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Dimension tunneling, heavens, UFO travel, bosons and all that jazz

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posted on Feb, 24 2010 @ 07:14 PM
The gravitational lensing does not provide enough mass to account for the dark matter. You'll have to watch the video lecture as he explains that point along with much more. It's a really CLEAR presentation.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 04:23 AM
reply to post by zazzafrazz

Good Lord OP. There is a lot in there. Your intuition is remarkable and so is your RV capability.
It is my understanding that you know of other dimensions or other realities at least metaphysically and may as well have experienced these.
Physical interdimensional travel will become a reality, sooner or later, i would say sooner. I would say it is tunnelling of sorts.


posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 08:33 PM
Nice thread, Zazz!
This is something to think on.


posted on Jul, 21 2019 @ 11:08 AM

originally posted by: zazzafrazz

I suppose the 'instrument' we need to allow pass through the superconductive gap without interaction needs to to be able to make the 'correct' gap through the whole energy spectrum being transversed. The matter is to to remain intact . The matter going though would not exist on other frequency dimensions, rather the gap conditions in the energy spectrum are created there also, enabling 'transport' through them to bring the matter back to a frequency and gravity that is possible to exist in.
Remember energy can travel through energy barriers and same energy has to interact with the same energy. Light remains as light as it passes through the gaps.

So a gap in the energy spectrum is required in the 'other' dimension also.
Gaps theoretically can be created by the higgs boson pairing. Remember just theoretically

By forming a pair you create a group. Forming a gap is super conductivity because the gap is formed by going against electric current. Electrons repel negatively.There is a particular interaction that makes them attract: Frolich, and we need to find a way to create an attractive interaction so they form pairs. and then the matter type that can pass through.

lol I use to be out have time to think on this stuff

Some research notes for a possible part 2 review on this thread. Quantum teleportation.

Suuccesful Photon teleportation. The Chinese demonstrate successful quantum teleportation for six input states in mutually unbiased bases with an average fidelity of 0.80+/-0.01, well above the classical limit. This work establishes the first ultra-long-distance quantum teleportation outside a lab, an essential step toward global-scale quantum internet.

An arbitrary unknown quantum state cannot be precisely measured or perfectly replicated. However, quantum teleportation allows faithful transfer of unknown quantum states from one object to another over long distance, without physical travelling of the object itself. Long-distance teleportation has been recognized as a fundamental element in protocols such as large-scale quantum networks and distributed quantum computation. However, the previous teleportation experiments between distant locations were limited to a distance on the order of 100 kilometers, due to photon loss in optical fibres or terrestrial free-space channels. An outstanding open challenge for a global-scale "quantum internet" is to significantly extend the range for teleportation. A promising solution to this problem is exploiting satellite platform and space-based link, which can conveniently connect two remote points on the Earth with greatly reduced channel loss because most of the photons' propagation path is in empty space. Here, we report the first quantum teleportation of independent single-photon qubits from a ground observatory to a low Earth orbit satellite - through an up-link channel - with a distance up to 1400 km. To optimize the link efficiency and overcome the atmospheric turbulence in the up-link, a series of techniques are developed, including a compact ultra-bright source of multi-photon entanglement, narrow beam divergence, high-bandwidth and high-accuracy acquiring, pointing, and tracking (APT).

posted on Jul, 25 2019 @ 01:10 PM
one more research note for the possible part 2 thread.

Scientists have successfully teleported quantum information inside a diamond.

"Quantum teleportation permits the transfer of quantum information into an otherwise inaccessible space," Hideo Kosaka, a professor of engineering at Yokohama National University in Japan, said in a news release. "It also permits the transfer of information into a quantum memory without revealing or destroying the stored quantum information."
Diamonds offer the ideal setting for quantum teleportation. A collection of individually contained but linked carbon atoms inside the diamond provide the "inaccessible space."

The carbon atom is a study in atomic symmetry, boasting a nucleus of six protons and six neutrons. Six electrons orbit the balanced nucleus. Inside a diamond, the carbon atoms form a rigidly structured lattice.

posted on Jul, 25 2019 @ 05:08 PM
I've always said that the fabric of reality was a lot like a sponge full of "holes." Most of what we experience as the physical universe is essentially empty -- "huge" gaps between tiny particles that barely exist at all. The holes would essentially be vacuum, held open by there simply not being anything to fill them.

The trick, of course, would be to either navigate through the sponge holes or to make some for ourselves. Seems like a tough order, but maybe it doesn't take as much power as you'd assume and once we get a hole started, we can slide into it and come out practically anywhere / anytime (I suppose depending on how we vector into it in the first place), since they would be a spacetime nexus point where one nothing is the same as another nothing.

Then we would be like the god aliens who can step through a door and instantaneously be on the other side of the universe.

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