Had I been alone I would have assumed I was day dreaming and just past up the store. But it was both my wife and I who never saw the store. And we new where it was from the map. Probably the strangest thing that has happened to me that someone else witnessed.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 06:30 AM
I have been experiencing time glitches. Its been happening a lot when ever i think im too low on time getting to school and look at the clock its 7:30 this morning rushing taking a shower getting ready it seemed like a hour went by and it did.... it was 8:00.. i looked again and i said 7:00 this has been happening a lot.. i had terrifying experiences. The truth is some one some where is pulling some strings.. if you think about it humans like us arent really running everything just think about it really carefully.. and look at how our technology advanced that's your first clue this stuff we used today has been around in the first early records of space flight used by nasa and top government agencies.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 11:42 PM
This may have happened to me many times but I have always shrugged it off. Becoming a member of ATS has made me pay more attention to things, I think. I had a small episode of this today. I had taken a shower and my towel was sitting on the sink. We throw our dirty clothes next to the stairs in the laundry room which is directly next to the bathroom. We have a 7 month old puppy that grabs anything that hits the floor and runs with it. He was standing in the doorway between the bathroom and laundry room, so when I threw my towel in the laundry pile I pulled the door closed so he would leave it alone. I went into the living room and put my make up on, walked back into the bathroom to put my makeup away and the towel was sitting on the sink. The door was still closed. The only reason I didn't just brush this off as "I just thought I threw the towel in the laundry room" is because I purposefully closed the door when I threw it in so the dog wouldn't get in. I know I threw that towel in there but yet it appeared on the sink again.

Is this a reality glitch? No clue, but I know darn well I threw that towel in the laundry room.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 10:03 PM
Hi everyone...I have several of these stories to share....the first is my story...

me and my friend Keshia used to walk down to Burgess Park in the evening with our kids to feed the ducks..quite often was dark and the gates to that part of the park locked but was gap in the railings to squeeze we used to do this regulary the kids enjoyed it and was a nice walk and could still walk through the rest of Burgess (its massive and mostly not gated off) well one night after we fed ducks we came out and saw just over the hilltop in the ungated part the red and white striped top of a circus tent...well so we presumed..all the children saw it we said that the next day we would enquire in the day as to ticket prices ect...but it was so late we didnt wanna go over then...we did think it was odd however there was no posters advertising any circus...well we went home and next day went to find out about circus...there was no evidence on grass to suggest there had been a tent of any kind and we saw a park keeper and asked him he said no circus had been recently and one did come yearly but not recently and afterwards was such a mess left on grass to show it had been there...we were totally baffed what it was...that area is called the 'butterfly borough' and in the part of the park where the duckpond is there is this waterfall of an metal owl it has 6's for eyes......yes im intrested in MK connect other stuff together too....

next one is also was about a 2am where i live now about 6 months ago and me and my daughter were up..shes almost 11...i was on the internet on the laptop snd suddenly the connection went off and the sky internet was through the sky connection...i was checking the leads and connections and found that the plug had dissappered...yes there should have been 5 plugs...i counted them all and one was gone...i asked my daughter to check too and we unplugged everything and one by one reconnected everything to no avail as one plug was lead had i was very frightened and tried to be calm so as not to scare her i said oh its very late lets go to bed and i disconnected everything again...and the next moring i got up and rushed down to check the plugs and internet and tv and there was 5 plugs again and all worked fine when i connected them.

my dad tell me about his nephew a good few years ago this happen...they were about to go on holidays and my cousin went back in house to check that everything was switched off just to double check...he put his car keys on kitchen counter and when he turned to pick them up they were gone....they searched everywhere and still no keys to be found....he was so bemused by it all he got regressed a short while after and in regression he remembered putting the keys down and after when they were gone but inbetween there was no memeory at all...nothing...those few seconds of his life were just like odd...and btw the keys never turned up....and they live in that house to this day...

and this happened to my dad does charity fundraising and he stands outside shops its all legit and above board just in case anyone wondering lol...well he used to go to an area in our town and stand there outside a supermarket several occasions when he was having a bad day in other places...he said this place was always very good for collecting...he said he had to walk up a path and across a muddy field and that the first time he went there he was suprised as he had never seen it before ....then one day he went there and got off the bus and this path and field were not there...he couldnt find them at he went to another shop which he knows is not the same one as he knows the area very well and to date he still goes to this one...he grew up around there in that area which is why he was suprised the first time he found this place that now has dissappeared...anyway he says that was it he has never seen the path or fied or supermarket again

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 07:23 AM
reply to post by MR1159

This is an old post, but watch the video again... there are no boards. Those are gray vent slats. And the truck that appears is faced right at the oncoming truck and gets spun around. No truck even if it came through the wall, has a turning radius that sharp. No car for that matter, either.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 06:19 PM
I have had my own very real Reality-Glitch (time warp?). Several years ago I was visiting my parents who live over an hour and a half a away from me. The time was 9:12 PM when I started the car and proceed to go home. I had a very strange feeling as I passed under an over pass about 10 minutes way from my parents. I remember listening to the radio and everything felt very still. Even the air felt stale. My passengers were sleeping so I was alone. I remember that the street lights along the free way were passing so fast. I know that I was not speeding (having seen several police officers on the trip there) I was extra careful about my driving. All of a sudden I was pulling down my drive way and the time was only 9:28. I called my mom and dad from my home phone to let them know that we made it home safe (it’s a family thing – worrying) My dad answered the phone and was completely shocked that I was home. He thought it was some kind of joke. My normal 90 minute trip turned into a 16 minute trip ….He and I still talk about it…. I wish I could explain it. At least I have others that I can talk with.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 07:10 PM
This is a copy of a thread I started over 3 years ago..what you read is exactly what happened on that day.

