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The Falkirk Triangle - UFOs over Scotland.

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posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by m0r1arty

Like is said after the airport opened

Welcome to Cumbernauld Airport which is located conveniently on the outskirts of Cumbernauld, a large town with a population of around 50,000 people.

The airport started as a grass strip in 1966. In June 1988 the runway was opened and on 11th August 1989 the custom built airport was officially opened by the then chairman of Cumbernauld Development Corporation...

posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 01:02 PM

Originally posted by m0r1arty
Nice thread Karl and I hope you get many more tales which give you something to research. S+F

M0r,thanks for the reply - its been said that there's quite a number of strange reports from the area - if you know of any more please post away.

Theres some interesting reading about Scottish UFO sightings below, including a strange jelly mould shaped object.

Documents released to the National Archive reveal details of UFO sightings in Scotland.

..A report from July 1993 describes how a single ball of light was seen hovering over the River Tay in Dundee, which then spit into smaller lights and departed in the direction of Invergowrie.

A letter sent to the MoD details a sighting in Penicuik from December 1994, where over a period of almost half an hour a bright light was seen in the sky. It grew larger, and smaller red lights were visible which seemed to be smaller 'crafts' entering the larger one. When the last of these apparently went in, there was a bright flash and it zoomed off.

Penicuik features again in February 1996 when a report of an object described as "Shaped like an old-fashioned jelly mould" is published, four people seeing the object with yellow and white lights hovering towards the Pentland Hills.

A number of objects were seen apparently flying in formation with an airliner that took off from Edinburgh Airport, according to a report from 1995. The witness from Livingston noticed as the plane got airborne, there were three round, very bright silver objects gathered in front of it, as well as three behind and one above.

The documents also revealed that in 1996, checks were made with radar after three police officers in Inverness reported seeing a very large stationary triangular object from Inverness Police Station for a period of 40 minutes.

Gov Docs


posted on Feb, 1 2010 @ 10:28 PM
Hey Karl,

I'm no longer in Scotland but during my 30 years there I heard of many, many stories of unknown aerial bodies which I suppose prompted me into the field of researching them casually.

As I'm sure you've ascertained from my posting style I fall into the sceptical ranks and try to explain away things as they are as oppose to what people want them to be but there is a plethora of cases from the Bonnybridge area as well as some from the Machrihanish area too that aren't quite so easy to dismiss.

Ron Halliday was the go-to-guy during the mid-90's for all things paranormal in the media for Scotland. He's a nice guy who I've spoken with on a number of occasions. He's a little enthusiastic for my tastes and perhaps takes the fantastic over the factual a little too much but he has documented 100's of sightings and is a reasonable researcher.

Like most though he's onto the book circuit now so he'll be looking for cash for the work he's done. I'd recommend going to a library and seeing if they have any of his stuff there are perhaps get 'inspired' to investigate it openly here on the boards.

If I recall any particular cases I'll be sure to think of you Karl and pass on what I can.

Keep up the good work and don't forget love with your heart and use your head for everything else!


EDIT: Here's a story from the Observer about Scotland and the Bonnybridge area in particular, it's from 2002 and pretty much states that the area has more sightings per capita than anywhere else.

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posted on Feb, 2 2010 @ 06:28 AM

Originally posted by m0r1arty
Keep up the good work and don't forget love with your heart and use your head for everything else!


Here's a story from the Observer about Scotland and the Bonnybridge area in particular, it's from 2002 and pretty much states that the area has more sightings per capita than anywhere else.

Thanks for the reply M0r - after reading some of your posts over the years I have to say I do respect your opinion and that is some mighty fine advice you've posted there.

For Bonnybridge to be the number one hotspot in the world does take some beating - the area of Todmorden in North Yorkshire also has its fair share of very strange reports, as does the island of Puerto Rico.

They're not from in the Falkirk triangle but here are some more UFO reports from bonnie Scotland:

Police UFO Reports - Scotland.

March 1980. Location - Forfar, Tayside, Scotland. Whilst at home the officer saw a strange orange light in the sky. It moved away and faded from view. Moments later it reappeared much brighter than before. He could now see a series of four lights on it. The UFO appeared to be hovering above a gas compression plant approximately 2-3 miles distant. So curious was he about the object he awoke his wife and neighbours who also witnessed the light. His neighbours viewed the object through binoculars and described it as an oval rugby ball shape with a glowing white top. The officer rang Forfar police station but enquiries with nearby airports proved negative.
Off Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source: Dundee Courier and Advertiser 01/04/80.

