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Rape? It's the fault of the victims, say 50 per cent of women

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posted on Feb, 23 2010 @ 09:36 PM

Originally posted by riley

You posted government sources statistics and presented them as anonymous when they were based on police reports. You tried to decieve.

Nope I never said they were anonymous, either you don't read, or you are trying to deceive: here is my quote:

statistics can be done anonymously, eh haven't you learned that in school.

1. Relatives can rape too.

Yes very true, similarly dads can rape their daughters, hence the recent case discovered in the US where a father locked her daughter for 21 years (I think) and consequently raped her.

My point wasn't that relatives don't rape, my point was that if a relative is there, that means she won't commit adultery with that individual. If she does it is her and the culprit's fault under the Saudi law (they will both be punished), but if she claims she was raped it would be obvious in to who did it, and if that individual did. The case would be thousands of times easier.

Here educate yourself lol:

Rape is a terrible crime. It should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But false rape charges are a troublesome reality. At least 10 percent and perhaps as many as 40 percent of all rape charges are lies. Research results In the Midwest:
· 41% of the total rape cases were recanted by the alleged victim during a 9-year study in a metropolitan Midwestern town.
·45 of the 109 complainants admitted that no rape had occurred in period.
The incidence figure (from 1978 to 1987) of false rape varied from year to year and ranged from a low of ·27% to a high of 70%

The alleged rape victims admitted that they had made the false rape charges for three reasons:
· to create an alibi,
· to get revenge,
· to get attention or sympathy.
Educated women lie, too....
· University women were as likely to file a false rape charge as a valid charge. Other reports from university police agencies support these findings

2. Just because a woman does not have an escort does not mean she deserves to get raped.

Nope you are right, no one deserves to get raped, what is your point? Twisting and turning, nice try.

Rape is rape, we are talking about justice, how can you receive justice in rape charges when it is almost impossible to find out whether someone had a sexual relationship or got raped? Anyone can claim they got raped, but how can you prove it?

3. So relatives would stand around and WATCH their daughter/mother/sister get raped would they?

Don't get your point, why would they stand around and watch? People have cellphones these days, even the Arabs, and they have law enforcement agencies also, they are not cave men as you perceive them to be.

and if they are not around she must be punnished/whipped for that?

Nope that is a assumption you are making, you still haven't brought forward any law which states a women should be punished due to rape. Must be FOX news

That is truly barbarac. Do not pretend treating women like pets that need leashes is a moral thing to do..

Women need leashes, lol how did you come up with that one? How is the company of a family member turn in to pets and leashes, wow nice way to turn something to completely something different. Playing with your own brain there.

I do not see why you would be proud that women aren't allowed to take a walk by themselves. If you think that invites rape your men must really have problems.

No! They are, but not far distance where dangerous people could lurk around(hence rapists), any responsible parent or husband wouldn't allow such a thing, so why should the law? Isn't the law there to protect people, and bring an end to injustice?

.. and most women would NOT report rapes in a country where they punnish the rape victims.

Once again you still haven't provided any law which states a women should be punished for getting raped lol. Keep saying that and it might come true..

In Saudi Arabia a woman can get flogged or jailed for getting raped.. everyone knows this

First a rape victim should prove that she is a rape victim, you can't just take people's words for it, its called justice.

And am I the only one who doesn't know this? Am I the only who doesn't know that in Saudi law women can get flogged or jailed for getting raped lol..

so to try say that thats somehow morally okay is disgusting. Do not pretend they are getting punnished for lieing.. nothing about those articles suggested they were false accusations.. and given a woman needs four male witnesses her chances of getting justice would be very low.

The 19-year-old victim was sentenced last year to 90 lashes for meeting with an unrelated male, a former friend from whom she was retrieving photographs.

Yeah it wasn't because she got raped, it was because she was doing something against the law.

Families kill their own daughters if they get raped. Being ashamed is nothing cmpared to fearing for their own life.