Ive been wondering how to put this down since this afternoon and decided that all the information would need to be listed. Im sorry as its quite some size, but I want any readers to have as full a picture as possible.

Im open minded and not easily freaked, but since yesterday I have had four experiences that I cant explain.

At approx 9.15 am yesterday I was at my car, in my drive, loading my mobile studio ready to go do a shoot ( Im a Photographer). My neighbour who lives accross the street from me reversed his car into the road, rolled down his window and called to me. ( Hey D how are you?). I replied, " Im good mate". to which he gave me a thumbs up and drove away.

I returned to my home lifted another bag of equipment, returned to my car and was putting it in the back door. ( Max 30 seconds to get this bag and return to the car). I looked accross to see my neighbour repeating the exact same manouvre, complete with the same greeting of ( Hey D how are you?) I replied exactly as before to which he gave me a thumbs up and drove away. It never crossed my mind to say I heard you earlier and replied, and felt the situation quite surreal.

I finished the shoot and was home by 1.00pm. My wife was out so I made a coffee and went to the computer room to have a look at the photographs I had taken. I placed the card in the card reader and waited till the RAW files had loaded on my computer.

A quick glance meant that 6 or 7 of them needed deleated due to wrong exposure and I duly deleated them. At that moment my wife came in I greeted her with a " Hey, how was your morning" she replied "Ok, yours?"

At her request I made her a coffee and left it on the kitchen table, as she put shopping away and I came back to the computer only to see the files still showing on the card, so not wanting to risk losing them I decided to get the USB cable and link the camera directly to the computer. I then downloaded the photographs to a directory called " Work in progress" (My work flow is realy important).

Now things get realy weird. As Im sitting at the computer my wife comes in the front door and greetd me with "Hey I didnt expect you back so soon, you could have picked me up with these heavy bags if Id known" I said yea, sorry and told her that her coffee was on the table, she said brilliant, you saw me coming, but her coffee wasnt there !

A discussion followed that leads me to believe that iether Im needing some medication or time was repeating itself... ( I know even reading that line ,makes me cringe !) My wife explained that she had only come in once and laughingly suggested that I was working way to hard.

Example 3. Ive had a bad head cold for a few days and Im not sleeping to well. At 3.20 am this morning I got up to use the toilet, making sure to keep as quiet as possible as my son starts work early and wakes at 4.15 am to start at 5.00. I returned to bed, was getting back under the covers when my wife wakened looked at the digital clock and said " Go make sure T was up for work, I dont hear him so he has maybe slept in" I looked at the clock and it was 3.55 !.

Now I know Im getting older but I dont need 35 minutes to Pee!! and I know it was 3.20 when I went to the toilet.

Finally.....I have 2 dogs, cocker spaniels, and one of them has developed a psychological fear of me since yesterday morning. If I go into the living room she paces round the outside of the room and wont come to me. If I leave the door open she will pace the room, then run into the kitchen. ( My wife thinks I stood on her, or gave her a fright !....rubbish).

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 01:49 AM
I think my mom and brother are the only ones who know about this.
I was in the car with my mom and older brother. My mom was driving, and I was in the back seat, looking out the window. This was a year or so ago. Anyways, we were driving on the highway, probably between 9 pm - 2 am. I know it was night. I was telling them a ghost story I had heard about the highway. Apparently, in the middle of the night, usually when it's foggy (I believe it was foggy when this happened), you can see a girl crying. She is harmless, but usually looking for something, like a necklace. It is said that she was in a car crash. I really liked to tell scary stories. Well, after I was done telling it and I looked out the window, I saw a green thunderbolt, and the sky lit up a bit, with a green tint. There was no sound, nothing. I got a bit scared, and it happened a second time. I told my mom and brother, and they said I was just scared from the story. Neither of them had seen anything. I was starting to get really scared and they said not to look out the window, but I did. Many times. It seemed as if it would always happen a few moments after I would look outside. I'd never seen green lightning before, and the fact that there was no sound, I was the only one that saw it, and that the sky even got a greenish tint scared me. I even looked it up to see if green lightning was significant for anything, but got nothing.
Not sure if this is a reality glitch or what.

posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 09:40 AM
a reply to: Epsilon5
This guy has figured out (actually deduced) that if we are living specifically in a simulation (as copied people) then you can expect to have impossible glitches in reality happening when simulated people are involved in potential serious accidents - this is explained here: link

posted on Nov, 23 2014 @ 01:39 PM
a reply to: Whisper67

I liked your story

I had some highly strange reality glitches as a child-my family members would be suddenly gone,the house deserted and very tidy-the way it precisely Never was,especially at that time of day.I would feel sick and out of my body,like a ghost,is the way it felt to me.Terrible dizziness,vertigo,a hollow feeling i cannot describe always went along with the empty house and family missing.I would always go sit in the same place in the kitchen till i felt more normal,more "back in my body" and the vertigo and hollow feeling had passed.Then i'd go play outside again,and a bit later i'd be called for dinner-and everything and everyone would be back to normal.Always happened after i felt an urge to lay on my back and stare up at the sky.I would sort of meditate,think of nothing much,till i realised i was feeling pretty darn sickly and weird.I was'nt asleep either,it was real,though it felt like i was in a different reality.

Had a fascinating reality shift a few years ago too-i got this symbol while doing a type of shamanic meditation i devised myself.Later that day,the symbol came into the forefront of my mind-and reality shifted-or there was an overlay of another reality over/intermingling with this one.I could still function,but that was a helluva weird experience,not scary though.No bad vibes or anything like that.And back in 1989,if i recall the year correctly,another glitch,where i distinctly have a memory of living in an apartment building where i never lived-sounds weird but you catch my drift,i'm sure.
Nice about your cat

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