1330-1400 hours. Location - Dundee, Tayside, Scotland. Whilst looking out of his living room window the officer looked toward Sidlaw Hills that overlooks Craig Owl when he saw a strange movement in cloud. As he looked at the object he realised that he could make out a sphere like object that appeared to have no real substance to it. As he watched it the UFO began to change shape as it appeared to ‘dock’ beside a communications mast beside Craig Owl. The object turned on its own axis before changing from sphere to an oval shaped UFO. He estimated its size as approximately 50-100 feet in diameter. He observed the object for 1-2 minutes. The object made a sharp movement and began to follow the contour of the hillside until it was out of sight.
Off duty sighting. 1 officer. Source: PRUFOS Police Database.

0003 hours. 19/05/1988. Cramond Island. Pentland Hills, Scotland. An on duty uniformed officer observed one static white light and four occulting yellow lights above the ski slopes above Pentland Hills. This sighting followed observations of three objects by two members of the public. There was good visibility and no low cloud. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source: FOI Documentation

2330 hours. 24/09/1988. Bordaduabh near Campbeltown, Scotland. Several members of the public and a Special Constable observed three to four stationary objects over Kildranna Sound, north of Loch Luca, nine miles north of Campbeltown four 40 minutes. The objects were generally stationary and then would move slowly. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. FOI Documentation.

Late 1979. Location – Dumfries, Scotland.
Five uniformed officers were involved in a sighting of multi coloured UFO that was seen to hover over the town of Dumfries, Scotland. Later at a press conference two of the officers involved, Sergeant BILL McDAVID and PC JAMES SMITH spoke about their experiences. PS McDAVID said that he drove to within a mile of the object. He described it as being longer than an aircraft and hovering at an altitude of only 500 feet. He described the shape of the UFO as being similar to that of an airship with five or six white lights shining from six different areas of the craft. PC SMITH said, “I never believed in UFOs up to now. It was raining at the time and the cloud base was very low.” The UFO remained in a stationery position for around 20 minutes until it vanished over the hill to the west of the town. Several members of the public also reported seeing the UFO. Checks with the Glasgow Weather Centre proved negative as they could not explain the configuration of the lights as described by the witnesses.
On Duty sighting. 5 Officers. Source—The World’s Greatest UFO Mysteries Page 122. Hamlyn.

30/08/80. 0135 hours. Location - Dumfries, Scotland. A PC SMITH and five other uniformed officers plus several members of the public observed a cigar shaped UFO with a series of lights over Dumfries, Scotland. The case was reported to the MOD.
On Duty sighting. 6 Officers. Source: PRUFOS Database/MoD.




posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 01:57 PM

Beware the ‘Flying Toblerones’: Reports of Scottish UFOs Released.

Reports of “flying Toblerones” and objects travelling at 1,100 mph across the Scottish sky have been released by the Ministry of Defence. The files detail how unidentified objects have been witnessed flying over a range of locations across Scotland.Among them were one from a senior air traffic controller at Prestwick Airport who reported seeing a fast-moving UFO on the airport radar.

While four fishermen spotted a flat, shiny object hovering off the coast. The Scottish accounts are among the thousands of reports made of close encounters with UFOs across the UK which have been released in a joint project between the MoD and the National Archives.

For five years the people both you and I represent have witnessed a phenomenon in the area that has been left unexplained The Prestwick airport incident in February 1999 led to an extensive investigation by RAF air defence staff who impounded radar tapes from a number of airports around the UK.



posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 01:14 PM
More reports taken from Uforth Scottish UFO sightings:

In 1952 Joan Torrence was leaving Elder park Primary School in Glasgow with friends. It was 4pm, the end of the school day, and a warm summer's evening lay ahead of them.
As Joan crossed the playground, a dark shadow fell across the school. The sun had disappeared from sight. She looked up as did a crowd of pupils, who seconds before had all been heading cheerfully for home. What Joan saw brought her to an abrupt halt and has been etched on her mind ever since.
About a hundred feet up, a little above the school steeple, hung a sombrero-shaped object, tilted slightly to one side.
It seemed to be rotating. Joan doesn't know how long she watched for, but she was aware that her teacher, a step behind, as well as the janitor on one side and her friend on the other, were also entranced by the mysterious object. "Time seemed to stand still", explained Joan. The spell was broken by the sudden movement of the UFO, preceded by a distinct whining sound. It shot off, heading across Glasgow to be seen and reported by other witnesses.
Joan ran home to tell her mother what she had seen. A disbelieving parent had to eat her words when she read the reports in the following day's papers.