You make it sound as if rape victims are being killed all over Saudi Arabia or being punished all over Saudi Arabia for being raped lol. Nice try ...

You said the stats you posted proved raoe happened less in non western countries. I said rape stats would reflect a lack of reporting so you claimed that you were posting anoymous stats.

Nope never stated I was posting anonymous stats, if I did please provid the quote for me because honestly I have short term memory loss (sometimes

Then you posted stats based on reported rapes and I DID look at those stats.. they did NOT back up your claims.

Yes it did, the stats clearly shows a lot of people are raped in Western nations, heck they say 1 person every minute or two. We are talking about hard stats as stats, we are not quiet sure how many people get raped unreported. If you are going to talk about unreported rape then surely I can do that too, you act as if rapes don't go unreported in Western nations lol.. Nice try..

Why the hell are you posting that crap for? It has nothing to do with the subject. Why do you keep saying "lets blame the terrorists"? Take your anti-western hate elsewhere.

Because it shows your system has failed the people, why is it so hard to criticize your own, but easy to criticize others? Ofcurse you're not the only one with such attitude, there are many like you, but you need to change your way of thought and stop living in a dream..

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posted on Feb, 23 2010 @ 09:48 PM
It doesn't require an outstanding level of intelligence to grasp that the title of this thread (which is required to cite the Source Article verbatim) is inflammatory and misleading

and surely it's the duty of anyone who posts in this thread to at least read the source article ?

It then becomes apparent that the poll was conducted in the UK

Next to be noticed is that those women who believe women are at least partly to blame for their circumstances are aged 18 to 24

So, we see that younger women believe that women who dress and behave in provocative manner should shoulder a portion of the blame if their 'night out' ends up becoming debauched

Now that's interesting, which is why the News Source turned it into a headline

It's interesting that YOUNG women are expecting OTHER young women to grow up and take responsibility for their actions

Not old women. Not middle-aged women. Youngwomen are telling other young women to 'grow up' and 50% of women generally (within the poll) have offered the same opinion

THAT is why the poll was considered newsworthy

THAT is why I posted it and offered it for consideration and discussion

posted on Feb, 24 2010 @ 01:39 AM
Edit: Removed. Wrong Thread Post.

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posted on Feb, 24 2010 @ 01:58 PM

Originally posted by LadySkadi

There is no right or wrong here, except that we've all agreed (yes, every single person posting in this thread has agreed) that rape is wrong.

i wouldn't count on it, you can't really tell women to change their ways (other than in therms of prevention and precaution) without implicitly tracing part of the cause to them.

to go on witht he standard disclaimer 'it's never her fault' then becomes tantamount to declaring them mentally incapacitated. just saying. NO ONE will simply come out and say 'lol, stupid b****, had it coming', it's likely to be the sentiment of the rapist and an unknown number of people with a similar bent.


Originally posted by Dock9

It's interesting that YOUNG women are expecting OTHER young women to grow up and take responsibility for their actions

Not old women. Not middle-aged women. Youngwomen are telling other young women to 'grow up' and 50% of women generally (within the poll) have offered the same opinion

i think you're just guessing their alleged motivation and if that type of prejudice really was prevalent, then it would still be wrong as well as self-destructive.

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 12:17 AM
reply to post by antonia

Ahhhh , with experience comes knowledge !!!

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 12:45 AM
This topic makes me think of the movie 'The Accused'. The movie was based on a true story which happened one city over from me. I watched the movie with great interest, I already knew the outcome of the trial, but I wanted to see the portrayal of the victim. I knew her, would they show her as a nicey nice girl, educated, beautiful? No, they portrayed her as she was, she was not too pretty, kind of plain, she was very loud and drank a lot, she would go out and get picked up on a regular basis, take them home with her, then go back to the bar. But anyone who knew her, knew that she was raped. She had the opportunity to sleep with every guy in there. She had a home, if she wanted a gang bang she could have invited them all to her house. She was held down in public, against her will, and raped while others stood and cheered it all on. They hurt her, physically and mentally. She was not the most stable person as it was, but she fell apart afterward. The real trial in which convictions came to the rapists and to the onlookers gave her satisfaction, but she was essentially run out of town for putting down all those 'hard working men', some of who had families at home while they were there.

