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Bush supporters: Name three good things about Kerry

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posted on May, 29 2004 @ 03:45 PM
ok flinx you seem pretty approachable now so i'm going to give you some insite as to who i am.

i care about me, i care about my family and my neighborhood, i care about my city and my state and my country. pretty much in that order. i dont tow any party line and i wasnt raised to believe any one way of thinking. so while a lot of what i say seems ambiguous its not, its just things are more relative and subjective than we think or want them to be. i have my biases but i keep them to myself for the most part. i come here to learn and see things how other people see them and i cant do that if i'm giving my own. i am an observer or sorts. i try to learn why people act the way they do. i know politics is a hot topic for many and it is for me too but i dont use feelings or emotions as the wind in my sail to drive my boat. i think and try to figure things out logically. i already know that if i bash someone it wont do anything positive but it will do a few negative things. one it will make me look childish. two it wont change a thing. three it could possibly make someone dislike me rather than agreeing to disagree with my views and while i'm not here for a popularity contest i dont like people to dislike me because i acted like a child, they should at least dislike me for a better reason. i prefer to show respect, i may not like your opinions but i wont bash you for them. maybe how you say them...but certainly never for the opinions themselves.

i dont pretend to be perfectly neutral however i try to be neutral. these two parties in this country dont give a whit about me or you. period. sure they both claim they want a stronger economy and more jobs and blah blah blah but look at what they do. they lie steal and cheat. they argue among each other and then when things arent worked out in a timely manner because they'd rather fight than find common ground because thats they're job they blame the other party for the stonewalling, they blame them for the philibuster the veto, etc. and very little gets done. look at how the people on this board act! now i know noone will see things the way i see them and i dont expect anyone to. i'm not trying to convert anyone and i'm not trying to convince anyone of my position. sometimes i throw it out there and hope someone gains something from it. but what i wont do is call someone else an idiot or claim moral highground simply because their opinion differs from mine. we're free to think whatever we want and despite what some have claimed, having an opinion that doesnt mesh with theirs doesnt make you an idiot. opinions are never wrong but people on this board sure like to think other wise dont they? things are not black and white but the two parties love to polarize the issues, its this or that its not. there is a reason this way of thinking is being pushed on us and its not for our benefit i assure you. and guess what? some people on this board perpetuate this way of thinking and its sickening...wouldnt it suck if we all thought one way or another?

the reason why i act the way i act is because i want people to drop the pretensious BS acts and just be themselves. not qouting rush limbaugh or al franken or al gore or sean hannity. i want to see what people have to say from their hearts AND minds, not what their hate tells them, now what a party line tells them. and no i'm not going to stop telling people to stop bashing bush clinton, whoever. its getting us nowhere and is only serving to widen the divide between us. divide and conquer mean anything to you?

now honestly i dont like bush or kerry. i have my reasons and i wont divulge them however i am going to choose which one i'm going to vote for. not because i hate one or the other, not because one isnt the other but because i viewed what positives they have and weighed those rather than their negatives. i want to go into the voting booth knowing i actually thought it out, not went into the booth in a rage just to be spiteful.

now i cant speak for the person who started this thread but i'd really like to see some reason why people support kerry that have ZERO to do with bush...substance above all else. empty promises have ruined this country and they have come from both sides. election campaigns pledges are rarely held up anymore. its almost as if people want to be lied to. now i know full well it is not easy to strengthen the economy or create new jobs but some candidates make it look as though it is just that easy and we should know better shouldnt we? i know that i ahvent seen any detailed plans from either side on how to create more jobs or strengthen the economy what i have seen is kerry acting like a jackass attacking bush when his best bet is to come up with a detailed plan of attack on making this country better than it is now, not focusing on bush's #s up. bush needs to spend more time working on his strategy rather than going after kerry. i dont give a damn if both were draft dodgers, i really dont care. what i do care about is details. lots of them. plans. actual steps being put into motion to make this country better. not hollow talk, chest thumping and dick measuring contests from these two yahoos. i dontcare who does the job as long as they do it right, they do it for us. which isnt likely but i can still hope.

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 08:34 PM
Thanks for the in-depth explainiation PrankMonkey. I 'preciate it.

Sorry if I've assigned attributes to you that didn't exist. I see where your coming from now. You're a no BS kind of guy when it comes to politics. It's good to try to look at things logically. Too often emotion tends clouds the issues. I'm going to try to vote because of the facts not my intense hatred of the Bush admin.

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 08:55 PM
Three good things about George W Bush:

1. His Skull & Bones codename is "temporary".

2. In his heart of hearts he knows he isn't cut out for leadership, he has daddy to thank for it and Cheney for holding his hand, and he will say so in his memoirs if he thinks there is any worth in them.

3. At times when he isn't creating havoc and destroying the US economy and relations with foreign countries, he is comedic to listen to.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 06:54 AM

Originally posted by MaskedAvatar

3. At times when he isn't creating havoc and destroying the US economy and relations with foreign countries, he is comedic to listen to.

I could make a great comedy show just by giving George a copy of The unbearable lightness of being and sticking him in front of a mic!

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 08:27 AM
Oh well, shame. I was really hoping to get some insight into both the candidates here coming from an opposing viewpoint. Instead, all there's been is sarcastic support. But then, it's probably...Well, hopefully only the extreams that posted on here.

But do go on with the hatrid if it makes you feel good. Enjoy those warm fuzzies.

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 10:15 AM

Originally posted by ThePrankMonkey
BT cram it, seriously. trying to pretend kerry isnt going to do politician like things to us isnt going to help you or your arguments. WTF is the difference BT? seriously. if we dont get screwed with a war on terror you dont approve of we'll just get screwed another way.

havent you figured this out by now? you seem pretty intelligent and i figured you would have known this but apparently not.

so if me being proactive and trying to deny the ignorance of blind hatred before it gets to this thread and turns into another bash bush thread makes me a bitchy person then label me a bitchy person. i dont care.

No, I fully expect for flaws to come out in a Kerry presidency: office holder vs. office aspirant often times, as with Bush, turn out to be completely different people. That being said, my opinions about Bush are based on the knowledge of the state of affairs circa 1999 vs. circa 2004. It's no Monday morning quarterbacking, either, just simple review of the data my non-clearence having sensibilities were exposed to.
You're confused on not just the above, but in having this morbid pessimism about the choices - "dammed whoever we put in office". Naturally, I don't agree. We are a company selling a product. If you have a dirty CEO, no one wants to buy. We need a change, if for nothing else, to remedy that situation. I value Kerry's achievements & like his fortitude - all the tools necessary for our recovery, that's why I'm voting for him.
You need some new Brushes, Prank, because you only have that broad one, and it covers the facts as they are: the Bush "bashing" is warranted more that it's not, there is a difference in candidate capabilites and the "hate" is focused on where we were being morphed into what we've become - not the figurehead "leader" who's been the face to the change.

And you are officially labeled a Bitchy Person!!!

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