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Does the Vatican hold power over China?

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posted on Jan, 31 2010 @ 12:40 PM
Does the Vatican hold power over China?

Don't be so sure too fast, there is actually some interesting information out on the web that caused me to ponder this question as well.

Now any of you whom have researched the Vatican, the Holy See, their respective histories and the history of the Roman Empire ( and other empires of history before that) you will know that the Pope is more than just a mere religious icon.

The Pope holds great power, as he can just walk into the UN or the EU, or just about any other secretive/restricted world diplomatic gathering without any issue. He has "observer" status just about anywhere he goes. CFR Trilateral Bilderburg Pilgrims he can get in anywhere and people "revere" him. That is just an example of his actual "political power".

He is not poor either, and I cannot even imagine the wealth of the Vatican.
I wouldn't trust any estimates either because I consider it impossible to gauge and I would't trust the Vatican's "public" estimates either lol.

What price tag goes on Michelangelo's art in there? Right...its priceless.

Anyways, I was wondering what kind of relationship China has to the Vatican...

Found some info that is pretty juicy too.

"China Repents and Seeks to Woo Pope" Feb 17 2008

"Playing 'spin the pope' in China"

"China official says gap with Vatican narrowing" Feb 20 2008

In that article are some interesting statements.

"China's 8 million to 12 million Catholics are split between a state-sanctioned church and an "underground" church that rejects government control and answers only to Rome."

"have been engaging in a secretive"

Also there are some good wiki articles and tons of links.

Google random phrases with pope vatican or china in it, I spent the last few hours looking through tons of links on the subject.

After looking through all of this , doesn't it become apparent that with all these secret meetings and talk of reconciliation and talk of China's changing of legal structure imply that the Pope holds great influence in China to put it mildly??

The Vatican and China still have a river between them, but it looks to me like the bridge is being built.

Perhaps all roads in China will soon lead to Rome? (If they do not already).

Think of it from an economic aspect as well, the Pope knows all of the big corporate tycoons and moguls too. He has influence with everyone big.

So obviously the Chinese leadership is weary of the Pope's immense power.

Comments, or further debate from anyone is appreciated. I would love to hear from any objectors, or those with additional info to add.

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