Tom left for work about 6.25am, his usual departure time, and followed his habitual route down Menock Road in the King's park district. It was a crisp, dry morning, weather which boosted Tom's spirits as he had a bus to wait for at a stop with no shelter in which to escape from any sudden downpour. As he stood wrapped in his own thoughts, his attention was caught by a distant object moving in his direction at low altitude.

At first Tom took it for an aircraft moving in a wide arc. He then noticed spurts of flame issuing from the rear and wondered if it was in some kind of trouble, but as it got close it dawned on him that this was not a plane. All around him things began to go quiet, as if he had entered another world. The object had now come right above his head and stood hovering not more than twenty feet away. It was like nothing he had seen before. 'It was coloured gray', reported Tom, 'shaped like a railway carriage, but with a curved roof'. From it there issued crackling and humming sounds - like electricity.

Being so close, Tom could easily recall afterwards the three porthole-shaped windows at the front through which he could make out an interior swirling with yellow smoke. Slowly the object moved off towards a nearby railway bridge.

Andrew Cherry was a 22 year old factory worker, employed by Woods Bottle Works in the Portobello district of Edinburgh. It was 5.30 on a beautiful summer's morning in July 1947, as Mr. Cherry waited at his usual bus stop close to St John's School in Baileyfield Road.

Glancing skywards, he caught sight of a strange object, disc-shaped with what looked like a large glass dome in the style of an observation window. The UFO was hovering about 300 feet above the ground, close enough for Mr. Cherry to get a clear view of its humanoid occupant.
The 'alien' was wearing dark clothes and was sitting or standing beside a control panel of some kind. He also noted the marked metal texture of the spacecraft 'like rough diamonds', and the 'orange-yellow colour', which he thinks may have been simply a reflection of the sun's rays.
The area around the object looked hazy, possibly owing to the object's energy source. Mr. Cherry could hear a low, smooth hum, which he associated with the flames he could see escaping from the disc.
He reckoned it to be 12 to 15 feet in length, but showing tremendous power as it tilted, spun away and disappeared over the Fife coast in a matter of seconds Mr. Cherry describes his experience as 'ghostly, eerie and awesome'.
This extraordinary event made such a profound impression on Mr. Cherry that he has never forgotten what he saw.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 02:30 PM
Hi everyone I have UFO sightings In the past 4 years, first sighting was a real close encounter on broad daylight when a perfect flying saucer shaped craft was gliding slowly to the south where the Antonine wall is and disappeared.

I was In shocked and amazed when i saw the UFO but I'm not sure if it is real or not but the next day at 5AM at north east of the sky horizen i see a bright stationed object just staying there but when i close the curtains and looked out again it moved. Which is really strange and the next week i thought i saw the mothership which is a bright orange oval shaped craft collecting the other craft that is observing me for some reason.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 03:20 PM
I went to Bonnybridge one night, specifically to find and film a UFO. I think it was April 1995 or 96 (I forget which). It was a Sunday night. There was a huge fleet of Tall Ships in Edinburgh at the time and they were due to leave the Forth the next day. (if anyone knows that date)

I did see a UFO, a huge watery blue ball of light, on the ground and rolling towards us, and because we were in a desolate part of Bonnybridge, i.e. in a field in the middle of nowhere, I absolutely FREAKED out. We left in a hurry and ended up in a front garden belonging to a farmhouse. I wouldn't go left or right at the junction at that stage. Left was dense forest, right was where the UFO was, so we went straight ahead and parked in her flower bed, (so my other half says). The lady of the house came out, kinda angry, but together we watched some weird red and white cartwheel shaped light display down in the valley.

Camera stayed in the bag, I was too busy doing the fright and flight thing.
I never thought before we went that I would be scared of a UFO. I really was petrified. For months I couldn't go anywhere in the car at night without that panic hitting me. Another "one that got away".

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 04:17 PM
Im from Falkirk as well (grangemouth).

Last night said in another thread about something weird that was going back and forward over the BP/INEOS refinery during the night. Not saying it was ET, I just put it down to google cams or government or somethin but it was pretty weird and had me sittin on the edge of my bed staring out the window at it for a few minutes before it left.

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 12:03 PM
Scotland’s biggest UFO incident to hit the big screen;

Scotland’s biggest UFO incident is being made into a film, depicting the story of two men who claim they were abducted from their car on the A70 road in West Lothian in 1992.


I see that a London company called DRB Entertainment is hoping to re-tell the story of Garry Wood and Colin Wright, who claim they were abducted while driving to the village of Tarbrax. Apparently their intended 30 minute journey took an unexpected turn when a disc shaped object hovered above the road in front of them as they drove along the quiet road at 8pm.I remember this case well, looking forward to the forth coming movie.

