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New Poem, from yours truly :)

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posted on May, 28 2004 @ 08:35 PM
Hey everyone, I know I have been gone awhile, but I created this poem today, and I hope everyone can enjoy it. I do not know if it is one of the best poems that I have written, but I certainly think it is good for now

Check it out:

This happened not so long ago,
In the eyes of us, ‘tis was millennia ago.
However in the eyes, of the all-seeing one,
A pound to him, may seem to us a ton.
So for now, the story goes on,
Searching in the forest, dusk ‘til dawn,
There sat a seed, small and tiny,
Who stumbled upon, something soft and shiny.
Curious, the seed grew more,
Sprouting legs, feet and a roar.
The lion sneaked through the growing grass,
Who stumbled upon, a large piece of brass.
Sprouting upright, the thing grew more,
“They shall swing from the trees, and be the core,”
For something a little smarter, something a little more.
The creature walked upright, and had a spine,
Tall and proud; no longer needing the vine.
Who stumbled upon, a stick and a stone,
Who it realized, could be thrown.
Survival of the fittest, some might say,
Evolving infinitely, even to this day.
But some might think, this thing grew backwards,
Wielding deadly weapons; iron things of swords.
More fighting and killing,
Sending hell into chilling.
And finally arrived, upon this day,
When it thinks it is smart, thinking things are okay.
Except now is the time, when prophets fulfill,
The promise of angels, and what they spill,
High from the heavens, come the pouring bowls,
Sending children running, destroying even sickly souls.
The universe has, reached its insanity,
When time has decided, to kill the virus called humanity.
It started out good, it started out grand,
When that tiny seed, was placed upon the land.
But that is the story, from beginning to end,
And I hope you listened; warning comprehend.
For that time is arriving, just look at us now!
Killing each-other; breaking the vow,
And when the time comes, people will wonder,
“What is happening, just look at this thunder!”
But if at the time, at the very end,
Thy will ascend, if the creator’s word you defend.
I don't have a name for it yet, but I hope you liked it


[Edited on 28-5-2004 by WeBDeviL]

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