I bring it up because it is a good example of even a loose woman can say no, and mean no, and if she is taken after that no has been said, it is rape and is not her fault.

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 04:13 AM
Thank you for the example,situational awareness,her guard was down because as you said she could have slept with anyone in the bar because she was on an intimate or a trusting level with MANY men who went to that bar,dont even mention the word many,yes you can pick people up in the bar like that ,but it must occur to you that with that kind of behaviour someone is unstable.Or maybe the lesson is not to pick up so many people at the same bar that you become vulnerable to a group consensus that you are so easy you are free,this applies to both sexes.

This woman was a victim twice, once to an obvious illness or as you say being unstable,as witnessed by her repeated risky behaviour of becoming a regular squeeze at a neighborhood bar.

She was then victimised by the criminals she encountered,lets not forget that she encountered the perfect storm and there is a lesson here.

For the hippocrates who have posted here both male and female,If you are hanging out at the bar and dragging men home to spend time with them and then returning to the same bar to repeat your performance you are OBVIOUSLY SICK OR ILL IN SOME WAY.

When a diabetic or someone with MS has a seisure we can see the immediate effect of their illness ,and we can help them,no one robs someone having a seizure,or only special people do that.

When an unstable ,drunk or not woman starts behaving in a promiscious manner,please dont be picky about the words I use I mean sleazy every time and am trying to be fair, the dynamic is the same,she is ill at the time,she is in a bar,she doesnt know she is ill,men assume she is sleazy and easy,no disrespect intended to the women who aspire to and maintain upstanding morales I wish there were more of you,taking or going home with this woman is like having sex with someone who is having a seizure and that is simply sick and MOST people would find that to be sick.Many of these women who become victims are sick,their decision making ability was skewed before they drank or did recreational drugs as many people in bars do.,bars are like magnets for many unstable people and the liquor fuelled environment makes the already vulnerable EVEN MORE VULNERABLE.

Thank you feminists ,for screwing up a protection system between men and women that was a key to our culture and societys sucess in ONE GENERATION.ITS CALLED RESPECT FOR WOMEN BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN ,NO OTHER REASON YOU WEIRDO FEMINATZIS ,just because they are women,weaker than men,vulnerable to dangers from men,THE CARRIERS OF OUR CHILDREN,the caretakers of our future,and the MOST IMPORTANT THING ON THE PLANET.

And it just takes one loudmouth feminist like a disease to screw our societal perspective enough to take away the protection THAT RESPECT PROVIDES ALL WOMEN.

Today is no different than before the sixties,it is WORSE MUCH WORSE.

Stop living in denial,the divorce rate has destroyed our culture and messed up our birthrate here in the EDUCATED part of the world at a time when other cuture are increasing their birthrates globally.

Are we trying to force ourselves to become extinct?

Stop the lies,in the sixties a VERY FEW women spoke for ALL WOMEN and this was a crime,the situation that existed in the sixties within our society regarding media power and manipulation as well as media exposure and control created a TSUNAMI when ther should have only been a small wave.Another case of the perfect storm.

Just do the math and put the issue to bed already,most women in the 60s in our culture were moms,housewives and happy.A few women stepped out of their traditional roles by choice and began a revolution that caught fire in the perfect media fuelled storm,perfect conditions or it doesnt happen.

Thats why I say loudmouth feminists.

These people were so stupid that they didnt see the economic value of their slavery,the transition of their labor of love for their families to a labor for money,the almighty dollar,so stupid they didnt see that their husbands didnt want to be forced to work either.WHO FOOLED OUR WOMEN?

