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david icke victim of mind control?

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posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 09:24 AM
Yeow, this has been around since 31 may??

1st off,,,byrds analysis seems on target.

D. Icke (DI), i believe from the intro, was a former soccer player turned writer/reporter/storyteller....

My Query to Ya'll: (foundation); the basis of DIs fabulous stories...
seemingly originates from Hinduisms Philosophy>> [maya...Leela]

Maya is the Illusion of Existance in Duality

Leela is the Practice of 'Playing the Game' of life, consciously...
(as well as the basic nature of the Divine)

this 'Holographic Play' is just a modern wrapping on an ancient concept!

then again !.. just how far does the illusion (holograph world) descend into ones' psyche??

perhaps DI's, enlightened-clear vision of the 'below-the-surface' REALITY is naught more than...more deception!! (aka schizo delusion?)

i know i'm schizo, i'm certified, and i frequently 'see' people in different
'levels'...some are like charactures like Mr Burns of the Simpsons or maybe Mr Magoo, the myopic cartoon guy...
others are stereotypes like Ebeneezer Scrooge or Philo Kevitch or Spartacus, Hercules, Omar the Tent maker, etc etc

at times i can 'see' the snake-viper-reptoid personna in leaders like GWB
and other 'powerful' people...but i think to myself>> i'm just coloring my
subjective sub-conscious image of the person, to enrich the memory package.

--->perhaps, if my brain cortex was already filled with those 'holographic memory paths'...i might have to rely on my primal, Limbic region of my brain (the primal reptilian area) to store & respond
maybe thats whats going on with these people?

take what you want, leave the rest...

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 09:40 AM
Icke was a decent keeper, but I don't rate his research methodology too highly. He uses suspicion and paranoia rather than actual fact to try and make his points. I'm not questioning his intentions or anything of the sort, just his methodology. Getting a shaman on video saying he believes in saurian aliens does not constitute evidence, nor does him saying that Sitchin 'almost warned' him not to investigate that aspect of the Anunnaki. People like Solarion and Temple make a better cause for the saurian/amphibian aspect...

posted on Feb, 3 2005 @ 05:53 PM
Most of you guys can't effectively discredit or critique David's work. Other than I don't believe it, I haven't heard any disproving revelations by any of you. I could debate against you with I do beleive. But how much more effective is that than your arguements? David gives proof for his work and I actually seen on CNN that the British government does in fact have dealings with Satanist. As far as shapeshifting, I agree that many of his claims come from reports, but if it is true

posted on Feb, 21 2005 @ 08:46 PM
I think it is inevitable that David has fallen for disinformation at some point.

I thought for a while it might be the ENTIRE Reptilian aspect, maybe parts of the rest, that was DisInfo.

But, I think now that it is only his representation of the Reptilians that is off. I think it is possible that they cannot entirely exist in our dimension at all, ony their influence can be felt.

The Rockefeller's, Bush's, Royal family are maybe only under their very strong influence WILLINGLY, and worship it as he outlined, WITHOUT the transforming into 12 foot lizards and eating babies (although babies may be killed nonetheless).

To me, this atleast keeps things in line with the 'invisible gods' phenomenon of ancient cultures.

posted on Mar, 11 2005 @ 06:13 AM
I think David Icke tapped on something within reality that was way too close to the truth. Ickes theories range from Matrix like multiple realities all the way to his infamous reptilian agenda.

So needless to say, whatever he tapped upon could be anything.

However I do believe when he discovered this, the power in control (NWO, Reptilians, Republicans...etc) suppressed his information. Rather than making him a marauder, they decided to make him a 'loon' to the attempt of disclosure, thus discrediting the entire movement altogether.

posted on Mar, 11 2005 @ 12:37 PM
I also believe his reptillian agenda theory may be off a tad..It's hard to say how a lot of things began(annunaki/illojiem, etc.) especially when all the thin fine lines of reality have been zig-zagged repeatedly in such a manner that it it's almost nearly impossible to walk a straight line/path w/out questioning it. His theories on the secret societies & the illuminati though, i believe are on point..The satanic rituals & child molestation allegations, I'm still trying to reason w/but.. Then again, they did find 10 dead bodies under Ben Franklins house, 6 I believe were children and the remaining 4 were adults..Interesting.

