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UK plans for Satellite tracking of criminals

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posted on May, 28 2004 @ 02:00 PM
Article from the Telegraph

The satellite tracking is intended to be used on sex offenders and criminals on community sentences, but the potential for misuse is huge. How long before this technology would be used to spy on "potential suspects" and the like before the whole country was under surveilance?

What this appears to be is a clever ruse to erode the public freedom and privacy. No one would be opposed to keeping a closer eye on sex offenders and violent criminals, so it allows the government to establish a monitoring system with public approval.

posted on May, 28 2004 @ 10:54 PM
it sounds like it would work for a while but after a while people would misuse it.

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 09:39 PM
It is being misused on me.
I am under the satellite surveillance, and I haven't done anything wrong.
All I did was get caught in the web, and now they can look at me inside the house and inside the building no matter where I go, they track me, even driving..not a moment of the beginning they looked at me taking showers, sitting on toilets, too. They took picture of that somehow,,they have these new unknown is just horrifying what the future beholds...
AT first i got there attention on MTV website, they knew about cars I drove and that I had piano in my house,,,gov't trolls and hackers would talk about it on the board. And one year later at another political board, I got their interest again. I was upset that they looked at my school, work, library, credit cards..everything. but nothing prepared me for the horrors that they have commited against me. I am only alive, I guess because nobody will believe me, they assume. Isn't anybody here who have any inkiling of what I am saying? Funny thing was I ran into a guy at the college who knew me from the computer...he had greasy look in his eyes when he saw me..he have seen me naked somehow...he had access to this techonology...I live close to nasa. isn't anybody here who takes me seriously? I fell obligated to spread this information,

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 10:10 PM
so, you are in the US...I don't understand?

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 11:53 PM
yes I am in the US.
It is hard to understand what I am saying. It just sounds so crazy, and not make logical sense. main point is that i am an innocent citizen, I have not done any wrong-doing, they think my life is worthless, and using me as their geniue pig, and they track me 24 hours a day, even while I am sleeping they are watching and taking notice of every single movement of muscle, every single nerve
this sounds so crazy...I know. It sounds like alien is doing experiment on me remotely..but no, its the US gov't and the military and nasa...nsa..cia,

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 11:56 PM
Its amazing how the goverment can strip more and more of our freedoms at thier every whim with the clever guise of national and personal security.

Quite right, the potential for misuse is enourmous if not destructive.


posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 11:57 PM
Could you explain all the events in a chronological order, and be more specific?

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 07:31 AM

Originally posted by Jamuhn
Could you explain all the events in a chronological order, and be more specific?

I second this request. Also, do you have any proof you're being watched or just a funny feeling that its happening? You stated in another thread that the government was reading your thoughts, other than a similarity in ideas, any proof?

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 10:55 AM
I have a post under the gov't military project which is on the first page. Which also explains.
Before 9-11, I posted quite alot on MTV board. too much infact, to get their attention. Then i did not know but now I know they have paid posters from gov't, from all different interests, and hackers from gov't and all sorts of hackers lurking. Plus I did not have a firewall.
One more thing, I have no evidence to back up. I found this site accidentally, and I was trying to found out if it discussed anything like my situation.
You might say what I experienced was just a coincidence, but it is not. Because I was spending so much time on MTV board, I saw too many strange things involving me private information. Like a car I drove before, Acura, and piano...stuff. And they knew the sites I visited what I did on my computer 2 or 3 years ago. Now this is all maybe routine and harmless now I think back. worst was yet to come.
I had started to think that they can see me inside my house, whenever I visit that site, they would discuss what I did..something very private sometimes., that's why I had my was too specific and private to be just mere coincidences.and I have a defect on my face from childhood accident..One time I was looking at that in my small mirror, and when I went to that site again, they used username which described my defect.
But I wasn't sure this time what was going on. Oh one more thing that happened twice here that later made sense was two weird things.
There was a poster there who had a home page, and I visited his home page and looked at his pictures.
Later that night while I was sleeping I thought I was and sensed somebody like him lying behind me.....trying do...enter my behind.I can feel it..but it felt more is too disgusting to explain...but now I look back and I know that they did not succeed was because I never had that experience. It sounds so crazy but they can make you feel things that you have felt..that is if your nerves or brains have memories, or experiences of it(if you read my other post on gov't project, I talked about it over there)Not only that they can magnify that sensation.
On other night, I was at my brother's house watching hours and hours of Japanese animation. He was alway on a job, and I was watching his house. Later that night, I was sleeping and I felt cold thing wrapping up my body and i was a animated girl, full version, naked hovering around me, I screamed , and woke up, and she disappered out the window. But at this time I thought I was just having strange nightmares and did not think to connect these two events together. Now knowing and experiencing what I did these two events weren't natural... this is nothing compared to what happened to me after ward now that I look back.

my story is long...I will right more later. Two things I want to summarize here is that,, they can see you inside the house crystal clear without putting any devices, if they want to,(later I found that they can see you anywhere you go if they want to) and I don't know how they do it..but they do. Second thing, they can mess with your brain to see and feel things that are just like holygraphs. sounds crazy,,,but it gets crazier later on and scary too. Have you ever been so scared without a break that you just wanted to end your life? I have experienced that later on. I will post again later.