Why not join your husbands and fight for a moneyless society that values families and the time people spend together??

I'll tell you why,because they were intentioinally pulled out of our homes just like men were.For who?

Why were generations of men taught to disrespect women and why were generations of women taught to disrespect themselves??

The feminist movement.

Only one thing protects women more than the law AND THAT IS RESPECT.


Is it time to start to tell the truth ,that the 60s was a huge error and try to assess the damages and maybe rebuild our families and our cultural identity.

You know there are some things we just cant change,and if we accomodate a VERY FEW individuals and allow that accomodation to become a law or a prevailing cultural norm via media manipulation and a designed effort,then we arent considering the needs and values of the many any more,we are promoting the values of the few over the many.

That principal was designed to help the weak ,the protection of the values and needs of the few,normal women were never considered weak ,a sick woman would have been identified by her promiscous behaviour and she would have generally been protected by respect for the sick and weak.Yes crybabies if you sleep with a lot of men or women you are not well emotionally because your brain cant seem to connect with the BOND that you are supposed to have with the person you have sex with.Get it,you are supposed to BOND with who you sleep with.Sex is only a stepping stone to an emotional and societal committment.Sorry,I have great hormones but I dont think I need and never thought I needed to sleep with women SPECIFICLLY WITHOUT EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to prove I was a man or that I could do it,its not natural.Only sick or retarded humans try to avoid the bonding and the committment.

Today we dont think she is sick we think she is easy,this hasnt gone away,it wont go away,the feminist are passing away every day of old age,and nothing has changed for the positive.

We think she is easy because we dont view a promiscous woman as displaying unusual or possibly unstable behaviour,we CANT IDENTIFY THE REAL KOOKS.Same with men,in the past you could generally tell if a man was stable and not a crazy nut if he could maintaina job and a family.That is how women avoided the losers and how men avoided the losers.In the past you could be pretty sure that the woman in the bar was sick BECAUSE THERE WERE NO WOMEN IN THE BARS,because men knew how bad liquor was and were trying to protect their families from its evil,who gave men liquor in the first place,and why werent women allowed to drink,maybe because it made THEM VULNERABLE TO BEING DRUNK AND PROMISCIOUS.

Grandma was simply smarter than todays women,to much booze and free love,no kidding,I am an echo I dont buy the baby boomer BS.

Those men who raped that woman should be dead and if all the people reading this cant see that the reason the guys are walking the streets today is the same reason that feminists were allowed to destroy our culture through the designed and executed plan of destroying the family unit in the NAME OF AN IMAGINED FAIRNESS.

Out of an urge or need to change how we are at our most basic level,jesus I know the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence ,but I DONT THINK WE NEED TO PULL DOWN ALL OF OUR FENCES SO EVERY COW WITH A HANKERING FOR A NEW FLAVOR CAN GO TASTE THE GRASS WHEREVER THEY CHOOSE.

You see it is hard to follow rules for everyone,the feminists didnt like rules and they used our existing laws to screw up our culture.

It was hard for our grandparents to but they accepted the challenge,we are cowards today,we hide behind laws designed to protect the weak.

Kill the rapists,educate the women,stop lieing.

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 04:35 AM

Those men who raped that woman should be dead and if all the people reading this cant see that the reason the guys are walking the streets today is the same reason that feminists were allowed to destroy our culture through the designed and executed plan of destroying the family unit in the NAME OF AN IMAGINED FAIRNESS
reply to post by one4all

The more of your posts I read, the more convinced I am that you have a hidden mysoginistic viewpoint. Sorry if I'm wrong but that's the way your posts come across.

Lay all the ills of the world on the women. How dare they want FAIRNESS? How dare they want to be able to work the same job as a man and receive equal pay? How dare they want a say in politics? How dare they want the right to choose their own destiny?

