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Iran Earthquakes Natural cause or ?

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posted on May, 28 2004 @ 06:10 PM
Iran is and has been for many years seeking "nuclear power" and in many recent reports it is clear that they are very close to having a working nuclear reactor made in part for them under contract by or with the Russians.

But what if Iran is farther along than we have been made to believe?

As we have seen with pakistan and other nations that have built nuclear weapons they had to be tested. In Pakistan this was done on a small scale and in one case from inside a mountain.

Other nations have tested their "bombs" under water. We ourselves (USA) tested our nuclear weapons many years ago both under ground and under water.

But if Iran had nuclear weapons and needed to test them where would they do it?

In Iran could some of the seismic events including some of the larger earthquakes have been triggered by deep underground nuclear tests?

How will you know your weapon works if you do not test it?

I wish I could pull together some data to back this theory up. But I have been looking at many sources and really there is nothing that will support this theory.

Iran has always been part of a very active seismic region.

The real question I have is .. Is it possible to have a series of deep underground tests of small nuclear devices and have it trigger what seems like normal seismic events while going undetected by us?


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