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Status of Women in Islam - Stopping the disinfo

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posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 11:32 AM
reply to post by Bombeni

Hey Bombeni, you asked earlier on in this thread when I was trying to give some points of view on this sensitive subject about whether men face any consequences.

Okay, here is an article today posted where 3 women were caned 'supposedly' for the first time in Malaysia. Now, I have a problem with this because Malaysia is NOT an islamic nation. It is a multi-cultural/religious nation.

However, if you read through it you will find that 4 men were whipped for the same/similar offenses. The offenses were that of adultry.

So, to make the point, their law does cover both women and men. Granted, as with many religions, the men have a bit more favoritism.

I honor your intent and your desire to make life better for muslim women. They deserve it. But so do the women in buddhism, taoism, the extremes in christianity and on and on. All cultures and religions have sects in them that abuse women. That is the major point being made by the people in this thread.

Does it make it right? No. But the point must also be made that many muslim women (a solid majority) actually live what you would consider a normal fruitful life.

Link to story

Edit: And maybe I should add that in certain states in this very country (United States) that if a man or woman were to come home and find their spouse in bed with a lover they can lawfully shoot them and face minimal to no charges. That is in answer to the charge that adultry should not be punished in this manner. (I agree that it shouldn't but I'm just saying that we still have laws on our books that support some pretty severe punishments for adultry)

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