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 05:07 AM
reply to post by K-PAX-PROT

Sounds like a good one mate, will certainly be giving that one a watch as the interviews were very interesting, here's what researcher Ronald Halliday had to say on the same programme:

UFO Expert Believes "Something Strange" is Going on in Scotland's Skies

It’s hard to imagine the industrial town of Bonnybridge near Falkirk as a portal to another dimension but the everyday hustle and bustle of the area hides a more mysterious and sinister background.

Nicknamed the ‘UFO capital of Scotland’, Bonnybridge is a hotspot for extra-terrestrial activity and people from around the world have come to the town to gaze at the skies above. Some reports state there are over 300 UFO sightings a year in the town alone.

UFO expert and author of 'Beyond the Falkirk Triangle,' Ronald Halliday believes that Scotland’s twilight zone isn’t just restricted to the Falkirk area and there are strange lights to be seen all over the country. Is there something strange going on in Scotland’s skies?

Speaking to The Hour Ronald said: “People do have close up encounters and people do claim to have seen things that are very hard to explain right away.

“There have been thousands of reported sightings in Scotland and in fact the country has been labeled the UFO capital of the world. There has even been some suggestion that Scotland acts as a window into another dimension..

Video Link


posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 10:05 AM
News report featuring UFO researchers Malcolm Robinson and Philip Mantle:

News report following the now famous Falkirk UFO event held in the Town Hall in summer of 1994. The band featured on stage alongside the UK's top UFO researchers Malcolm Robinson and Philip Mantle.

posted on Jul, 12 2012 @ 04:17 PM
German TV Station interviews UFO witnesses from Bonnybridge and the Falkirk Triangle:

German TV Station Pro 7 came to Bonnybridge Scotland back in 1997 to film interviews with UFO witnesses. Here we see Councillor Billy Buchanan discuss what was going on regarding the wave of UFO sightings across the Stirlingshire skies. UFO researcher Malcolm Robinson is also interviewed concerning these sightings.

posted on Jul, 13 2012 @ 02:24 AM
reply to post by karl 12

I have said it before and will say it again FUNNY how all these strange lights seemed to be more frequent when an airport at Cumbernauld just a couple of miles from Bonnybridge opened.

Also it's mid way between Glasgow and Edinburgh airports and people see lights in the sky you would never think that

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 05:53 PM

Originally posted by wmd_2008

I have said it before and will say it again FUNNY how all these strange lights seemed to be more frequent when an airport at Cumbernauld just a couple of miles from Bonnybridge opened.

I don't suppose it matters how many times you say it but the idea that all these people are just simply mistaking normal aircraft doesn't seem very likely to me, especially when you actually read through some of the reports describing cigar, disc, spherical, triangular and oblong shaped objects performing highly unusual flight characteristics.

Also, as Councillor Billy Buchanan points out below, a great many residents in the area are already very experienced at witnessing aircraft both day and night.

"The people in this area can see aircraft day and night - we are equidistant between Glasgow and Edinburgh airport, two and a half miles up the road at Cumbernauld we also have an airport - people are used to seeing aircraft and helicopters day and night, they know the difference between a conventional aircraft and some of the things that are being described - triangular shaped objects, cigar shaped objects.. now at the end of the day we've got to say these things are not conventional aircraft".

posted on Jan, 28 2013 @ 05:58 PM
Above Bonnybridge there is only dull rain clouds

posted on Jan, 29 2013 @ 02:50 AM
reply to post by karl 12

How many youtube videos have we seen on here that are obviously aircraft because they are near an airport, as for eyewitness accounts we had one on here last year with 2 people in the same van going to work who saw the same object but gave different descriptions!

Also I was brought up within a 10 mile radius of Cumbernauld / Bonnybridge and my parents live in that area and I visit there on a regular basis how often have you been there

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posted on Feb, 1 2013 @ 05:25 AM
It's up to each of us how we take in information. Someone tells me they saw a funny light in the sky I immediately think of an aeroplane, or a shooting star or whatever. But if they say this light stopped dead, changed shape, came to the ground and rushed towards them, blah-blah, then they're either lying or something GREAT happened. It's up to me to decide if that goes on my mystery file or in my brain's dustbin.

Personally I've not much interest in lights in the sky unless they do something really strange or unless they're particularly pretty.

I see planes taking off and landing from my window every night. I could film them and shove em on youtube and get hundreds of followers telling me "I BELIEVE" like some do, but then that doesn't solve my problem. I want to know about genuine UFOs.

They're real, but I just don't know what they are yet. I know people caught up by them and they don't even know. It's a tough one.
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