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NEWS: Wanted Terror Suspect Recently Spotted

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posted on May, 28 2004 @ 07:40 AM

Adnan El Shukrijumah the man with South Florida connections, who was pictured by the Department of Homeland Defense as being a wanted terrorist was spotted as recently as six months ago in Georgetown, Guyana. Shukrijumah is known to have relatives living in Guyana. He was spotted by a Guyanese businessman at a cambio (money exchange) store collecting funds on several occasions. Panamanian officials also confirm that El Shukrijumah visited their country in April of 2001 for 10 days with a Guyanese passport. The current whereabout of El Shukrijumah since the sightings are not known.

The Miami Herald
Sources in Guyana said U.S. intelligence agents focused their search on the nearby Caribbean island of Trinidad because they believed he had links to Muslim extremist groups there.

But no known sightings of Shukrijumah occurred until Bacchus went to authorities.

Bacchus said he saw Shukrijumah at least three times at the Swiss House Foreign Exchange Cambio, a money-exchange office on Water Street in Georgetown. The last time he saw him was shortly before Christmas, he said.

Bacchus said Shukrijumah and the owner of the exchange, Farouk Razack, appeared to be friends. Razack told The Herald he had no contact with the terror suspect, but he did say he was acquainted with his father, 73-year-old Shaykh Gulshari Muhammed el Shukrijumah.

''His father and my father are friends,'' Razack said. ``They worshipped at the same mosque together. That was a long time ago.''

Relatives living in a Georgetown suburb said Shukrijumah had been in the country as recently as January, but said they had no idea where he went.

''We don't want to talk about this,'' one of two female relatives said Thursday outside the family home. ``We have had enough and are tired.''

The two women would not give their names. In the past, relatives acknowledged Shukrijumah had stayed in Guyana, where his father was a prayer leader at the Peters Hall mosque. The father later traveled to Saudi Arabia to study theology.

The elder Shukrijumah was in that country when Adnan was born, relatives said.

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posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 08:56 AM
The FBI has just released a video showing Al-Shukrijuman teaching mechanics at Broward Community College here in South Florida. It is being reported that Padilla and Al-Shukrijuman were in contact at one time or another

F.B.I Releases New Video of South Florida Resident Linked To Al Qaeda
PEMBROKE PINES – The F.B.I released video of Adnan Al Shukrijuman, a former Broward County resident who is now among Al Qaeda suspects.

The video shows Shukrijuman teaching auto mechanics at Broward Community College.

The Saudi Native is now one of the country’s most wanted men, and is considered a leader of a terrorist cell linked to Al Qaeda.

The Justice Department said on Tuesday that Shukrikjuman was in talks with Jose Padilla, known as the "dirty bomber," to blow up high rise buildings in New York, Washington D.C or Florida, authorities say.

Padilla is in custody and the F.B.I says they need to catch Shukrijuman.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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