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ALERT!!!! InvAID: 140+ (and growing) Articles on The Ongoing Militarization of Haiti

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posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 01:06 PM
reply to post by djusdjus

Originally posted by djusdjus

Also, I am kind of stumped as to why people think rescuing an entire nation that has barely any infrastructure to begin with would be anything close to orderly or easy.

It's a ridiculous assumption and remember, no one had to go there in the first place. We could have all just let Haiti continue to rot and continue to wallow in despair upon despair.

Actually Cuba and other countries were there on day 1 deliverying medical care and aid. It would be better for the US to stay out of the way instead of intentionally or otherwise screwing things up

The big question is what do we do with her afterwards? Do we bring them back to a level of where they were at? Where most of the country lived in handmade tin or plywood shacks and most of the people live in abject poverty or practice meager subsistence living?

Haiti is a poorly run country to begin with. Rife with corruption and overwhelmed with poverty.

Please read any of the historical views provided in the subject link. Then google Haiti's history and read randomly. You may choose to ignore the numerous documents that berate the US strategy in Haiti but you'll be hard pressed to ignore all of the international interference in this country. It's a strategy that has been prevalent for the last 60 years at least. Haiti would probably be a fantastic place if the foreigners quit backing the political elite against the common people.

I personally don't think Haiti is capable of independence. As a country they have dismally failed at it ever since they were given independence. They can't pay their debt and have to have it relieved. they can't get their population working and they can't get infrastructure or education and helathcare working properly.

It is one of the most poorly run countries in the western hemisphere. If not for help and handouts, they would all be dead.

Ditto my last comments! Plus if it wasn't for US Military establishing control of the country, more might be alive still but more importantly, the death toll will keep rising because there is an apparent lack of interest in deliverying the aid to this country.

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