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the great war

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posted on May, 28 2004 @ 06:40 AM
i had no other idea where to post this, but this seems like a good place to do so, for it is a rant on the human condition with war

ladies and gentlemen
welcome to the thee definitive once in a lifetime event
of the planet earth without question
please have a seat and do make yourself at home
before the sendoff into the great unknown
for i'm proud to present to you the end of the world live
via broadcast on all sides...
seated in a lawnchair from my backyard i own a private view
with a bucket of popcorn and a soft drink i hold my hand with you
enjoy this sight for what it's worth
cuz we had the last two seats on the face of the earth
i look up to the sky searching for the answer to my question within
to witness the shot felt around the world and so it begins
the melody that came to be known as the dead of night
is what inevitability sounds like
this world had once been a marvelous sight
is now a blank space completely devoid of life
once the war machine was set in locomotion it became impossible to return back
down this one way track
there was never any hope for mankind
for they laid claim to whatever they can find
never mind the fact that it was never lost
but selfishness gained control now all must pay the cost
stakes are high
as untamed fury paints the sky
a cascade of bombs and missiles
bullets that ricochet from rifles to pistols
hailstorm of hellfire that make no distinction
between neutrality, the enemy at hand, or those that pledge allegiance
it's all fair game according to the artform of war
international codes of conduct are only for display which are useless to bring forth
as a person so simple i suffer from a fatal flaw
i can't figure out if i'm to run in fright or stand aside in awe
my mind is racing cuz i this brings back memories of the fourth of july
yet this is no struggle for independence or entertainment in the sky
countless summers have already come to pass
but i never wouldn've thought that this one would end as a blast
whatever i need to heat up another popcorn bag
and i'll refill your drink on my way back
man your stations and begin deployment of all available units
this is not a drill, i repeat this is not a drill
combat has already been initiated out on the battlefield
remember they are them and we are us
for being who we are they hold a grudge
envious that we're natural born leaders
with supremacy present from our first day as a fetus
be proud and always stand tall
so remember to never give in as you're fighting for our, i mean, your cause
to hell with the voice of reason and textbook logic
shockwave after shockwave shall affect everyone from the deepest cavern to the cubicle inside of the corner office
no life shall be spared
organized chaos bombards every front on land, sea, and air
earth can barely sustain all this weight
slowly inching towards that pressure point where it will break
one single error could spell terror
while the supply and demand on caskets is far too great there will be no funds left to cover all neccessary pallbearers
i'm back, here's your drink, did i mis anything worth a mention?
or was it only hinting of what's to come next then?
dear god did you catch sight of where that missile was hitting?
it completely leveled the entire of central city!
reduced to rubble in barely three seconds flat
hit the rewind button i need to scope a replay of that
such a scene has be busy upchucking
damn in the frenzy i spilled over my bucket
push through the frontline with hardest weapon in our arsenal...

this is a half-finished song i penned awhile back. it details the great war from different perspectives. can you spot the personas within this?

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