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 10:26 PM
Before we start going crazy on the idea of dead bodies under Franklins house we should look into the history of things more than what some guy with dream interpretations thinks. The same guy that thought he knew the end of the world and that developed a map on what the world was going to look like when the # hit the fan. Well sorry, but he was certainly wrong on that area. Of course I am sure he has reasons now to back himself up on why he was inaccurate. As many people that for tell the future do when they fail, they seem to blame their faults on an accidental mathematical error, not that Icke did, but it doesn't matter because he was still wrong. Sure it would be odd to find bodies under someone's house, however in the 1700's things were not exactly as organized in many ways as they are today. We can't just assume that people into medical science were another form of John Wayne Gayce because they have bodies under the house. I do think there was probably some illegal stuff that went on during these experimental times so long ago, however we can only through speculation imagine that people were murdered and that everyone knew about it at its worst. Or we can think the bodies were being protected from grave robbers which was a huge thing in those days and maybe they didn't want the "studies" divulged to anyone else. We could also assume some were left out in the cold and didn't know about it, or we can view it as a more unorganized form of schooling and see these people as studying the human body just as we do today through autopsy and cadaver dissection in schooling. Either way there is no guaranteed proof that old stove making, kite flying, bifocal wearing while rocking in a rocking chair Franklin was a murderer.

Now I do for the most part think a lot of government is lies and bull# and filled with dumb people, but thoughts and ideas don't prove facts, they form our own opinions until proven otherwise. So to throw something like Ben having little kids and adults under his house, and mixing it with a wack job like David Icke does not exactly bring the truth out in history. I don't rule out the possibility of many things, but we or David Icke isn't bringing much to reality here that others have not already thought besides his adaption perhaps on alien beings.

Another person thought that Icke would come up with something better than writing books just to make money if that's what he did it for. What better way is there, if you hold the intellect to create an intelligent sounding yet unproven story to make big money at. Look at the bible, it was written with words that can be interpreted in a million ways. It doesn't mean it's right. The book of Mormons is looked at by many Christians as bull#, lets wait to see if it lasts another 1000 years what happens. It will either die out or probably become the 3rd testament. Many believe because they have faith. However faith proves nothing and holds no logic. It is based on nothing logical for the fact it is not seen or proven. A religion such as Christianity is based on an invisible entity. Credibility is lost through time unless proven with fact, routinely through past and present times. If your a girl, bleed a lot during your cycle and are anemic, you probably need iron. It's safe to say this is fact. An invisible god and saying it's the only true one spawned from a 2000 year old book that says so, is not fact. However unfortunate, if you have faith you would visualize acts of divine intervention or works of god on a daily basis. If you can't see it, it is not fact, if you have faith it is even though it denies what a dictionary is going to tell you. You cannot debate someone of a strong faith, because if they have faith than they truly believe it as fact. A belief in something you cannot see. The JESUS feelings oh how great, or to another the chemical endorphins that can be brought on with intense actions, thoughts, or sudden imbalance in brain chemistry. Speculation sucks ass, and texts which are written and rewritten fall inaccurate many times, and now do more than ever with the invention of the Internet, a place where changing a few words can ultimately twist any story into whatever a person wants it to say. Nostradamus was a poet, he liked stars, but now with the invention of the Internet the old wizard seems to be for telling things like the world trade center bombings. Lies and people being fooled in the days of yore were a dime a dozen. It was far easier to make people believe things hundreds or thousands of years ago with trickery. A magician today would be a god a thousand years ago. David Copperfield would have been feared or loved like a coming of Christ.