Do you think women were safe back in the idyllic world of Leave it to Beaver? Or even earlier, when women stayed at home "barefoot and pregnant?"

There are some cultures in the world that seek to divide the sexes.....are women safer there?

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 05:14 AM
Money,politics,fairness,ALL ILLUSIONS smyleegirl,all of them.

You just named the most damaging things that exist as far as humanity is concerned.

I guess to simplify,I cant have a baby,you cant beat me in an arm wrestle.

But I can protect your baby with my muscles and I can feed you and your baby using my muscles and I can show you how much I love you and care for you in these things.

If you flood the market with cheap labor which is all our mothers became you whiny misdirected feminatzis,then you dont make men UNEMPLOYED,you make them extinct.Our natural skill set defines us here on this planet,try to change nature and you cut our nuts off.Sorry but its not like this topic is natural it is actually an attack on male humans.

And before you feminatzis chuckle and say now you know how it feels,hear this,you dont even know how it feels to be treated this way because most of you are not baby boomers or older,you never suffered as the feminatzis that taught you CLAIM THEY SUFFERED.You are just using your intellect to kick a cat when it is down.

And because of my demographic I must add I am sick and tired of seeing the women of my race hungry ,broke,uneducated,and downtrodden.

I would prefer that the strength of the women in my culture be allowed to show itself,I wish partners for my culture who are able to exploit their own strengths to make us all stronger.One child if you are EDUCATED,two if you arent,but rarely three of four or more because educated or not YOUI GET HIT WITH A DIVORCE AT ABOUT KID TWO..

That is where we lose ladies,you cant change this either and what kind of a psyco would ignore this obvious natural reality that supercedes the pursuit of individual fullfillment and experience.Did you get the supercedes part,you have to sacrifice to be a productive member of humanity both as a woman and as a man.

Sorry but your whining about equality is just pitiful,the world was more equal 10 yrs ago than it is today,especially for women.

Like I said quit blaming men for the woes of humanity ,try standing beside a man instead of in front or behind him,its easy just do what comes naturally.But that means saying goodbye to todays BS and getting a little retro like grandma used to do,selfish little waifs,men have never enkoyed being slaves to a monetary system that robbed them of their families,and they have never defended their right to become victems of alcohol,drug abuse,and family violence which are all sympptoms of this loss of family contact and this fiscal enslavement,men stepped forward for their women and suffered this horrible state of enslavement for centuries to protect women not to hold them back .And for many generations women realised this and supported their men,but something happened to change all of this.

Women decided to take some of the pressure off of men and jump into the fiscal nightmare that our world is today ,TO HELP US MEN,because we couldnt do enough for our families any more.

You fool,women didnt leave their homes,beds and family seeking equaility they left seeking food and money to survive,BECAUSE THEY WERE FORCED TO AND WERE LIED TO IN ORDER THAT THEY BLAME MEN instead of the real culprit who happens to be?????????????

Women are slaving for someone and it sure as hell isnt men,so that means that BOTH MEN AND WOMEN ARE SLAVING FOR SOMEHTING WE DONT EVEN REALISE,I want to say it is children but reality says it isnt because children are being treated wors and worse every day all over the world.

If you really want to help HUMANITY ,just say no to the enslavement and the destruction of your families.Just refuse to work,refuse to have your womanhood stripped from you,refuse to be manipulated.There isnt enough time in your life to do all the things that feministic values teach you you can do,there are a lot of maybes in this world,its called a sales job.

Have more babies,not less,and teach them about families and love,not money and work.If you have more babies and teach them your values they will one day change society and we can rebuild our families.Babies are votes and votes make changes.A man only gets one vote in the future of humanity ,a woman can have as mahy as nature allows her to have.

You would have to be retarded or sick to not want as many votes as you could have in humanities future.


We are the factory that makes educated women,educated men,progressive human beings,we do not want to reduce our brthrate.

