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Ancient Structures in Earthquakes?

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posted on Feb, 7 2010 @ 02:52 PM
So if over time, structures fall from earthquakes, and a nation realized that only a balanced structure would survive thousands of years, they might have attempted to create the most balanced structures, able to survive earthquakes and strong storms, for example.

Many of the well-made stone buildings of the ancients have survived. Some of the ideas they once had could still be put into good use. During the Haiti rebuilding, the locals could create large pyramids out of the rubble. In the higher elevations, they could build houses half-underground, which would also stabilize temperature more.

It would make a home stronger and more efficient if it were partially inside the earth. The pyramids also, are a simple idea. Take a sandbox on a table and shake the table. Put various geometric objects in different ways, and see how it goes. It's not that difficult.

So there you have it. We need to create more pyramid-style buildings, and homes half underground. It would probably look sweet, along with being able to withstand a natural disaster. Were the ancients trying to tell us something?

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