Someone said by quoting another in a post earlier, that power lies in a person that can get someone to believe what they are told, even if they don't really believe it. A person that knows something isn't probably true yet believes it out of fear. This is what we have today. People today are stupid, people back than had fear but also didn't know any better or have the logic we do today. Inaccuracies in writings in my "opinion" are a dime a dozen. If more people lived the now, our world wouldn't be # on, on a daily basis. Now we get to sit around the table at McDonalds, take political sides of people we never knew personally, and throw trash out the car window, while not even having a thought about the actual sphere we walk on everyday. Ya the tree hugging hippies may have been laughed at like people in line for star trek, but at least they have an interest in something much larger than the egotistical creatures that run their disease upon it. The yuppy idiots that barely ever hear most of the bitching, when they are the ones that should hear it most. And the people that think we are here to breed to increase and sustain our race have no clue. Keep too many hamsters in a cage and you see the babies vanish as food. Are they trying to tell us something? Keep too many dumb people in a 3rd world country and they continue to die as they breed in a disease infested area. Does that tell us anything? Well I guess for most people it tells us to air drop pop tarts and medicine so they can eat and stay alive to breed more disease. Unfortunately I will be looked at as a brutal bastard. I'd rather look at how I feel as nature trying to cure a sickness. A natural genocide to restore balance. I was taught once that when we stick a penis in a vagina until the "finish" a baby is the result. Unfortunate it seems many know this but seem to have made one, two or three too many mistakes in the ghetto while they are going into labor with their 5th kid, on child support with the oldest out starting gun fights over 100-150 dollar pair of shoes that probably cost cents to make. It would be nice if people had more focus on a # on planet. I guess a lot of this is just my opinion. Some opinions however can make more sense than others.

I do have my ideas, and I never went to college, but it is nice to find some research on a topic and to shed some light on a story in a bit more of a detailed way than a lizard dreaming map drawer. Among other readings just a small bit at the website below on the bodies under Franklins house.

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 10:49 PM
INHO, he deserves pity and prayers, he is outta control from illness or a psychotic break.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 07:51 AM

Originally posted by Mindsmog
Well i don't really know what to make of icke anymore, startin to think hes lost the plot a bit. Started out ok , but now , shapeshifters and reptoids for gods sake, cmon wake up david. I feel for the man i really do.

I have to agree, the Reptilean thing spoils all the other stuff he discusses and a heap of truthful valid information simply falls by the way. This is why I suspect that he's been messed with by the MK Ultra crowd so that the mainstream shuts down when he speaks.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 07:59 AM

Originally posted by Mindsmog
Well i don't really know what to make of icke anymore, startin to think hes lost the plot a bit. Started out ok , but now , shapeshifters and reptoids for gods sake, cmon wake up david. I feel for the man i really do.

A race other than, but masquerading as humans would make a lot of sense, as to how things are run. They have zero compassion for human beings. This type of criminal insanity usually does not coincide with keeping up appearances. Chris Everard has a lot of good videos related to this subject available for free on google video, youtube, etc.
I don't know about the reptilian thing, but it certainly is an arguable point.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by Tonyburke

What about the drawings of reptilians/demons from victims of satanic ritual abuse? And what about the constant denials from the authorities that such a thing (SRA) even exists, despite all the evidence? I've seen a lot of the denial in popular culture, whether on the X-Files, Criminal Minds, the news, etc.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 08:15 AM
I've read most of Icke's books, and if you read one you literally have read them all. So if he changes just one sentence in one of the books he has to go back to the printers and change them all, meaning I think it's just more worth it to make a new book with a new title, package it as the next step in awakening, and make a foot note explaining the change.

posted on Apr, 1 2011 @ 09:00 AM
Nothing but ideas here but:

I think David Icke might be a false prophet put in place to lead as many members of the truth movement as possible. If you think he's talking nonsense, then TPTB are happy because you're nowhere near the truth; if you get to a level of truth where you realise his crazy claims might actually be true, then you may well start hanging on his every word but be nicely controlled. In essence: following David Icke may well give you tremendous enlightenment, but it's enlightenment with a limit: what he's not telling you might be extremely important.

If most people made the claims he did in the eighties, then they wouldn't have recieved the attention he did. If TPTB wanted a 'false prophet' then having someone that was known to the public would be very useful in terms of promotion, and he had just lost his job at the BBC.

For me the description of these 'reptillians' and their behaviour doesn't cover the nature of the infiltration that I believe our society has been subjected to. I think reptillians are quite possibly true, but are rather simple creatures genetically made as a labour force: they may well be a sacrificial scapegoat.

One of the real enemy is probably Yahweh a.k.a Osiris a.k.a Baal (to the Canaanites) a.k.a. Jahbulon or the great architect to Freemasons. Another may be Thoth a.k.a Hermes Mercurious Trismegistus a.k.a Enoch.

I think serpents have been used as a manufactured enemy many times (for example: Genesis and the Egyptian book of the dead), in the same way Bin Laden has been today. I'm not saying serpents aren't evil, but I don't believe they're the whole show.

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