Ten thousand babies born without the resources and tools to effect change in our world,will count on just one of your children to be using all we can provide them TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE IN THE FUTURE.

\Even your children carry vast responsibility for the future of humanity,but you have to have the kids first ,and as is painfully obvious to do that sucessfully you need core traditional families.

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 05:23 AM
once again, this thread is about RAPE.

I have no problem standing beside my husband. And there have been many times I've stood behind him while he protected me.

The difference? I choose to be there, and he choose to let me.

Your scenario seems to imply that all women should just naturally trust the men to take care of them.

Well, trusting a man is what got me raped. So thank you, I'll make up my own mind on who I trust and why.

I'm not a feminazi, by the way. I don't think most women can do everything that men can do, or vice versa. But I do want the right for my opinion to be heard, the right to be an American, and the right seek my own destiny. Oh, not to mention the right to NOT be tied down to a dozen children.

Now, enough with the feminism rant. If you want to argue it, start a thread. But this one is about RAPE.

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 05:47 AM

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posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 05:53 AM
reply to post by Ahabstar

"Rape is one of the few crimes that I support swift vigilante justice. I see no problem with merciless, brutal torture and eventual killing of rapists. "

My head says that you are wrong because it does against my sense of justice. My heart say you are right.
Rape is an odius crime and I cannot see why these sick people cannot seek help.

The idea of women blaming rapists is wrong and if the judiciary took that again the suffering would be endless and rapists will walk free.


posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 06:09 AM
reply to post by smyleegrl

Um......not to speak for him or anything, but in a way he was.

What I took out of his "rant" was that back in the day when family values actually meant something,the incidents of rape were a lot lower because women were spending more time making families, not money.

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with having one partner for your entire life. Think about it men, the same woman in bed for 50+ years? If you want to keep it interesting, you'll HAVE to experiment sexually. After 50 years of that you'll be so experienced that the thought of going woman to woman for that lengnth of time will seem ridiculous and pointless.

The simpler we live, the better off we'll be IMO.


posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 06:16 AM
reply to post by one4all

I for one think you're on the right track.

Why people think it's more important to make money than families is beyond me.

And why people can't see the correlation between the breakdown of the family structure and higher incidents of violent crime like rape, also, is beyond me.


posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 06:23 AM
reply to post by Taupin Desciple

you are talking about back in the time when raping your wife was perfectly legal??? abuse was once legal also!!!

gee, if it's not a crime, it's not gonna show up in the statistics!!!

the number one reason why women are out in the workforce, and not home making families, or making families and then raising them alone is that it's darned near impossible for most men to support that family, and welfare is tilted to favor divorce and separation, over staying with a husband that is making some but not all of what a family needs to live!

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 06:33 AM

What I took out of his "rant" was that back in the day when family values actually meant something,the incidents of rape were a lot lower because women were spending more time making families, not money
reply to post by Taupin Desciple

Do you statistics to back this up?

Not an attack, I'm genuinely curious.

When I read some of the world history books, I noticed rape was a common tool of war. "Breed out the enemy," so to speak. Often used as a reward, or spoils, for the victors.

It seems to me that men (and women) have always used rape as a form of control and violence. Its a way to degrate the victim and his/her mate. I don't think the current change in societal family values has caused a rise in rape statistics.

REgardless, how would you define family values? For me, both my parents worked and both took equal part in raising me and my brother. Never once did my father raise a hand to my mother, never once did she raise a hand to him. They had arguments, of course, but always did so out of the prescense of the children. They raised us to have respect for each other and for society at large. When I think of family values, that is my definition.

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 06:49 AM
I am sorry to hear you were victimised.Trusting the wrong man may have contributed but trusting A MAN is not what got you hurt,a criminal committed a crime and you were the victem.Period.

Crime happens because of SITUATIONAL DYNAMICS.Wrong place at the wrong time.Unless you are a criminal then it is always the right place at the right time.