They are not increasing their harrassment of me since I am writing here, they probably think that nobody will take me seriously here..,,.

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 11:48 AM
Look let's say you're telling the truth, for arguement's sake. Do you know of any reasons that the government would harass you in such a way? I have heard of government mind control experiments, but they do not sound like what you are experiencing. Can you give us more insight into who you are that would cause someone to want to do this?

I read your posts in Government projects as well....have you considered getting psychiatric help? That's not an attack, just a question.

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 12:36 PM
el-tempo, you think I am crazy, it is okay. I wouldn't have believed someone like me two years ago before all of this started.
I wanted to reveal later that I do receive psychatric help. after i told all the things that have led to it. i am 35 years old. people at my age just don't develop psychosis. Drs think its odd but they don't think too much of it. I am an outpatient. I live a normal live, and I am highly functioning.
Now I don't have to take medicine because I am not scared as in the beginning. but I take it at night because it knocks me out, and they can't do anything to me my brain, when its in deep sleep.

The reason why I am being targeted. somehow i became a victim that they just coult not let go of. they just had to experiement and I became a too attractive guinny pig to let go. How could they legally found a subject to do experiement like these. no body would volunteer not only that it wouldn't be a secret..etc. I wonder why they own't let me go now, maybe they are still experimenting or for protocol they just have to watch me. its been two years and they haven't let down. recently, I had a stuffed nose which made me unable to breath...couple of days later...they make my nose stuffed so I can't breath, so they are still thinking me as an object of experiment, a source of data.

I had a health problem, and I had a chinese magnetic acupuncture, one plus one minus that I used all over my body. i just know little biology from chinise ancient medicine. Each area of spinal cord relates to part of the body organs and parts of the brain. it is all interconnected. so I was using that, and they noticed things happening in my body. I think I innocently helped them perfect what they can do. Plus they used that magnetic accupncture and magnified its effect and used it on my brain to make it go psychotic. (I was told that in reality, when somebody is in a very strong-magnetic field that they can go psychotic)

ok. I am tired of defending myself, you probably think I am crazy. and I wanted to more important things to say..about what the us gov't can do.. before defending my sanity.

Anyway,,,somehow I am discouraged to go on. Now definitely my credibility is lost due to my admission of medicine record in addition to bizaare things I am saying.

somehow I am glad people are not trusting me because it tells me they are not too much of a nut to frequent site like this. I too even read some of the posts here, even the ones that sounds scientific..."how can they believe this?" I own't blame you. But I believe what happend to me is true...too many things still happening reinforces it.

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 02:01 PM
Again, I am not here to question your sanity. It was merely a question of interest. My main interest (and I'm sure the interest of the many people who've viewed this and your other thread) is what proof you will be able to provide regarding any of what you've claimed.

While I may not necessarily believe in what you've said, its only because you've not given any hard proof. I do believe that you are convinced that its happening, so if you have more evidence, we'd all be interested in seeing it.

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 07:14 PM
If I had good several evidence I would not be wasting my time here, I would contact lawyers, contact reporters, and make all hells loose. My civil liberty has been violated, My privacy invaded. not only that I was sexually molested, abused, psychologically emotionally physically abused..they drove me to corners to no way to turn without any mercy,,except to kill myself..that's how frightening and scary whole thing ended up being..and that's why I was for the first time in my life, labelled psychotic at age of 33, because I have no evidence to back up what happened to me.If I had evidence I wouldn't be talking here. would I? If I had evidence of things that have capability to destroy a person from far away, an innocence person....I would do all my best to confidently accuse the right wrongdoers and bring justice.
On the other hand, I don't think I would be alive if I had good evidence to back up my story.
I think I wrote too much and confusing people, I did say I had nothing to substantiate my posts...

I also believe that gov't has posters posting here, so, I am aware of that..they are letting me post without increasing the usual harrassment. Maybe this site has no significance,..maybe people will ignore me because I have no evidence...maybe gov't trolls will make sure that I get ignored and dismissed if I generate too much interest.

I have only one evidence,, a drawing of another patient who was hospitalized at the same time as me. She said that I drew her, and it was not my style nor in my memory...she did that so that I believe that I was actually psychotic. She was set up there to make me believe that I was actually crazy.

If I was truely psychotic, I would not worry about what happened and what I experienced. Its all in my head and no real harm will be done to anybody. But if I am not psychotic, and if my experience is true, then the us gov't can do alot of horrible things to people.
This people who are watching me every moment are very evil, nasty, and viciously mean, their method of torture are just like what they did at iraqi prison..very depraved.and worse......I believe these are the people who can kill people without any conscious. One thing I know they don't believe in God. They hate all that goodness. They hated to watch that movie passion of christ while I was do I know? no evidence..other than they intesified their daily torture of me while wathcing it.

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