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Al Qaeda codeword wedding and Lord of the Rings

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 09:55 PM
It was a story about the attractiveness of evil. Presented as irresistible even for the best of people, even furry footed Frodo. When the moment of choice was presented, to take the power offered by the ring, only few could avoid it. Even Boromir, a brave warrior, deludes himself by thinking that he can use the power of the ring for good ends, but it corrupts and ends up attacking the ring bearer. Delusional to think that good people can convince themselves that they can achieve good things by doing bad things, or unite people. The 'key' to the story is that there were nineteen rings, but only one ring rules the other rings. The only way to defeat it was to destroy the ring, but everyone who held it came under its power.

MI5 officers who were intercepting their emails concluded that the girls’ names were code for explosive ingredients and the wedding was the date of a planned attack, The Times reports. One e-mail referred to a girl called Nadia who would be involved in a nikah, or wedding.

The former President had proposed dedicating $200 million per year in federal funds that would match with $100 million per year in state funds (for a total of $1.5 billion over 5 years) to help couples who have already chosen marriage for themselves access marriage education services, on a voluntary basis, so that they can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to form and sustain healthy marriages. For additonal information you may go to the following link

I think all three of these topics were in 2003. Lord of the Rings hit theaters, codewords for taliban marriages were given in the news. Same year Bush set aside money for american married couples. Pure cooincidence but I find interesting.

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