You trusted a man at the wrong time in the wrong place,and even if you hadnt trusted him ,crime may have happened.Predators dont JUST RELY ON TRUST TO GET VICTIMS.

I try to address more than one perspective when I post,I defend victims and I am in favor of the death penalty for rape.

I dont look for blame I look for solutions and if you get blamed in that process,my apologies.

Instead of always focusing on the hows and whys of the victim,why dont we focus on what kind of dress or makeup are worth forty thousand volts of electricity ripping through your arse in the electric chair.

The reason this stupid issue is even relevant is ONLY and I mean ONLY because we are not protected from the criminal element.It shouldnt matter how a woman dresses but it does,and it does because there are literally hundreds of thousands of rapists walking around your streets right now.

This and many of our societal issues are based around an unwillingness to punish criminals according to even the laws on the books today.There is no punishment,to much reprieve,opportunities to repeat crime are provided by society willingly.

If women and men want to be safe then start voting for the right politician.

Execute these people ,they deserve it,we all know it,so why are we using the laws we designed to protect the sick and the weak to protect the criminals???

The same reason we hear so much convoluted crap on this thread,everybody gets their say,and people flap their lips just to prove they can do it,to flaunt that right at even the cost of negative consequences to others.

There are places you shouldnt go and things you shouldnt do because everything in life involves a sacrifice of some type,personal freedom,personal gain,personal,safety,NO AMOUNT OF LIBERAL EQUALITY CRAP WILL CHANGE THESE FACT AND IF YOU UNDERSTAND THIS AND TAKE A RISK AND GET HURT TO BAD,IF YOU DONT KNOW THIS AND GET HURT MY CONDOLENCES.

And just for a second imagine what it is like to be a man,every time you turn around you see another male who with the slightest provocation will pummell you to your death,any moment anywhere,the mall,the bar,the parking lot,at work,well you get the idea right.Do you think women have a lock on the fear market,maybe some of you OUGHT TO TALK TO THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE IF YOU NEED SOME ADVICE ON SURVIVAL.

And dont forget that the reason you can leave your bloody house in the morning is because of men like me who defend you with no questions asked because that is my ROLE because my gender is MALE,and yes sweety you CAN BE A COP AND PROTECT ME TO IF YOU FEEL THE NEED TO Pee IN THE CORNER RIGHT NOW.

Dont you see,as long as we all talk with rules things are ok.Take away the rules and I will enforce my will on you,where the heck have some people been living?

And my rear the rules I have followed the best my entire life came from my mother,AS WITH MOST OF US,moms law is stronger than the REAL LAW.

Hope you dont get TIED DOWN with to many kids ,I wouldnt want to see you DO TO MUCH GOOD FOR THE WORLD ALL AT ONCE.

Children dont tie you down they set you free.Free of all of the crap we talk about here,if you can even have one child and not immediatly see the distinct need for gender identification and clear old fashioned roles then you are a victim of the 60s your parents probably divorced and you are confused and bitter.I was.Maybe still am,but it is irrellevant because my personal perspective is SECONDARY TO THE BEST INTERESTS OF HUMANITY.As a mother you cannot delegate your own childrens as secondary to anything therefore you will never be able to make decisions for all people,this is stronger than feminism my friends,stronger than anything,so women are crippled in the humanitarian decision making department at certain times of their life.This is nature we cant vote it away.

Just as a side note,it is very obvious when a man is in the bar which women are suffering hormonal imbalances and are ready to breed,they dont care who the man is there is no selection process, all of natures built in safeguards are turned off.ALL these women are NOT DRUNK.Many children are born to these women every year,these are misplaced children who never had love in their creation and will spend their entire lives coming to terms with this fact.Its a tradgedy.Society needs marriage.

Yes their mothers love them but this is where the feminatzis get you.It is not a womans right to biologicly bring life to the planet at her whim.We all support this life not just her.

I had a biology professor that was a retired cardio=vascular surgeon one of the best,one time in a discussion about sexuaility he pointed out published studies that showed that women were NATURALLY PROMISCOUS.

These werent his personal opinions they were published papers,well half the women in the class tried to get him fired and half defended him bitterly.

I didnt try to get him fired or to defend him,he didnt need my help the facts spoke for themselves and the one half that tried to get him fired didnt have the political power to do it or they would have.I accepted the information and left it at that,what the hell else was there to do??Oh yes,cause trouble,try to FORCE THE WORLD TO BE WHAT I WANT IT TO BE,use every technical rule I can find to undermine the facts.Use emotion to start a war,the history of humanity.

Anyways I and most people no matter which side they chose knew the truth already without the published facts.As I said go down to your neighborhood bar,and take a look around.Pick the three most promiscous women you can find and see if they will tell you how many days until they menstruate,then tell me its more than one week.You see we all know ,there is no secret to defend.Its nature,only a freak would try to change nature itself.

Rape is not complicated it is a crime.

Bad decisions based on societal mis-information is a sad tradgedy and my condolences to anyone male or female who has been hurt by listening to liberal BS about how to conduct yourself in the world we live in. Dressing in sexy clothes and going to a bar full of horny men when you are a week from ovulating and then having a couple of drinks is dangerous and you ARE PREY.DO NOT BELIEVE THE FEMINATZIS AND PUT YOURSELF IN THIS POSITION IN THE MISGUIDED BELIEF THAT DOING SO SUPPORTS A GOOD OR RIGHT CAUSE FEMINISM HAS DESTROYED MILLIONS OF FAMILIES AND GOTTEN MILLIONS OF MEN AND WOMEN HURT.

Remember the old bags are sixty years old now and no one is trying to rape them for socialising with the opposite sex.These evil women had different rules than you do and if you listen to their crap you will put yourself at unneeded risk.Not only were they misguided but they caused a lot of anger and misconception with their manipulation of the legal system to support their singleminded cause,the destruction of the core family unit and the enslavement of women to the money system when their energys are a critical part of the core familys survival.

You cannot put a price on motherhood,daycares are disgusting and designed to continue the enslavement of our women,dont you women see that??

How could you give up the time with that beautifull little life you care for???


It is the money ladies,it is the power ladies ,it is a trick and I cant wait to see the trick women will have t pull to get back home

posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by smyleegrl

No, I don't have any stats, just my gut instincts. My instincts tell me that if there are both MORE women and men at home raising their families, then there will be LESS men and women raping and getting raped.

And yes, it seems that we both define family values roughly the same way.


posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 06:56 AM
reply to post by dawnstar

I really doubt that the majority of marriages 50 or 60 years ago were hotbeds for rape. It seems like your logic dictates that men will rape regardless of whether they are married or not.

Sorry, but the majority of us are not pigs.


posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 07:01 AM

Hope you dont get TIED DOWN with to many kids ,I wouldnt want to see you DO TO MUCH GOOD FOR THE WORLD ALL AT ONCE.
reply to post by one4all

I'm a teacher. I see kids everyday who were unwanted by their parents (and still are).

I see kids where the father has left the mother to fend for herself and her offspring. As a consequence, she works two jobs. As a consequence, she rarely has time to help with their homework, ask how their day went, etc. Is this the fault of society? To a certain extent. Do I think it is a direct correlation with the feminist movement? No.

I see these kids, who are hurting desperately for lack of love and attention, and I am trying to help them. My husband and I have chosen the number of children we feel we can comfortably care for, and that is the number of children we have. I don't see how pumping out loads of kids will help bring up the world's problems.

Incidently, I am not a feminazi. I don't think women can or should do everything a man does, or vice versa. I don't think men are villains, I do believe they have a valuable and different role in our society, and I don't think all society's problems should be laid at the feet of men.

Now, enough with the feminism stuff.

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